Clash of Champions: AJ Styles Retains Title In Pre-Show Match

The OC WWE Clash Of Champions 2019
The OC WWE Clash Of Champions 2019

AJ Styles has retained the WWE United States Championship against Cedric Alexander at Clash of Champions 2019 pre-show.

Cedric Alexander has got some renewed push in recent weeks with significant TV time and some good showing in King of the Ring matches on RAW. He also pinned AJ Styles in the mega 10-man tag team match at RAW last week which awarded him the title match against Styles at Clash of Champions.

After WWE announced that the match between Styles and Alexander will be on pre-show, some fans voiced their displeasure over social media. Many fans argued that AJ Styles, the main event player with many promotions over the years and a muti-time WWE World Champion, should not be treated in such manner. Some of the tweets are listed below:

Apart from the pre-show match, Styles impact has been brought down with the latest booking which has seen him being inferior to his opponent and always needing the help from Gallows and Anderson to win the matches. Styles and Alexander faced off in the title match at kick-off, Styles sent back him OC mates back from the ramp and decided to take on Cedric Alexander by himself.

After an explosive start from Alexander, Styles also treated him brutally with a Styles clash at the ringside, suplex over the apron and other high impact moves. As Cedric looked to counter him, Styles maintained his advantage, hitting the phenomenal forearm and Styles Clash back to back to get the win in a short but fast-paced match.

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