WWE Night of Champions 2023: Trish Stratus Beats Lynch with Zoey Stark’s Help

Trish Stratus WWE NoC

Trish Stratus defeated Becky Lynch with assistance from Zoey Stark in a grudge match at WWE Night of Champions 2023 event.


Trish Stratus returned to WWE earlier this year in February to help Lita & Becky Lynch even the odds against Damage CTRL. After they trio defeated Damage CTRL at WWE WrestleMania 39, Trish Stratus replaced Lita in a tag team titles match against Raquel Rodrigue & Liv Morgan. 

Trish got pinned in that match and Becky and Lita lost the tag team titles. Following this, Trish turned on Becky Lynch by attacking her. She accused Becky of stealing her spotlight and also claimed that Becky might not return to WWE after her attack. Big Time Becks returned after a few weeks to return the favor with an attack. She later challenged Trish for a match at WWE Night of Champions which she accepted. 

Live Update

Trish Stratus makes her way to the ring first. After this Becky Lynch walks down the aisle and enters the ring. 

Becky Lyncs starts things off with a right hand. She continues her offense before both of them take things outside the ring. Trish pushes Lynch into the steel steps. Trish then slams Lynch’s face to the announce tables.

Trish dominates Becky for a while before Becky fights back with some big shots. Trish hits Thesz press followed by a neck breaker. The two start exchanging blows inside the ring before Lynch finally takes down Trish. Lynch then hits her with the Bexploder. Stratus tries to get outside the ring, but Becky catches her on the apron. Lynch puts on the second rope and then hits her with the leg drop. 

The two get outside the ring, where Trish catches Becky off guard with a kick. Back to the ring, Trish hits Becky with the spine buster. 

Trish puts Lynch on the top rope and then finally able to pull her off with a leg drop. Stratus tries to hit the Stratusfaction, but Becky counters it. Becky hits the Diamond Dust followed by a leg drop for the two count. 

Becky catches Trish on the second rope and then puts her in the Boston Crab. Trish finally crawls to the corner and then grabs the rope. Trish surprises Becky with a kick outside the ring and Becky barely beats the pinfall. 

Trish then hits Becky with the chic kick for another near fall. Becky puts Trish into Disarm but Trish counters by pulling the hair of Becky. Both pull each other hair and then Becky goes outside the ring. 

Zoey Stark appears from below the ring and attacks Becky before she sends Becky back inside the ring. Trish then hits her with the Stratusfaction to get the pinfall.

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