WWE Night of Champions: Asuka Ends Bianca Reign as Raw Women’s Champion

Asuka WWE NoC

Asuka ends Bianca Belair’s reign as she defeated the latter to become the new WWE Raw Women’s Champion at WWE Night of Champions 2023 event.


A WrestleMania rematch between Bianca Belair and Asuka for WWE RAW Women’s Championship was set for WWE Night of Champions after Asuka spit green mist on Bianca in her hometown of Knoxville, TN.

Belair hosted a championship victory celebration in her hometown, but Asuka spoiled her celebration by spraying toxic mist on her face. Bianca then decided to answer the vicious attack by Asuka whereas the latter made clear that she was still willing to go after the title despite her loss at WrestleMania 39. 

Live Update

The Empress of Tomorrow Asuka is the first one to make her entrance followed by the Raw women’s champion Bianca Belair.

Asuka starts things off with a head lock but Bianca counters it quickly by slamming her face into the mat. Asuka and Bianca roll each other and hits each other with punches before Bianca takes down Asuka. After some back and forth, Asuka catches her a dropkick to the midsection followed by a stomp.

Bianca has Asuka in the corner where she hits her with the shoulder tackle. Belair then drops Asuka with a big drop kick. Asuka fighys back and hits Bianca with a German Suplex. 

Bianca goes for the vertical suplex but Asuka counters it with a roll-up pinfall attempt. Asuka targets Bianca’s arm and puts pressure on it. Asuka thee uses Bianca’s hair to her advantage and gets Bianca on the ground.

Bianca tries to fight back after stopping Asuka’s kick. But Asuka quickly gets to her feet, Bianca gains some momentum as she hits Asuka with a suplex after hitting her with some strikes. 

Bianca hits the hammer fists from the second rope but Asuka ducks underneath and tries to use Bianca’s hair again. Bianca drops Asuka and hits her with the spinebuster followed by a moonsault. 

Asuka backs in the fight as she blocks Bianca and then puts her in the armbar again. However, Bianca overpowers Asuka and hits Asuka with a slam for a near fall. 

Asuka puts Bianca into the Asuka lock but the champion makes a desperate attempt to get out of the move. It follows by multiple roll-up pin attempts from both sides. Asuka pulls Bianca’s braid and gets her outside the ring. Bianca drives Asuka into the steel steps outside the ring. The two continue to brawl outside the referee counts. Bianca sends Asuka into the ring first and the latter tries to fight back. 

Asuka goes for the mist, and Bianca somehow manages to avoid it. Bianca tries to hit KOD, but Asuka counters it with an armbar. 

Asuka sprays the mist on her hands, Bianca picks her up for KOD, but Asuka puts her hands to Bianca’s eyes. She hits Asuka with a face kick followed by a kick to the back of Bianca’s neck to get the pinfall. Asuka breaks Bianca’s reign and becomes the new WWE Raw women’s champion

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