AEW Rampage May 6, 2022 Spoilers, Results & Live Updates

AEW Rampage May 6 2022
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AEW Rampage episode of May 6 will be a pre-taped show from Baltimore, MD. The show will air at a special start time of 5:30 PM EST. The show will continue to build-up towards Double or Nothing PPV.

Former AEW Women’s Champion Riho will return to AEW after a hiatus and take on Yuka Sakazaki in the women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament qualifier. A tag team match between Toni Storm & Ruby Soho vs Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter will also take place.

Keep reading to get the complete details on AEW Rampage May 6, 2022 episode.

*Spoilers at the bottom of the page.

Event Info

  • Event: AEW Rampage
  • Date: May 6, 2022
  • Start Time: 5:30 PM ET
  • Location: Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena, Baltimore, MD, US

Match Card & Results

  • Toni Storm & Ruby Soho defeated Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Hook defeated JD Drake in a singles match via submission.
  • Riho defeated Yuka Sakazaki in Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifier via pinfall.
  • Konosuke Takeshita vs Jay Lethal

Live Updates

Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter vs Toni Storm & Ruby Soho

Quick start from both sides. Storm hits a couple of uppercuts. Soho comes in and Hayter picks him to take her to the other corner to tag out. Baker hits a slingblade on Soho. They counter each other for a while before Storm takes a bling tag for double team Russian Leg sweep. Baker counters Storm in the corner to send her into the turnbuckle. We cut to a break.

Storm drops Hayter with a clothesline after we return. Ruby gets a hot tag against Baker and drops her a few times with quick moves. Storm gets a blind tag for some double team. Match breaks up as Hayter comes in to hit Ruby with a suplex.

Baker hits a DDT from the top after some distraction from Rebel. Hayter sneaks in for a sliding lariat. Baker hits a stomp but Soho breaks the pin. Soho sends Hayter to the floor. Baker hits a superkick on Soho to send her to the floor. Storm rolls up Baker to get the pin.

Winner – Toni Storm & Ruby Soho

Hook vs JD Drake

Hook starts with a takedown with a leg sweep. Drake gets to the ropes to break. Drake hits a chop in anger. Hook counters the next chop with a headbutt. Hook hits a German suplex. Drake is a big men and Hook is not able to hit a suplex. Hook quickly counters with ReDrum to get a quick submission.

Winner – Hook

Danhausen comes out and says Tony Nese has challenged him for a match. Danhausen says Mark Sterling will be in Nese’s corner and proposes Hook to be in his corner. He asks the crowd what they want. Hookhausen chants from the crowd. Hook pushes him to the mat. Danhausen rolls out and a chip packet falls out from his pocket which was supposed to be a gift for Hook. Hook picks up the packet, looks at it and throws it back before leaving.

Riho vs Yuka Sakazaki – Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifier

Riho is in black unlike her white and pink ring gear. She comes out of first headlock attempt. They sweep leg to drop each other in quick succession. More action follows. Sakazaki hits a dropkick to send Riho to the floor. She hits a cannonball on the floor to take us to the break.

Yuka still in control after the break. She goes for a springboard splash but Riho gets her knees up. Riho hits a dragon suplex. Yuka avoids a running knee. After they trade pin attempts, Riho hits a running kick to get a close two-count. Yuka meets Riho on the top turnbuckle. Yuka drops Riho with avalance facebuster to the mat. She gets late in cover and only gets two. Yuka goes merry-go-round and Riho drops her. They trade punches for a while before Riho rolls up Yuka for a pin.

Winner – Riho

Shawn Spears cuts a pre-recorded promo. He claims he has given him invincibility factor, which has led to Wardlow becoming the biggest monster among monsters. He shows a chair with Giant Killer written on it.

TNT Champion Scorpio Sky is out with Ethan Page and Dan Lambert. Lambert takes some shots at the crowd. Ethan Page tells Sammy that mixed tag team match between their teams is off now. Frankie Kazarian comes out to interrupt them. Kazarian takes host at Ethan Page. He adds that he does not care about Page or Lamber, and only wants his TNT title shot. Sky says he will be a fighting champion this time around and every deserving contender will get a title shot. He also tells Dan Lambert to put his TNT title back in trophy case. Sky says Kazarian will get his title shot next week.

Konosuke Takeshita vs Jay Lethal

They circle before engaging. Takeshita goes for a waist lock and drops Lethal to the mat face-first. Lethal puts on an arm wrench. Takeshita counters with a side headlock. Lethal drops him and does the Ric Flair strut. Takeshita hits him with chops and dropkicks. Lethal hits a side kick at the knee. Takeshita explodes out of the corner to send Lethal to the floor. Satnam Singh intimidates Takeshita on the floor. Lethal hits a dragon screw leg on the ropes to take us to the floor.

Both men are on the top. Takeshita hits a clotheline on the top rope and both men drop to the floor. Lethal puts on figure four leglock. Takeshita grabs the ropes. He hits a brainbuster for a two-count. Takeshita hits a big forearm. Lethal hits a backbreaker. He misses Lethal Injection. Takeshita hits the jumping knee finisher but Sonjay Dutt distracts the referee. Lethal kicks out of the pin when he comes down to count the pin. A bit of back and forth and Lethal hits Lethal Injection to get the pin.

Winner – Jay Lethal

Trent Bareta, Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy come out. Satnan Singh drop Bareta and Taylor. Orange Cassidy avoids engaging with Satnam since he already has Samoa Joe coming out. Joe is stopped by the secutiry though. The show goes off the air.


Owen Hart Foundation: Riho has been out of action due to an injury, but she will return to action this week. She takes on Yuka Sakazaki in the qualifier for Owen Hart Foundation tournament.


Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter vs Toni Storm & Ruby Soho match went first. Storm and Soho won the match.

Hook defeated JD Drake in a quick match.

After the match, Danhausen comes out for a segment with Hook. Hookhausen chants from the crowd. Tony Nese came out to challenge Danhausen for a match.

Shawn Spears came out with a chair with “Giant Killer” written on it.

TNT Champion Scorpio Sky and Dan Lambert cut a promo talking trash about Baltimore. Frankie Kazarian also came out for a promo with Sky.

Riho defeated Yuka Sakazaki.

A brawl between Ricky Stark and Jungle Boy took place on the stage. They are facing off next week on Dynamite.

Jay Lethal defeated Konosuke Takeshita in the main event.

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