KAIRI vs Mayu Itawani Live Results Blog, NJPW x STARDOM Historic X-Over

Kairi vs Mayu Iwatani NJPW Historic X Over 2022
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This is the live blog for KAIRI vs Mayu Itawani IWGP Women’s Championship match at NJPWxStardom Historic X-over 2022 event. This is the final of IWGP Women’s Championship tournament which will crown the first-ever IWGP Women’s Champion.

KAIRI got a bye in the first round of the International bracket and then defeated Jazzy Gabert in the semifinal. Itawani defeated Momo Watanabe in the first round of the tournament in the Stardom bracket before beating Utami Hayashishita in the semifinal.

Who will triumph in the battle of two of the biggest icons of Stardom? Tune in below for live updates from KAIRI vs Mayu Itawani match from Historic X-Over 2022 event.

Live Updates

“The Pirate Princess” KAIRI makes her entrance first. Itawani comes next. They shake hands before starting. The tension is the arena is palpable. They lock up and go for show of strength. Mayu hits a kick to midsection and puts on a headlock. They run the ropes and Mayu ends up sending Kairi to the floor. She hits a suicide dive next.

She puts an armlock and Kairi had to reach the ropes to break it. Mayu works on the arm with the ropes. She hits a dropkick on the arm next. Mayu stands on top of the arm as she continues her work. Kairi rolls to the floor to avoid more damage. Mayu continues her work after returns. Kairi hits sends her to the ropes and hits a spear on the recoil.

Kairi hits a kick to back before starting a flurry of strikes. She drives her head to the mat after a whip to the corner. Kairi kicks her to the floor and takes her up the ramp as they continue to brawl. Mayu hits a spinning heel kick before a back body drop and penalty kick to the back. Kairi drops her on the ramp with drop toe hold. Kairi then runs down the rope with a running knee.

Kairi drags Mayu back to the ring to break the countdown. She hits a flying elbow from the top rope. KAIRI puts on a choke with her legs wrapped around Mayu’s neck. She puts more pressure on it until Mayu breaks it by taking her legs to the ropes. Mayu blocks an Air Raid Crash and hits a superkick. KAIRI hits back with a spinning back first. She drops Mayu with a hammer fist.

Both women are down now and they trade punches on their knees. More shots are traded as they get up on the feet. Mayu comes out of it with an advantage. She hits a corner splash. Mayu goes to the second rope and Kairi slams her head into the turnbuckle. Kairi sets her up in the tree of woe. Mayu recovers and nails a big shot to set up and hit an avalanche hurricanrana. She goes to the top rope and hits a frog splash to get a near fall.

Mayu misses the moonsault. Kairi hits a thrust kick and a spear to send her crashing to the corner. KAIRI puts on the cross-legged Boston crab now. She tries to put more pressure but losses position. Kairi sets up Mayu for Insane Elbow but Mayu rolls to the floor. Kairi hits a crossbody dive on her off the top rope. Kairi gets a two-count when they returns to the ring. Kairi hits a spinning back fist.

Mayu comes back with tackle. She hits a piledriver but KAIRI kicks out. Mayu hits a snap dragon suplex and bridges it for another close two-count. Kairi counters a charge with a spinning back fist. Kairi hits Insane elbow but Mayu kicks out. Kairi is throwing tantrum as she sells her injured elbow. KAIRI throws forearms before Mayu counters a spear into backslide to get a near fall.

MAyu hits another bridging dragon suplex to get a near fall. KAIRI tries to block another dragon suplex but Mayu hits it anyway. However, KAIRI is on the ropes and Mayu could not get the pin. KAIRI comes back with kick. KAIRI throws more punches and a spinning back fist. She goes to the top again and hits Insane Elbow again to get the pin. KAIRI is the first ever IWGP Women’s Champion.

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