IMPACT Hard to Kill 2022 Results- Moose vs Cardona vs Morrisey

IMPACT Hard to Kill 2022 Results

Welcome to the live results blog for IMPACT Wrestling Hard to Kill 2022 PPV on January 8 from the Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX.

The event will feature the first-ever women’s Ultimate X match in the main event. Moose will defend the IMPACT World title against Matt Cardona and W Morrisey while Mickie James and Deonna Purrazzo will battle in a Texas Deathmatch for the women’s title.

ROH World title will be defended on IMPACT event for the first time as Jonathan Gresham faces Ace Austin. Steve Maclin gets his last shot at the X-Division title against Trey Miguel. Jonah will make his IMPACT PPV debut. A Hardcore War match will top up the card.

Join us as we bring the live results, updates and highlights from IMPACT Wrestling Hard to Kill 2022 PPV.

Show – IMPACT Hard to Kill 2022
Date – January 8, 2022
Location – The Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX, US
Time – 8 PM EST(January 9- 1 AM GMT)
Pre-show from 7:30 PM EST

IMPACT Hard to Kill 2022 Results

  • Jake Something defeated Madman Fulton in a singles match via pinfall.(pre-show)
  • Speedball defeated Ace Austin, Laredo Kid & Chris Bey in a fatal 4-way match via pinfall.(pre-show)
  • Tasha Steelz defeated Jordynne Grace, Alisha Edwards, Lady Frost, Chelsea Green & Rosemary to win IMPACT Knockouts Ultimate X Match.
  • Trey Miguel(c) defeated Steve Maclin via pinfall to win the Last Chance Match and retain X-Division Championship.
  • Jonathan Gresham(c) defeated Chris Sabin via pinfall to retain ROH World Championship.
  • Josh Alexander defeated Jonah in a singles match via submission.
  • Rich Swann, Rhino, Eddie Edwards, Heath & Willie Mack defeated Violent By Design (Eric Young, Deaner & Joe Doering) & The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) in Ten-man Hardcore War Match via pinfall.
  • Moose(c) defeated Matt Cardona & W. Morrisey in a Triple Threat Match via pinfall to retain IMPACT World Championship.
  • Mickie James(c) defeated Deonna Purrazzo in the Texas Death Match via pinfall to retain for IMPACT Women’s Knockouts Championship.

IMPACT Hard to Kill 2022 Live Updates

On the pre-show, Jake Something defeated Madman Fulton in a singles match with a pinfall after “Into the Abyss” finisher. Check the pre-show here on Youtube.

Speedball pinned Ace Austin in a fatal 4-way match also involving Chris Bey and Laredo Kid after a shooting star press.

Jordynne Grace vs Alisha Edwards vs Lady Frost vs Tasha Steelz vs Chelsea Green vs Rosemary – IMPACT Knockouts Ultimate X Match

Grace tries to climb early but os brought down. Green hits a blcokbuster on Alisha. Steelz and Green fight now. Steelz sends her out with a hurricanrana. Grace drops her and sends her to the floor. Rosemary and Grace are the only one left in the ring now. Rosemary sends Grace to the floor.

Havoc comes in and gets Rosemary on her shoulder to get the X. Green hits them with a missile dropkick. Green and Alisha then hit everyone on the floor with suicide dives. Lady Frost does the same after they recover. Frost climbs up. Grace follows. Both are brought down quickly. Green then tries to climb but she crashes into Tasha midway. Alisha brings out a kendo stick and beats up Green and Rosemary. She now climbs the ropes. Rosemary spears her midair and brings her down.

Steelz now goes for the X. Grace follows and brings her down in what looks like a sitdown powerbomb. Lady Frost once again hits a dive on other women on the floor. Green, Steelz and Grace try to bring down the X and Steelz falls down with X sign with her to win the match.

Winner – Tasha Steelz

Steve Maclin vs Trey Miguel – Last Chance Match for X-Division Championship

Maclin attacks Miguel on the ramp. Miguel fights back and hits a tornado DDT on the floor. They get into the ring to start the match. Miguel hits a senton dive by sending Maclin to the floor. Maclin slams him into the apron and barricade. Maclin hits a backbreaker and runs over with a big clothesline.

Miguel fights back with forearms and boot but Maclin drops him with an Urinage. Another big backbreaker from Maclin. He knocks down Miguel from the apron with a running boot and then hits him with an elbow drop. Maclin works on his back as he returns to the ring. Miguel comes back with headscissors takedown and double stomps. Maclin traps him in the ropes and hits a low running tackle. Maclin unloads on his head with vicious elbows. Miguel counters with the Ohio driver and a Reverse STO.

They fight on the apron for a while before Miguel takes Maclin down to the floor with a Meteora. He hits another Meteora in the ring, but Maclin kicks out of the pin. Maclin is exhausted and Miguel hits a suplex and another Meteora to win the match.

Winner – Steve Maclin

Jonathan Gresham(c) vs Chris Sabin – ROH Championship Match

Match details to be added shortly.

Winner – Jonathan Gresham

Jonah vs Josh Alexander

Josh starts with a big kick to the face before some back and forth action. Josh goes for a missile dropkick but Jonah no-sells it. Jonah misses a senton but sends Josh to the floor with a kick. Some big chops on the floor by Jonah. Josh catches him on the ropes with kicks as Jonah’s leg gets tangled in the ropes. Josh hits a running crossbody to send Jonah to the floor. Jonah drops him on the apron with a brainbuster.

Jonah drops him on the turnbuckles next. He throws Josh across the ring to get a two-count. Jonah puts on a torture rack. Josh slips out and picks the leg to work on the knee. Jonah picks him up and drops him on the ropes. He puts on the torture rank once again. Josh fights back with elbow strikes and punches but Jonah no-sells them. Josh attacks his leg again.

Josh has to hit back to back clotheslines on the ropes in order to send Jonah to the floor. They cross the barricade and Jonah clotheslines Josh over the barricade to send him back to the floor. Josh hits a double ax handle from the top with Jonah still in the crowd. Jonah somehow beats the referee’s count. Jonah counters the double underhook with a backdrop. Josh climbs to the top and Jonah trips him. Jonah hits a superplex and both men are down now.

They get up and start trading punches and chops and then open plam strikes. Jonah hits a punch to the midsection and a powerbomb for a two-count. He quickly hits a big lariat for a near fall. Jonah hits some headbutts and a brainbuster next for another two-count. Josh is bleeding from the head.

Jonah goes to the top and Josh once again picks his ankle. Another headbutt sends Josh back to the floor. Jonah misses the moonsault from the top. Josh hits a German suplex and double underhook powerbomb for a near fall. Josh puts on the ankle lock. Jonah does not want to give up and hesitates for a while. But he taps out ultimately.

Winner – Josh Alexander

The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) & Violent By Design (Eric Young, Deaner & Joe Doering) vs Rich Swann, Rhino, Eddie Edwards, Heath & Willie Mack

Swann slams the steel chair to start the match while Deaner slams him with a trash can. They trade strikes before Swann hits a standing moonsault. Deaner rakes his eyes and slams a trash can on his back. Swann drops him into the trash can. Deaner sends him into a steel chair setup in between the top and middle turnbuckle. Deaner stops the cutter and uses his flag to assist for side Russian leg sweep. Swann is dropped into the chair with drop toe hold.

Anderson enters the match with a golf club. Swann is waiting for him and hits a superkick. Swann hits a low blow on Anderson with the golf club. He slams Deaner with a chair. Anderson runs him over with his title. Anderson hits with a steel chair. Willie Mack enters the match with a sadle. He rocks both opponents with the sable. Swann uses trash can on both opponents. Swann uses trash can on both opponents. Swann hits a DDT on Deaner.

Gallows enters the match. and Good Brothers work together on Swann and Mack. Deaner also joins them as Anderson slams Mack with a trash can and golf club. Deaner slams Swann with a cardboard. Eddie Edwards comes in with his kendo stick. After slamming them with stick, he hits a suicide dive on Good Brothers. Mack hits an uppercut on Gallows. Swann rocks him with a superkick. Edwards brnigs out a table and sets it up on the floor.

Eric Young enters and slams Edwards’ face into the table. Deaner and Young work on Edwards in the ring. Anderson chokes him up with the ropes. Deaner slams him with trash can cover. Heath enters the match and throws floor powder into Anderson and Young’s eyes. He slams Gallows and Deaner with a pipe. They put a trash can over Deaner’s head before slamming him with a pipe again. Mack misses a moonsault with a trash can. Everyone is brawling on the floor now.

Joe Doering enters and tackles Edwards. He slams hits a double powerbomb on Mack and Swann. Everyone is in the ring now with Good Brothers and VBD in control. Rhino enters the match as the final participant. He comes out with a steel chain and punches everyone with it.

All 10 men face of in the ring and start brawling. Edwards and Young are slamming each other with can lid in the ring. Rhino is choking Anderson with the steel chain. Edwards starts hitting all opponents with the kendo stick. He puts a kendo stick onfire and slams Gallows with it. Edwards was looking to put Young through the table but Doering attacks him. Young hits a piledriver on Edwards through the table.

Swann hits Young with a shooting star press from the apron. Mack brings out a barbed wire board into the ring and sets up in the corner. Doering catches Swann and puts dives into the barbed wire board with him. Mack clotheslines him with a steel chain. Heath comes in and runs over Gallows with a helmet. Rhino hits Anderson with a spear. Heath covers Anderson for the pin and the win.

Winners – Rich Swann, Rhino, Eddie Edwards, Heath & Willie Mack

After the match, Mike Bennett, PCO, Maria Kanellis and more ROH stable members attack the winners.

Moose(c) vs Matt Cardona vs W. Morrisey – Triple Threat Match for IMPACT World Championship Match

Moose sends Cardona to the floor and Morrisey runs him over with a big boot. Cardona breaks the pin. Cardona hits a suicide dive to both opponents on the floor. Moose whips him into the barricade. Moose hits a powerbomb to Cardona on the apron. Morrisey hits powerbomb on Moose on the apron. Morrisey hits splashes on both opponents in the ring. Moose hits him with a big boot. Cardona hits Moose with double knees.

Moose drops Cardona for a two-count. Morrisey slams him to the mat. Cardona hits both men with running boots in opposite corners. Morrisey hits him with uppercuts as he goes to the top. Morrisey goes for a superplex. Moose brings both men down at the same time. Moose slams Cardona into the barricade a few times as they get under the stage. Moose was going for a powerbomb when Chelsea Green hits him with a dive.

Cardona and Moose move to the ringside. Morrisey hits them with plancha. Morrisey takes Cardona to the ring and runs him over with a tackle. Cardona ducks a clothesline and hits double knees to Morrisey. Moose comes into the ring to trade strikes with Cardona. A pump kick from Moose before Cardona pushes him off the top into a table.

Morrisey has a boot in his hand. Cardona runs the ropes and hits a Radio Silence for a near fall. Morrisey hits him with a chokeslam. Morrisey goes for the powerbomb but Cardona counters with another Radio Silence. Moose pulls the referee out to stop the three counts.

Back and forth action between Moose and Cardona. Moose ends up taking the referee out with a spear. Cardona hits Moose with Radio Silence. Morrisey comes in and boots Cardona out of the ring. Morrisey hits Moose with a powerbomb, but the referee is not there to count. Morrisey brings out steel chairs. Moose hits a low blow on Morrisey and starts slamming him with a steel chair.

Cardona comes in to drive chair in Moose’s ribs. Cardona’s attention goes towards Morrisey and Moose hits a low blow on Cardona now. Moose was going to strike with a chair when Green gets into the ring. Cardona uses the distraction to roll up Moose for a two-count. Moose hits a spear, taking out Green, Cardona and the referee. Moose then hits another spear on Cardona and gets the pin.

Winner – Moose

Mickie James(c) vs Deonna Purrazzo – Texas Death Match for IMPACT Women’s Knockouts Championship

The rules of the match are that the wrestler has to get up before the referee’s 10 counts after a pinfall or submission to remain in the match. They lock up and James goes to complete pin over Purrazzo with a roll-up. But Purrazzo gets up quickly to remain in the match. They start again and Purrazzo drops James on the ropes. Purrazzo locks in the armbreaker and James taps out quickly. She remains in the match since she gets up before the 10 count.

ROH Women’s Champion Rok-C is shown at the ringside. James and Purrazzo both throw in some chairs into the ring. The brawl at the ringside, slamming each other on the barricade and table. They reach the stage and Purrazzo hits a suplex on the stage. Purrazzo brings production crate and drives it into James. Purrazzo pins James. The referee starts to count and James gets up before the 10 count. Purrazzo brings her back to the ringside.

James slams her into the apron. Back to the ring, James ducks a chair shot and puts on single leg Boston Crab. James leaves it when Purrazzo reaches the ropes. James hits a dropkick to send Purrazzo to the floor. James hits her with running knees to get a two-count. James sets up a table in the corner. Purrazzo slams her face into the table and brings out thumbtacks. They both dodge each others’ attack before Purrazzo superkicks James. James lands into the thumbtacks

Purrazzo chokes her out with her jeans and the ropes. James taps out but she survives by answering the referee’s count. Purrazzo hits her with a double ax handle. James brings out her guitar from underneath the ring. Purrazzo runs her over with a forearm. Purrazzo climbs to the top and James slams her with a chair to drop her to the floor. James hits double knees from the apron to get the pin. Purrazzo was not getting up but Rehwoldt runs down and picks her up before the referee could reach the 10 counts. James hits a crossbody dive on both English and Purrazzo. James brings Purrazzo back to the ring.

Purrazzo hits the Avalance Queen’s Gambit through the table. James gets up using the ropes at 9. James hits a low blow on Purrazzo using her guitar. Rehwoldt comes into the ring but James slams her guitar on his back. Purrazzo gets a chair. James hits Mick Kick against the chair and follows with Mick DDT to get the pin. The referee starts to count and James puts the broken table and chairs over Purrazzo to stop her getting up.

Winner – Mickie James

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