Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match Set for Impact Bound for Glory 2022

Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match
Credit: Impact Twitter

Impact Bound for Glory 2022 will officially mark the return of the Call Your Shot gauntlet match on October 7, 2022. 

The official Twitter handle of Impact Wrestling revealed that this year’s Bound for Glory PPV will feature Call Your Shot gauntlet match. 

Later, the promotion also announced PCO as the first participant for this year’s Call Your Shot gauntlet match.

This match is quite similar to WWE Royal Rumble match as the participants enter the ring at timed intervals. One gets eliminated if both their feets touch the ground. The winner of this match gets an opportunity to challenge for the Impact World title at any time and any place. 

Last year, Moose won this gauntlet match and took advantage of this opportunity the very same night as he called his shot against Josh Alexander and became the new champion. 

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