Chris Jericho vs Sammy Guevara Agreed for AEW Grand Slam 2023

Chris Jerichi vs Sammy Guevara AEW Grand Slam 2023
Chris Jerichi vs Sammy Guevara AEW Grand Slam 2023, Credits – AEW

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara have agreed to fight at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam 2023 episode on September 20.

Sammy and Jericho, Le Sex Gods, defeated Aussie Open in a tag team match on Dynamite September 6 episode this week. However, Sammy was upset at Jericho after Jericho caught him twice with inadvertent strikes.

Sammy confronted Jericho this week on Rampage and said he was pissed off at Jericho so much that he wanted to punch him. Jericho replied that he wanted to do the same to Sammy. Jericho then said since they did not seem to get over this animosity, they should fight each other to get this frustration out, figure out who was the better man, and then move on to win tag team titles.

Sammy then asked where did Jericho want to do the match. Jericho then proposed that the match should take place at Grand Slam in New York. Sammy agreed to the proposal and they went on to hug after this.

The tension between Sammy and Jericho started when Jericho started contemplating joining The Don Callis Family. Everyone from Jericho Appreciation Society left Jericho, but Sammy said he would be there if Jericho needed him. Sammy accompanied Jericho at All In where he lost to Will Ospreay. Jericho shoved Sammy away when he tried to get the crowd going behind him.

Jericho then apologized to Sammy on Dynamite August 30 episode and proposed that they should build a charge towards tag team titles. This later led to a tag team match against Aussie Open where things between Sammy and Jericho only escalated.

AEW Grand Slam 2023 will take place from Aurther Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York. The line-up for the show is as below:

  • MJF(c) vs TBD – AEW World Championship
  • Saraya(c) vs TBD – AEW Women’s Championship
  • Chris Jericho vs Sammy Guevara

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