AEW Rampage February 17, 2023 Results & Updates

AEW Rampage February 17 2023
Credits – AEW

Welcome to the live results blog for AEW Rampage February 17, 2023 episode as the brand continued to build-up towards Revolution 2023 event.

The Elite – Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson opened the show as they defended AEW Trios titles against AR Fox & Top Flight – Darius Martin & Dante Martin. Dustin Rhodes took on Swerve Strickland in the main event. Jade Cargill defended TBS Women’s title against Vertvixen.

Daniel Garcia and Ricky Starks faced off in another singles match. Scroll below as we posted results from AEW Rampage February 17, 2023 episode with updates, complete action, winners and highlights.


  • The Elite(Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson) defeated AR Fox & Top Flight(Darius Martin & Dante Martin) in a tag team match via pinfall to retain AEW Trios World Championship.
  • Ricky Starks defeated Daniel Garcia in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Jade Cargill(c) defeated Vertvixen in a singles match via pinfall to retain AEW TBS Women’s Championship.
  • Dustin Rhodes defeated Shane “Swerve” Strickland in a singles match via disqualification.


The Elite(Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson)(c) vs AR Fox & Top Flight(Darius Martin & Dante Martin) – AEW Trios World Championship

Both teams are in NBA All Star shirts and came out with basketballs. Nick and Dante start the match. The match starts with basketball shenanigans. Nick hits an atomic drop on Dante. Dante hits back with a dropkick. Dante hits quick superkicks on The Young Bucks. The Elite regroup on the floor and Fox tags in to hit them with suicide dives. More Basketball references as The Elite ask for a time-out.

Kenny tags in against Fox and corners him. The Elite confuse Fox by throwing the basketball around. Fox catches the ball and the Bucks hit him with a double superkick. Kenny hits an inverted bulldog to take us to a break.

Matt hits a bulldog on Fox as we return. Fox hits back with an enzuigiri. Matt hits another superkick but Fox hits him with armdrags and a cutter. Tags to Kenny and Dante. Dante hits forearms and throws Omega to the floor with a suicide dive. A crossbody in the ring from Dante to get a two-coun. Omega hits a snap dragon suplex but Dante lands on his feet and hits an enzuigiri. Fox and team hit the Elite with quick moves in the corner.

Dante hits a leg drop from the top on Matt before Fox hits a 450-splash. Nick pulls Dante and Fox off the apron. They hit a trios gamengiri on Fox. Nick hits a senton on Martin Brothers as Kenny and Matt hold them on the ropes. Fox breaks the pin and is thrown to the floor. Dante stops Kenny’s V-Trigger with a springboard clothesline.

Everyone starts to get involved which ends with a cutter from Nick on Fox. The Young Bucks hit double superkick on Fox. Nick hits Dante with a dive on the floor. Kenny hits Darius with V-Trigger and One Winged Angel to get the pinfall.

Winner – The Elite

After the match, the lights go off. House of Black appear on a dimly lit stage. The lights go out once again and House of Black are gone.

The Gunn Club get interviewed backstage by Lexi Nair. They say the Acclaimed once again do not have to do any work to get a title shot, but they will not make it to Revolution. They also says that they are at the top of tag team division and fear no team.

Mark Henry interviews All-Atlantic Champion Orange Cassidy. Wheeler Yuta comes in and says the best thing he did was to leave Cassidy and join Blackpool Combat Club. He now rolls with 3 of the best dudes in the world and he has learnt more than Cassidy can ever teach him. Yuta says Cassidy let Best Friends treat him like a clown and has now replaced him with a literal clown. He let Trent bully him but he is a bully now. Yuta says Cassidy does not even care that he has won a title, so, Yuta will now take Cassidy’s title away from him. Cassidy replies that he was not there to teach him anything, but his best friend. He dares Yuta to try and take his title.

Daniel Garcia vs Ricky Starks

Garcia hits a slap to start. Ricky fires back with several punches in anger. He hits a back body drop next. Garcia stops a whip and hits a big chop. Ricky hits a big elbow before quick punches. Starks hits Old School next. Garcia sends Ricky to the apron and hits him with a dragon screw leg on him. He tackles Ricky to the floor as we cut to a break.

Ricky charges but his leg gives out. Garcia waits for him to get up but Ricky hits him with a clothesline. Ricky hits back elbows and a belly-to-belly suplex. Garcia blocks Roshambo. Starks hits a spinning side slam to get a two-count. Garcia goes for another dragon screw but Ricky stomps on him. Garcia hits an Urinage for a close two-count.

Garcia puts on a sharpshooter. Ricky drags towards the ropes but Sammy Guevara pulls the ropes away. Action Andretti attacks Sammy from behind. They brawl at the ring side while Ricky breaks the submission. Garcia avoids a charge once before Ricky manages to hit a spear. Ricky hits Roshambo to get the pinfall.

Winner – Ricky Starks

Sammy Guevara is enraged after the match and takes the mic to ask Tony Khan for a match against Action Andretti.

We get a pre-recorded promo from Evil Uno where he says Jon Moxley thought he will run over anyone. Uno says he was the #1 for Mr. Brodie Lee and will bring back respect for Dark Order starting by beating Moxley.

Jade Cargill(c) vs Vertvixen – AEW TBS Women’s Championship

They lock up and Jade pushes Vertvixen to the corner. She hits a knee to midsection before throwing Vertvixen with a hip toss. Jade does some push-ups before hitting a pump kick and Jaded to get the pinfall.

Winner – Jade Cargill

Shane “Swerve” Strickland vs Dustin Rhodes

Swerve and Dustin get interviewed in split screen. Shane talks about the disrespect that Dustin has shown towards Mogul Affiliates. Dustin says he is coming from a dark place and nobody gets away after talking trash about his family.

Dustin hits Parker Boudreaux with a metal pipe during his entrance. Dustin hits clotheslines as he gets into the ring. Dustin clotheslines Swerve to the floor and throws him into the barricade a few times. Back to the ring, Dustin hits punches in the corner from the second rope. Dustin hits his signature jabs. Swerve stops bionic elbow with a punch.

Swerve avoids an armdrag but Dustin manages to hit a release German suplex. Swerve bites his hand as he puts Dustin in the corner. Swerve hits a back heel kick in the corner. He hits pump kick from the apron as Dustin goes to the floor. Swerve hits a dropkick against the barricade. Swerve keeps control on the barricade as we cut to a break.

Swerve has Dustin in a side headlock. He blocks Dustin’s comeback with a flatliner. He hits a Swerve kick on Dustin but he kicks out at one. Swerve hits more punches but Dustin hulks up. Dustin hits a powerslam and singature uppercut. Swerve hits a back kick and an elbow. Dustin hits him with a boot to counter and then hits Code Red to get near fall.

They trade more shots and pump kicks. They collide in the air with crossbody. They trade shots on the apron now. Swerve hits a Death Valley driver on the apron and gets a near fall. Swerve goes to the top now. Dustin nails him with a punch and hits a superplex. Dustin hits a piledriver to get a near fall.

Dustin is frustrated now. Swerve blocks Crossrhodes and goes for a jackknife cover. Dustin hits him with Crossrhodes and final reckoning. Boudreaux pulls out Dustin and throws him into the steel steps. The referee calls for a disqualification.

Winner – Dustin Rhodes(via DQ)

Boudreaux takes Dustin back to the ring. Mogul Affiliates beat up Dustin as they hit him with a chain. Parker Boudreaux starts beating up security as they come in to stop this. Swerve tells Boudreax to bring out a cinderblock. They set up the cinderblock but Keith Lee’s music hits. Lee does not come out from the stage though. He comes through the crowd and stands behind Swerve and Boudreaux. Lee starts to throw punches on Mogul Affiliates. Boudreaux takes a big shot which was intended for Swerve. The show goes off the air as Lee picks up Dustin.

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