Drew McIntyre Injured, Written Off TV at WWE Day 1

Drew McIntyre
Credits – WWE

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was written off TV during the beatdown at WWE Day 1 2022 premium live event.

Drew McIntyre defeated Madcapp Moss in a singles match at Day 1 event. During a backstage segment later in the show, Baron Corbin and Moss attacked McIntyre. A steel chair was wrapped around McIntyre’s neck and then the chair was smashed by production equipment.

Later, WWE announced via social media that the Scottish Psychopath has suffered a cervical neck strain with severe contusions. WWE Medical Team evaluated Drew and he will have a follow up with an orthopaedic cervical specialist. It was believed that this is a regular storyline announcement that WWE put out for this kind of angles. McIntyre was later seen leaving the venue with a neck brace.

However, PWInsider has updated that the injury was played out to write Drew McIntyre off the TV. Former WWE Champion is suffering from some neck issues for several weeks and has been working through them. He is expected to go through a medical checkup and WWE has written him off as a precaution. McIntyre is expected to return in a short timeframe.

WWE officials also feel that Drew has been working insanely hard in recent weeks despite the issues. Drew has been working double matches at the SmackDown live events during the Holiday Tour.

In fact, Drew has not taken a major break ever since December 2019 apart from his absence due to COVID-19 in January 2021.

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