AEW Dynamite June 8, 2022 Results & Live Updates

AEW Dynamite June 8 2022
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AEW Dynamite episode of June 8, 2022, will continue the buildup to the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door PPV event. We will get to know who will take his place in the interim AEW World title match at Forbidden Door.

The show airing from Cable Dahmer Arena will see a Battle Royal to find Jon Moxley’s challenger in the AEW title eliminator match in the main event of the show. Hangman Adam Page will return to the action for the first time to take on David Finlay. Buddy Mathews and PAC will continue House of Black vs Death Triangle rivalry.

Check AEW Dynamite June 8, 2022 episode results with live updates, winners, highlights, videos, preview and match card below.

Event Info

  • Event: AEW Dynamite
  • Date: June 8, 2022
  • Start Time: 8 PM ET
  • Location: Cable Dahmer Arena, Independence, MO, US

Match Card & Results

  • Kyle O’Reilly wins Casino Battle Royal to get a spot in AEW title eliminator tournament.
  • PAC defeated Buddy Mathews in AEW All Atlantic Championship Qualifier via pinfall.
  • Adam Page defeated David Finlay in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Thunder Rosa(c) defeated Marina Shafir in a singles match via pinfall to retain AEW Women’s Championship.
  • Jon Moxley defeated Kyle O’Reilly in AEW Title Eliminator match via pinfall.

Live Updates

Casino Battle Royal

Darby Allin comes out first. Tony Nese, Lance Archer and Daniel Garcia are already in the ring. Eddie Kingston completes the first group of 5. Eddie and Garcia start brawling as the bell rings. Others are just watching them. After Eddie and Garcia get tired, the other three face off. Darby moves to the floor. Nese teases Archer and gets eliminated with a chokeslam. Darby brings in his skateboard and hits Archer with it. Darby hits a suicide dive from the middle rope when Archer goes to the floor. Darby unloads on Eddie now. Eddie rocks him back with a big shot.

Ricky Starks joins the match and gets hit with Code Red by Darby. Jake Hager, Rey Fenix, Shane “Swerve” Strickland and Keith Lee join the match. Fenix hits a few dropkicks as he gets into the ring. Lee hits a headbutt on Garcia. Nese is dropped by Shane and Lee. They double-team on him for a while. Starks goes for Lee and Lee throws him into the corner. Swerve sends Nese to the floor over the ropes. Mark Sterling holds onto Swerve’s leg as Nese hits a superkick. Lee knocks out Nese from the apron. Lee and Archer face off before engaging. Archer clotheslines Lee but Lee holds onto the ropes and avoids elimination. Lee then goes for a powerbomb and Archer gets eliminated despite his best efforts to hold onto the ropes.

John Silver comes in and hits German suplexes on everyone. Takeshita comes in and eats an enzuigiri. Max Caster comes out rapping with Anthony Bowens and the Gunn Club. Austin, Colten and Caster complete the third group. We cut to a break.

Fourth group comes out as we return. Powerhouse Hobbs is the first to run out and goes to work on Lee. Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish, Dante Martin and Wheeler Yuta join in. Dante hits a crossbody on someone. He almost eliminates Rey Fenix, but Fenix holds on. Caster and Gunn Club do some goofery in the middle. Fenix sets up Caster on the top and kicks him off to eliminate him. Lee hits double chest slaps on Gunn Club. Swerve hits them with double cutter before Lee clotheslines them to eliminate him. Swerve throws Lee over to eliminate him. Lee is seething in anger.

Andrade El Idolo is Joker and final entrant. Andrade kicks Allin. He throws Starks over the ropes. Andrade goes to kick out tired bodies. Eddie and Garcia are fighting on the apron. Hobbs knocks off Silver to eliminate him. Eddie, Garcia and Hager also get eliminated and camera could not catch how they were eliminated. Takeshita hits a Blue Thunderbomb on Swerve. Takeshita and Hobbs trade shots. Hobbs sends him to the apron and Starks knocks him off to eliminate him. Dante Martin sends Starks on the apron. Hobbs throws Martin and Starks low-bridges him to eliminate him.

Fenix and Starks brawl. Fenix sends Starks to the apron and hits a disaster kick to eliminate Starks. Andrade, KOR & Fish try to gang up Darby and Swerve. Darby and Swerve hit Andrade with quick moves. Swerve cuts off Fish with a dropkick and drops KOR on his back. Allin back body drops Fish to eliminate him. Swerve eliminates Allin with a back drop. Andrade kicks Swerve out as he was watching Allin. Fenix hits Andrade with an armdrag and a stomp. Hobbs nails Fenix from behind and then hits a big spinebuster. Hobbs picks up Rey and tries to eliminate him. But, Yuta pushes Lee over to eliminate him.

Fenix, Andrade, Yuta and KOR are the final four. Andrade and KOR work together to bring down the other two. Yuta is sent to the apron. He fights off and goes on to hit a missile dropkick on Andrade. KOR is hit with a German suplex but bounces back from the ropes with a clothesline. Andrade drops Feniz before Fenix hits back with a dropkick. Andrade hits a lowblow on Fenix in the air and then throws him out of the ring. KOR and Andrade work on Yuta. Yuta manages to hit Andrade with a back body drop to eliminate him. Yuta and KOR fight on the apron. KOR gets back to the ring and hits Yuta with a dragon screw on the ropes. KOR tackles Yuta to the floor to get the win.

Winner – Kyle O’Reilly

Jon Moxley cuts a promo backstage talking about how he promised at the start of the year that he will create a ruckus in pro-wrestling world. He tells KOR that he is just a right man at the wrong time. Mox says in one swoop, both NJPW and AEW will belong to him.

A new title – AEW All Atlantic Championship – is announced. PAC vs Mathews match will be the first qualifying match for the fatal 4-way match at Forbidden Door to crown the new champion. Malakia Black vs Penta Oscuro, Ethan Page vs Miro are the other two matches in AEW. One participant will come from NJPW.

Buddy Mathews vs PAC – AEW All Atlantic Championship Qualifier

They start with arm twists. Mathews brings down PAC to the mat with a side headlock takeover. They trade quick takedowns. Mathews hits a tackle. PAC hits him with a headscissors to send him to the floor. They fient dives until they both end up on the floor. We cut to a break.

PAC hits a knee to Buddy on the apron as we return. PAC hits a DDT next. Both men are down. They get up and start trading shots. Buddy blocks a shot and kicks at PAC’s leg. PAC hits back with a series of kicks. Mathews cuts him with an uppercut. He misses a penalty kick. PAC nails him with a superkick. Mathews cuts off PAC’s charge with a jumping knee. PAC hits a German suplex and lariat to drop Mathews.

PAC sets up Mathews on the top and hits a Gamengiri. Mathews drops PAC back to the floor. Mathews rolls through with a sunset flip and slams PAC with a Liger bomb to get a near fall. PAC stops a superkick with back heel kick and hits a Poisonrana. He follows with a punt kick and then hits Black Arrow to get the pin.

Winner – PAC

Eddie Kingston challenges Jake Hager for a match at AEW Rampage this week.

Trent Baretta is in the ring. He says today is Best Friends day but his friends are not here today. He brings up how their match against ROH Tag Team Champions FTR did not end in a result. He calls out FTR. FTR come out. Cash says that they are fighting champions and they would have given him a title shot if his partner was here. Dax says Rappongi Vice’s beef should be with United Empire since they interfered in that match.

Will Ospreay makes his entrance as United Empire’s music hits. FTR and Baretta’s attention turns towards him. Aaron Henare and one other man attack FTR and Baretta from behind. United Empire get better of the other three. Ospreay drops Dax with flying blade to end the segment.

KOR, Bobby Fish and Adam Cole are backstage with William Regal. Regal warns KOR of entering the ring against Jon Moxley after already being tired due to Battle Royal. He tells KOR to think about his wife and kids. After Regal leaves, KOR hypes up by screaming that he always thinks about his wife and kids everytime he enters the ring. Cole tells him that he has to go for commentary in the match.

Adam Page vs David Finlay

Adam Cole is no commentary for this match. They get in each others’ face as the bell rings. Page pushes Finlay to the corner. Finlay pushes him back. A tackle from Page as they run the ropes. Finlay hits back with a dropkick to get a one-count. Finlay puts on an arm lock. Page turns it around with an arm wringer. Finlay brings him down to the mat and gets another one-count. Page hits a scoop and a slam. A high boot from Page drops Finlay.

Page follows with big chops and throws Finlay to the floor. Page hypes the crowd for a bit before hitting a suicide dive. Finlay crashes into the barricade with that dive. Page drinks beer from a fan in the front row. Finlay hits a dragon screw leg and a chop block to bring down Page. We cut to a break.

Page catches Finlay’s crossbody and hits a fallway slam. Page kips up despite an injured leg. Page hits corner clotheslines and chops. Finlay is sent to the apron and knocked off with a springboard clothesline. Page dives on Finlay on the floor. Page hits a powerbomb for a two-count. Finlay avoids Dead Eye before hitting a backbreaker for a two-count. He hits a European uppercut in the corner. Page hits a crossbody but could not follow with Fallaway slam. Finlay hits a German suplex but Page gets up quickly. Page hits a clothesline and a Buckshot Lariat to get the pin.

Winner – Adam Page

Page takes the mic and says there is a lot he wants to say about AEW World Championship, but tonight is not the night. Because he was not in Battle Royal and does not seem to get a title shot anytime soon. But, there are more World title. He wants Kazuchika Okada for IWGP World Championship at Forbidden Door. Adam Cole cuts him off and tells him Okada might not be the champion coming out of Dominion. He tells Page that he should be getting a title shot because he is new franchise player and warns him against getting in his way.

We get a segment earlier today where Thunder Rosa issued an open challenge. Marina Shafir came in and is taking up Rosa’s challenge.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and he brings out Wardlow. Tony asks Wardlow why he wanted to out of Battle Royal. Wardlow replies that CM Punk is the AEW World Champion and he only wants to pin or submit Punk to win the title. Instead, he wants to turns his attention on a title that he almost won 3 months back. He challenges for TNT title. TNT Champion Scorpio Sky comes out after hearing this. Dan Lambert comes out and stops him from engaging.

The Young Bucks are backstage. They talk about beating Young Bucks last week on Rampage and now wants a shot at tag team titles. The Hardys come into their room and tell them that they deserve the title shot before them. Christian Cage comes in with Jurassic Express and proposes a ladder match with three teams for AEW Tag Team Championship.

Thunder Rosa(c) vs Marina Shafir – AEW Women’s Championship Match

Shafir puts on a choke. They continue to wrestle on the mat. Rosa slams her into the corner. Rosa hits chops and Shafir hypes up. Shafir hits her chops before Rosa hits back with knees to the body. Rosa nails a big uppercut. Shafir hits her with a snap suplex.

Rosa sends Shafir to the corner and hits her with diving knees. Rosa hits a dropkick to the spine and one to the chest. She hits a Northern Light suplex to get a two-count. Shafir slams her to the mat. Rosa hits body shot and then drops Shafir with a Death Valley driver. Rosa hits body kicks before Shafir catches her leg. Rosa reverses with a pin attempt. Shafir picks her up and Rosa counters with a roll through to get the pin.

Winner – Thunder Rosa

Shafir kicks at Rosa’s back after the match. She drops Rosa with a judo throw before putting on her submission finisher. Toni Storm runs out and breaks it with a dropkick. She beats up Shafir until Rosa recovers and drops Shafir with Fear Factor. Storm picks up the title and teases a match against Rosa.

Baddies and Stokley Hathaway are backstage and talk trash about Athena, Anna Jay and Kris Statlander.

Kyle O’Reilly vs Jon Moxley – AEW Title Eliminator

KOR goes for a calf kick but Mox avoids it. Mox gets a takedown but KOR stops him from doing anything else by going for an arm triangle. Mox hits a Leg Sweep. KOR hits calf kick. Mox slaps KOR before another tie up. Mox puts on a backhammer and then works on KOR’s fingers. He snaps the fingers before working on the hand some more. Mox stomps on his face and KOR rolls to the floor to avoid it.

Mox invites KOR to hit him. KOR hits elbows and a calf kick. Mox hits back with forearm to start a back and forth. KOR hits sidekicks to leg and then to the ribs. Mox reverses a whip and hits clotheslines in the corner. KOR hits a dropkick on the knee to trip him. KOR hits a dragon screw on the ropes and traps Mox’s leg in the ropes to hit it with a knee drop. We cut to a break.

Mox hits a superplex as we return. They trade elbows and calf kicks. KOR hits an inside kick and punches. KOR hits a high boot to drop Mox. Mox counters an armbreaker with choke. KOR uses his teeth to grab the ropes to break it. Mox nails him with a kick to the ropes. Mox drops KOR with a big clothesline. KOR hits back with hard kicks to the spine. Moxley softens him up with elbows on the neck. KOR hits back with a knee and then drops Mox with another knee. Mox hits a cutter out of nowhere.

KOR counters gotch piledriver with an arm triangle. Mox tries to come out and KOR transitions to a heel hook. Moxley nails a punch to break the submission move. Moxley hits a gotch piledriver for a near fall. They trade more elbows and slaps. KOR with a kick to the neck and an elbow. Mox rolls through Saito suplex. They collide with a clothesline. Mox puts on a choke and transitions into bulldog choke. He changes direction with knees to the face. Mox hits Regal knee and Paradigm Shift to get the pin.

Winner – Jon Moxley


AEW World Title Eliminator: After CM Punk got injured and is set for surgery, AEW has announced a mini tournament to crown an interim champion. A Battle Royal will kick off Dynamite this week and the winner will go on to face #1 contender Jon Moxley in the main event. The winner of the main event will go to Forbidden Door in the interim title match.

Hangman Adam Page vs David Finlay: AEW x NJPW already starts to take place with the Forbidden Door PPV event around the corner. The next one in the line will be a singles match between the former AEW World Champion Hangman Adam Page and NJPW’s David Finlay. 

Mathews vs PAC: Buddy Mathews and PAC will carry on the long-standing rivalry between House of Black and Death Triangle. Will Mathews take a big win by beating PAC? Or will PAC get a much needed victory over House of Black?

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