Bad News for WWE India Fans – Hindi, Tamil & Telegu Commentary Stopped

Sony Sports WWE India
Credits- SPN India, WWE

WWE fans in India will not get the commentary in local languages for the time being.

Sony Sports India, the official WWE broadcaster in India, has informed that Hindi, Telegu and Tamil commentary will be temporarily unavailable for WWE shows like RAW, SmackDown and NXT. The default English commentary will continue for the time being.

The reason is not made clear, but this is the second time in the last year that local language commentary is discontinued by Sony Sports for WWE telecast. The network also discontinued the Hindi commentary during the second wave of Coronavirus in the Summer of 2020. It can be expected that something similar has led to the disruption this time also.

Recently, Savi Shrivastav, Piyush Kapoor and Sandeep Iyer have worked as Hindi commentators. S Giftson and Arun V worked as Tamil commentators on WWE RAW. KC Chanakya and GV Subhash were working on Telegu commentary.

While the die-hard fans have not loved it that much, the local language commentary is considered a big factor in the increase in WWE TV viewership in India. It was considered a big part of the success of WWE Superstar Spectacle India event in January 2021, which garnered more than 20 million TV viewership in India.

Many Indian wrestlers like Shanky, Veer Mahan, Sourav, Jeet Rama, Giant Zanjeer and Guru Raaj have made their presence felt on all three WWE weekly shows. Host of WWE Dhamaal India – Sahil Khattar – and host of WWE Now India – Gaylen Mendoza – have also made their special place in the WWE India community.

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  1. Thank god… these commentators suck…they dont even sync with what wwe superstars say while being interviewed…

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