McIntyre vs Moss to be Falls Count Anywhere at WWE Elimination Chamber

McIntyre vs Moss WWE Elimination Chamber 2022
Credits – WWE

Drew McIntyre vs Madcapp Moss match at WWE Elimination Chamber 2022 will be a Falls Count Anywhere match.

The match was announced last week after Drew returned to SmackDown to confront Madcapp Moss and Happy Corbin. McIntyre hit Moss with the Claymore kick after a promo segment.

This week at SmackDown, Moss was selling the Claymore with a black eye and told Corbin that he could not accompany him for his match. Later, Moss was in the trainer’s room to get his eye checked and get out of the match against McIntyre on medical grounds. However, McIntyre got the truth out of him, before announcing that Falls Count Anywhere stipulation is added to their match at Elimination Chamber.

Earlier, McIntyre defeated Moss in a singles match at WWE Day 1 event. However, Moss and Corbin attacked McIntyre backstage to put McIntyre on the shelf with a neck injury in kayfabe. In reality, McIntyre has been working with a neck injury and was written out of the storyline with that attack.

As per recent reports, McIntyre has not recovered 100% from his neck issues. He will, although, continue to work a lighter schedule with no house shows.

It is speculated this program with Moss will ultimately lead to a match between McIntyre and Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 38. Keep tuned in for the latest news and updates from WWE.

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