Booker T: AJ Styles Is The Guy To Build A Company Around

Booker-T has said in the latest edition of the Hall of Fame podcast that if he had to start a wrestling company, AJ Styles would be the star of the show to get people invested in it.

“We had a debate- you and I, a few weeks back. If I was going to start a wrestling company, what guy would I use to start that company? I said AJ Styles because AJ Styles has been in the trenches. He’s been there. He’s been all over the world. He knows exactly what it takes to make it to that next level. I use Roger Federer. You don’t think Roger Federer can help you get to the open, you got a problem.”

Two Times WWE Hall of Famer was discussing the arrival of Big Show Paul Wight in AEW. The discussion moved towards whether AEW is falling into the same pit by hiring many ex-WWE guys and not concentrating on the already existing talent.

Booker-T said that AEW has learned lessons from WCW and is using former WWE stars in a much better way. Booker also went into details on how WCW was just signing any ex-WWE wrestlers irrespective of their status.

“I really think a lesson was learned from WCW. You got to be able to pick and choose those names on the ticket just to sell, just say for instance overseas market… Just to get you know people’s eyes on the product. WCW back in the day.. I really don’t know what Eric Bischoff and those guys were thinking because they were hiring every guy that were out there and whether the guy had star power or not, if the guy was just a wrestler, they hired him just so WWE wouldn’t get those guys. A lot of those guys were ex-WWE guys that WWE didn’t want anymore. They were trying to corner the market that’s exactly what they were trying to do.”

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Booker-T cited the examples of Lenny Poffo, Horace Hogan and others as the examples for WCW wrestlers with big contracts and not using them. Booker also believes that AEW President Tony Khan is not going that route, and will WWE veterans more in a mentor’s role.

“I don’t think Tony Khan is gonna go that route. But if it’s a few guys out there that could bring recognition, I don’t really see anything wrong with that because it’s marketing, it’s about trying to get people, get eyes on the show. I got to be able to use these older guys to work with these younger guys, mentor these younger guys.”

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