Men’s WWE Money in the Bank Ladder Match 2023 Live Blog

Damian Priest MITB 2023
Credits: WWE Twitter

The Judgment Day’s Damian Priest unhooked the briefcase to became the Mr Money in the Bank at WWE MITB 2023. Scroll down to check the live blog of this match.


This year, the line for the traditional Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match was decided by The qualifying matches which began on May 29 RAW episode where Ricochet and Shinsuke Nakamura became the first two contenders to qualify. 

In the following weeks, LA Knight, Butch, and Santos Escobar also qualified for the match. Damian Priest supposedly became the last person to qualify before Logan Paul made his return and announced that he would also be a part of the MITB ladder match.

Live Updates

The match starts with everyone surrounding Logan Paul before Butch takes him out of the ring with a clothesline. A brawl breaks out and everyone starts their offense. Butch, Nakamura, and Ricochet gang up on Damian Priest. LA Knight hits BTF on Butch and then sends others to the floor. 

Butch and Nakamura had some back-and-forth punches before Santos Escobar took down Nakamura with a crossbody. Logan Paul returned and tried to climb the ladder. However, everyone surrounds him and launches another offense. 

Butch goes out and takes a Cricket bat to attack everyone. He also tries to climb, but Damian Priest stops him. Priest takes out Butch outside and was about to attack Logan Paul, but the latter convinces him to form an alliance.

They set up two tables and Paul goes for a high-five, but Priest punches him and then sends him into the steel steps. Escobar takes down Priest with a suicide dive. Meanwhile, Knight and Ricochet are in the ring. Ricochet takes a dive from the ladder to take out Nakamura and the others. 

Logan jumps on Priest who hits the uppercut instead. Nakamura then sets up Priest on the ladder, but Logan trips him and Nakamura goes face-first into the steel steps. 

Logan hits Priest with the frog splash while he was on the ladder. Ricochet and Nakamura get a ladder into the ring before they start fighting each other. Nakamura manages to hit Ricochet with a sliding German suplex off the ladder. Knight comes in and hit Nakamura with the DDT. 

Nakamura and Escobar climb the ladder and then Nakamura locks an armbar through the ladder. Escobar breaks it and then Butch climbs the ladder as well. Ricochet then hits a springboard senton to Butch and Escobar on the ladder.  

All 7 men start brawling again. Priest hits Butch with the flatlines before he climbs to the top.  Knight takes him down by hitting a back suplex. Logan hits Knight with blockbuster which s followed by Ricochet hitting Logan with a shooting star press. 

Escobar takes out Ricochet with death vally driver then Nakamura hits Escobar with a diving knee. Butch pulls Nakamura and then climbs to the ladder, Logan tries to stop him. Escobar climbs to the top as well. 

Nakamura pulls Escobar before climbing, Priest enters the ring and hits Nakamura with a ladder. Nakamura and Escobar are sent down by tripping the ladder. Paul and Ricochet on the ladder, but Knight pushes it. They land on the ropes before Ricochet hits the Spanish Fly to Logan on the tables outside. 

Nakamura, Butch, and LA Knight tries to unhook the briefcase but they are stopped. In the end, Priest hits Knight with the Broken Arrow and unhooked the briefcase to win the match. 

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