AEW Dynamite May 31, 2023 Results & Live Updates – DoN Fallout

AEW Dynamite May 31 2023
Credits – AEW

May 31, 2023, the last day of the month bring us AEW Dynamite live from Viejas Arena in San Diego, CA, and we were here as usual live with all the results from the show.

Only 3 things were announced in advance. Adam Cole and Britt Baker, real-life partners, team up in a mixed tag match to take on arch-rivals Chris Jericho and Saraya. Cole defeated Jericho at Double or Nothing while Saraya was beaten up by Baker with kendo stick when she tried to interfere.

Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita addressed the fans to explain their turn on The Elite and helped out Blackpool Combat Club at Double or Nothing. Also announced was Tony Khan revealing something important for the debut episode of AEW Collision.

The major theme of the show was expected to be the fallout from Double or Nothing. The landscape of women’s division was completely changed with Toni Storm becoming Women’s Champion and Kris Statlander becoming TBS Women’s Champion. What more surprises did the division hold? Tune in below for complete results from AEW Dynamite May 31, 2023 episode with live updates, winners and highlights.


  • Blackpool Combat Club(Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta) defeated Rey Fenix, Penta El Zero Meido & Bandido in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Swerve Strickland defeated Big Bill & Trent Baretta in a triple threat match via pinfall.
  • Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin defeated Gates of Agony(Kon & Toa Liona) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Kris Statlander(c) defeated Nyla Rose in a singles match via pinfall to retain AEW TBS Women’s Championship.
  • Britt Baker & Adam Cole defeated Chris Jericho & Saraya in a tag team match via pinfall.


Rey Fenix, Penta El Zero Meido & Bandido vs Blackpool Combat Club(Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta)

Bryan Danielson is on commentary. Penta and Moxley start arguing, leading to a brawl breaking out between the trios. Lucha Bros and Bandido hit BCC trio with superkicks to send them to the floor. BCC cut them off as they were charging for suicide dives. BCC take action on the floor and beat up their opponents. Yuta takes Bandido into the ring to get the match started. Bandido fires a body shot before Yuta comes back with a boot, a body slam and a senton to get a two-count.

Bandido counters a suplex and hangs Yuta in the air. Lucha Bros put Moxley and Claudio in rings of saturn to stop them from interfering. Bandido holds Yuta in the air for more than 100 seconds before hitting the suplex. Yuta fights off Penta. Fenix hits Yuta with a ropewalk kick. Moxley decks Fenix before Penta hits a backstabber on him. Bandido tags in and Yuta sends him to his corner. Moxley and Claudio hit a spiked piledriver on the floor. We cut to a break.

Moxley has Bandido in a crossface. Bandido gets up and hits a jawbreaker. Moxley hits corner clotheslines. Bandido hits a big boot from the corner, an uppercut and tornillo. Fenix and Claudio come in. Fenix hits a superkick after counters from both men. Yuta comes in and Fenix hits a springboard back heel kick. Lucha Bros hit stereo superkicks on Yuta. Claudio is brought down with sunset flip and Moxley is hit with a DDT. Claudio drops Penta with a clothesline.

Bandido and Yuta tag in and start to trade elbow shots and forearms for a while. Yuta breaks the sequence before Bandido hits a dropkick and diamond cutter. Lucha Bros take out Claudio and Moxley with suicide dives. Bandido hits a frog splash to get a near fall. Bandido hits GTS. Moxley holds Yuta to blocks 21-plex. Yuta sends Bandido into an uppercut from Claudio. Yuta hits hammer elbows on Bandido and gets him in a backslide to get the pinfall.

Winners – Blackpool Combat Club

Alex Marvez is backstage with The Young Bucks and Hangman Adam Page. Matt says BCC brought out the worst in them. Nick says one setback is not gonna bring them down. Hangman says despite being calling themselves the best, BCC rely a lot on the numbers game. Dark Order come in and ask Hangman if he is having fun with his new friends. Dark Order leaves and Hangman tries to go after them. Marvez stops him to ask about Kenny Omega leaving the country. Hangman quickly says Kenny is hurt and is away. Hangman goes after Dark Order.

FTR To Bullet Club Gold?

Jay White and Juice Robinson come out to the ring to talk with Tony Schiavone. Tony asks them about their neverending issues with Ricky Starks. White says Starks might be over the moon but Starks needs to remember that he lost the Battle Royal just like he lost to White. Juice asks why did FTR save Ricky Starks? He says Ricky does not have friends. White says FTR are southern boys and must be a little bit show, but he did not think they were dumb enough to get into their business.

AEW Tag Team Champions FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) come out now. White and Juice continue the trash talk. Juice says may be FTR are out here to apologize. White says FTR may be here to join Bullet Club Gold. White says all they need to do is ask, but have to do it politely. Juice takes a cheap shot at Dax, but the punch was lead with quarters. White and Juice take control of Cash before White hits Blade Runner. Starks runs out and they run away. Starks challenges Jay White for a match next week to end this.

Tony Khan is in a pre-taped show for the debut of Collison. The announcement is that Collison will feature CM Punk from June 17. Some mixed reactions from the crowd.

Swerve Strickland vs Big Bill vs Trent Baretta

Swerve leaves the ring right away as Bill tries to attack him. Trent ducks Bill in the corner and hits a chop. Bill puts him in a headlock. Trent runs the ropes, ducks Bill’s clothesline and hits a suicide dive on Swerve on the floor. Trent throws Swerve in to the ring. Swerve hits a kick to Bill’s knee. Trent comes in and Bill fights both men to send them into opposite corners to hit them with corner clotheslines. Swerve is clotheslined to the floor and Trent is slammed to the mat to take us to a break.

Swerve tries for a suplex on Trent at the apron. Bill knocks him off. Trent knocks off Bill from the apron with a running tackle and then hits a suicide dive on him. Swerve drops Trent with a kick. Swerve goes to the top. Big Bill hits him with a big overhead chop. Bill and Trent also go to the top. Swerve and Trent block double chokeslam and hit Bill with double superplex. Everyone is down.

Trent sends Swerve to the floor. Bill hits him with a bossman slam. Swerve breaks the pin. He looks for the swerve stomp but Trent cuts him off with a kick and hits a piledriver. Bill breaks the pin. Bill and Trent trade chops. Bill slams Trent into the ring. Strickland takes Bill out with the Swerve stomp. Swerve gets the pinfall with a crucifix pin on Trent.

Winner – Swerve Strickland

We get a video package for the new TBS Women’s Champion Kris Statlander.

The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn come out to the stage for an interview with Renee Paquette. Gunn apologizes to The Acclaimed that they lost the trios title match at DoN. The Acclaimed make sure their is no problem between them. They bring up them being screwed out of title a few months back. Anthony Bowens declares that they will get gold back and Gunn, after his 30 years of service in business, deserves some gold.

Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita come out to the ring after being called out by Tony Schiavone. Heavy boos for them. Callis says he hopes those boos are for Kenny Omega. Callis says he is the real victim here as Omega chose his friends over him. Everyone morning he wakes up, he sees this mark on his forehead. Callis says he may have lost a nephew but he gained a son. He tries to put over Takeshita, calling him better than Muta, Inoki, Okada and Omega. Heavy booing continues throughout his promo. Takeshita takes the mic now and talks in Japanese. Callis says Omega destroyed his family, so, he built a new one, and his new family will cut AEW in half.

We get a video package with Arn Anderson and TNT Champion Wardlow. Wardlow says he answered to Anderson’s call for showing him what he can do. He throws out a challenge for Luchasaurus to meet him in the ring if he wants.

Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin vs Gates of Agony(Kon & Toa Liona)

Liona rushes off Cassidy in the ring. Kon attacks Darby on the floor. Cassidy hits back with a punch but Liona hits him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Darby fights back on the floor and tags in to fight Liona. Liona runs him over with a big tackle. Kon tags in and Darby tries to fight them off but Liona hits a big tackle on Darby to cut him off.

Brian Cage and Prince Nana are out on the stage with Swerve Strickland to watch this match. Liona sends Darby into the corner and Darby uses the momentum to knock off Kon with a back elbow. Darby tries to fight Liona with a boot and some quick moves. Kon quickly whip him back and forth between the barricade and the apron. Liona runs over Cassidy on the floor. We cut to a break.

Darby tries to fight back as we return. Liona hits a backbreaker on Darby, followed by a senton from Kon. Darby fights back and tags in Cassidy for some quick action. Darby ducks Liona in the corner and rakes his back. Cassidy nails Liona with Orange punch to send Liona to the floor. Darby hits a tope suicida on Liona on the floor. Kon hits a back elbow on Cassidy. Cassidy hits him with stundog millionaire. Darby hits Code Red on Kon after a tag while Cassidy hits a dive on Liona on the floor. Darby hits Coffin drop to get the pinfall.

Winners – Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin

Swerve Strickland & Brian Cage surround the ring, but Sting’s entrance does not allow them to attack Cassidy and Darby.

We hear from AEW World Champion MJF. He says competition is getting thinner as he keeps on raking wins. It is made abundantly clear that nobody is on level with the devil.

La Faccion Ingobernables come out. Jose takes the mic and says LFI is not given the opportunities like Hook. So, they are gonna take their opportunity and show what LFI is about. Rush and Perro Peligrosso attack Hook. Jungle Boy Jack Perry come out with a steel chair to hit Rush and Perro with it on the ramp. Jose runs into the ring to avoid Perry but he runs into Hook who hits him with a suplex. Perry and Hook fist bump in the ring.

Renee Paquette is with AEW Women’s Champion Toni Storm and the Outcasts. Toni says she is having the time of the life with the title and her friends. She talks about her work ethics throughout her career. She calls herself as the fighting champion while Ruby and Saraya say there is no one on her level.

Kris Statlander(c) vs Nyla Rose – AEW TBS Women’s Championship

They lock up to start the match. Show of strength does not take Kris anywhere. Nyla hits a body slam on Kris. She misses a senton and Kris puts on leg scissors on her ribs. Nyla quickly gets to the ropes to break it. Nyla slams Kris’ face into the turnbuckle. Kris blocks a suplex before Nyla also does the same. Nyla sends Kris into the turnbuckle with a suplex. We cut to a break.

Nyla runs over Kris with a clothesline after Kris kips up. Kris hits discuss lariat and a rolling lariat to stagger Nyla. She hits an uppercut and a running knee before a blue thunderbomb to get a close two-count. Nyla hits a corner splash. She hits a senton on the floor before hitting a cannonball against the barricade. Back to the ring, Nyla ducks a swing and hits a chokeslam on Kris for another close two-count. Kris trips her in the corner and hits 450 splash for the win.

Winner – Kris Statlander

Taya Valkyrie is backstage watching this match and is not happy with what she has seen.

Britt Baker & Adam Cole vs Chris Jericho & Saraya

Cole and Jericho starts with quick punches. They trade chops now. Jericho seems to be getting the upperhand. They trade more chops. Jericho rakes Cole’s eyes and sends him into the barricade on the floor. Cole comes back with a clothesline. Jericho tags in Saraya. Baker has to come in and starts nailing Saraya with forearms. She hits an overhead throw to get a two-count. Baker hits Irish Curse backbreaker. Jericho distracts Baker, which allows Saraya to trip Baker. Cole protests but the referee stops him from engaging. We cut to a break.

Saraya throws Baker out of the ring. Jericho gets into the ring and Cole also gets in. The referee gets engaged with them, allowing The Outcasts to attack Baker on the floor. Hikaru Shida attacks The Outcasts with kendo stick. Back to the ring, Saraya rolls up Baker for a two-count. Cole and Jericho get the tag. Cole hits a clothesline and a pump kick before some punches and an enzuigiri. Jericho avoids a dropkick and hits lionsault to get a two-count. Baker hits clotheslines and a neckbreaker to get a two-count.

Baker hits a big boot when Saraya charges at her in the corner. Saraya takes Baker to the top. Baker knocks her down. Jericho tries to stop a splash but Baker catches both Jericho and Saraya with the splash. Baker tags in Cole. Cole hits some punches. Jericho blocks Panama Sunrise and puts on Liontamer. Saraya knocks Baker off the apron. Cole is long way away from the ropes. Baker comes into the ring after a minute or so with her glove and puts on lockjaw on Jericho. Saraya comes in to break it up.

Cole gets ready for a superkick but Jericho hits him with Codebreaker for a near fall. Chops and punches from Jericho and Cole before they drop each other with clothesline at the same time. Baker and Saraya come in to continue with strikes. Saraya hits a DDT/brainbuster to get a near fall. Jericho brings in his bat. Baker ducks the swinng and Cole nails Jericho with a superkick. Baker hits a superkick on Saraya before Baker and Cole hit a double superkick on Jericho. Cole hits The Boom on Jericho to get the pinfall.

Winner – Adam Cole & Britt Baker

Chris Jericho is throwing a tantrum on the floor. Baker and Cole celebrate to close the show.

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