AEW Dynamite 25 August 2021 Results, Live Updates, Highlights- Black vs Anderson, Cassidy vs Hardy

CM Punk AEW Dynamite 25 August 2021

Welcome to our blog for AEW Dynamite 25 August 2021. Check the preview, start time and location for the show here.

Event Name – AEW Dynamite
Date – 25 August 2021
Location –  UWM Panther Arena, Milwaukee, WI US
Time – 8 PM EST(26 August 2021 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)

CM Punk First AEW Dynamite Appearance: CM Punk returned to pro-wrestling as he arrived to AEW Rampage. Now, AEW has announced that he will make his first appearance on AEW Dynamite on 25 August episode. What more will The Best in the World has to say to the fans? How will the storyline between him and Darby Allin continue?

Malakai Black vs Brock Anderson(w/ Arn Anderson): Malakai Black attacked Arn Anderson as his first act in AEW. Now, Brock Anderson, Arn’s son, wants revenge and asked for a match against Black, which was granted by Tony Khan. Black gets to murder Junior Anderson next week.

Jamie Hayter(w/ Britt Baker & Rebel) vs Red Velvet: Jamie Hayter made a comeback to AEW last week at the debut episode of Rampage by helping out Britt Baker against Kris Statlander and Red Velvet. Now, she wants Red Velvet in a match. Will Hayter make a triumphant return?

Varsity Blondes(Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr.) vs Lucha Bros(Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero Meido) – Tag Team Eliminator Tournament – In the second match of the Tag Team Elimination Tournament, Varsity Blonds will take on Lucha Bros. They will face the winner between Jurassic Express and Private Party in the final.

Orange Cassidy vs Matt Hardy: Orange Cassidy and Matt Hardy will continue the rivalry between Best Friends stable and Matt Hardy Office.

Trios Match 1: In the first trios match for the night, Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston and Darby Allin will face the Wingmen’s Cezar Bononi, Ryan Nemeth and JD Drake.

Trios Match 2: QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto, and Aaron Solo of The Nightmare Factory will take on Austin, Billy, and Colten Gunn of The Gunn Club. QT is going to face Paul Wight at AEW All Out.

Chris Jericho’s segment: Judas Chris Jericho lost the last labour against MJF last week. AEW has now announced that Jericho will address his future during this week’s Dynamite episode.

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AEW Dynamite 25 August 2021 Results

  • Orange Cassidy defeated Matt Hardy in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Lucha Bros(Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero Meido) defeated Varsity Blondes(Griff Garison & Brian Pillman Jr.) in AEW Tag Team Championship Eliminator Tournament via pinfall.
  • Jamie Hayter(w/ Britt Baker & Rebel) defeated Red Velvet in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston and Darby Allin defeated The Wingmen(Cezar Bononi, Ryan Nemeth & JD Drake)
  • The Gunn Club(Austin, Billy & Colten) defeated The Nightmare Factory(QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto & Aaron Solo) via pinfall.
  • Malakai Black defeated Brock Anderson(w/ Arn Anderson) in a singles match via pinfall.

AEW Dynamite 25 August 2021 Live Updates

Orange Cassidy vs Matt Hardy

Cassidy starts with his lazy kicks and Hardy does delete signs to get the crowd going. Hardy is sent to the floor where he turns it around to take control. The pace has been really slow thus far. Hardy hits a body slam and a big suplex in between. Everything is coming from Hardy till now.

Cassidy hits a back elbow in the corner and slams Hardy’s face into the turnbuckle. Hardy counters the beach break and hits a powerbomb. Cassidy comes back into the match with back-to-back suicide dives. A DDT breaks Hardy’s nose and he is bleeding. OC counters a superplex and drops Hardy to the floor for a senton with his hands in the pockets.

Hardy counters Twist of Fate once. OC hits it in the second attempt, but Hardy kicks out. OC counters the leach and takes down Hardy for a sit-out pin with hands in his pockets.

Winner – Orange Cassidy

Malakai Black with a pre-recorded promo. He warns Brock Anderson to take his dad’s advice and get the match cancelled and says he will punish everyone associated with him.

Chris Jericho’s Future

Chris Jericho comes out to the ring as the crowd sings Judas with him. He says everyone is celebrating this week in AEW, other than him. He says he lost to MJF for the third time and he submitted on top of it. It’s driving him crazy.

Jericho tells MJF that he will keep attacking him until he does, no matter what. He asks MJF to come out since he has a proposal. MJF does not come out. Jericho proposes one final fight at AEW All Out. If MJF beats him, he will never wrestle in AEW again.

MJF comes out. He tells Jericho to just leave him alone. MJF claims that Jericho tried to have a rub from his meteoric rise. Although, he likes the sound of being the one who retired Chris Jericho. MJF agrees to the match but advises Jericho to think hard whether he really wants it.

Varsity Blondes vs Lucha Bros – AEW Tag Team Championship Eliminator Tournament

Varsity Blondes cut a promo backstage. Lucha Bros enter and they are followed by The Young Bucks and the Good Brothers.

Rey and Garrison start with back and forth action. Penta and Pillman tag in. Pillman hits a few chops and Penta replies with a superkick. Pillman takes him down with headscissors and Penta hits him with sling blade. The match continues in picture-in-picture ads with Lucha Bros dominating.

During the break, Blondes take control over Rey. Back from the break, Rey and Pillman tag in. Rey hits springboard dropkick to Pillman and another springboard kick to Garrison on the apron. Rey hits a move from the top on Pillman and Garrison had to break the pin.

The action spills to the ramp and Rey takes out everyone with a suicide dive. Pillman and Garrison work to take down Rey. Penta breaks the pin. Lucha Bros hits kicks to both opponents. Stereo Thrust kicks to Pillman and assisted piledriver finishes him.

Winner – Lucha Bros

Post-match, Jurassic Express comes into the ring. Young Bucks pushes them into Lucha Bros to cause some tension. Jurassic Express and Lucha Bros attack Young Bucks and Good Brothers and stand tall.

Jamie Hayter vs Red Velvet

Velvet hits a seated senton. Hayter eats a superkick but it does not affect her. Hayter stomps on Velvet in the corner and toy around with her. Velvet lowbridges her but Hayter lands on her feet. Velvet hits suicide dives on the floor. We go to a picture-in-picture break. Britt Baker has attacked Velvet on the floor. Hayter is keeping control during the break.

They trade strikes as we return. Velvet eats big uppercut but fights back with quick clotheslines. A facebuster from Velvet and drops Hayter on the ropes. Velvet decks Baker as she comes to the apron. She misses standing moonsault though. Hayter hits a big lariat to get the win.

Winner – Jamie Hayter

Post-match, Kris Statlander comes out to save Velvet from an attack from the trio. Statlander clears the ring.

CM Punk Speaks

Tony Schiavone is in the ring. He brings out CM Punk to another huge pop. Schiavone asks him what brought him back into wrestling. He replies its fans, its Lucha Brothers, and other young talents. But before all those names, it was Darby Allin. He talks about Allin being reckless to the limit and not being in the typical wrestling mold. But he is fearless and fans love him. He is excited to face him at AEW All Out. Punk goes out to the floor and hugs a few fans in the front row. He also hugs Tony Schiavone on the ramp before going back.

Miro cuts a promo where he forgives Fuego del Sol and promises to find Eddie Kingston, drag him to the river and hold him under. Miro adds that God will back him because he is the Redeemer, and his wife will love him because he is the champion. Miro asks to bring him Eddie Kingston.

Darby Allin, Eddie Kingston, & Jon Moxley vs The Wingmen (Cezar Bononi, JD Drake, & Ryan Nemeth)

Darby with all the attacks against JD Drake in the first minute. Kingston and Nemeth tag in. Kingston no-sells chops and hits his own to take down Nemeth. Bononi tags in and Kingston brings in Moxley to work against him.

Bononi takes control over Moxley. A slam and Saito suplex from Bononi. Moxley decks Drake and tags in Kingston. Drake hits Kingston with a rib breaker. Allin tags in and hits Yoshi Tonic to Drake. Chaos breaks out at ringside as Peter Avalon trips Allin. Kingston and Moxley beat him up after Sting pushes him in the corner.

Nemeth tries to use a steel chair but Moxley takes care of him. Darby hits diamond dust and coffin drop on Drake for the win.

Winner – Darby Allin, Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley

9 Participants are revealed for Women’s Casino Battle Royal. Tay Conti is one of them. She gets interviewed but is soon cut off by Bunny who offers her a contract from Matt Hardy Family Office. Conti rips that contract, leading to a brawl.

A video from FTR who will return next week.

Kenny Omega comes out with Don Callis and Brandan Cutler. Callis takes the mic but Christian Cage enters soon. Cage tries to prove that Callis is a piece of shit while Omega counters it. A brawl breaks out between Cage and Omega. Cutler sprays at Cage and they start beating up Cage. Frankie Kazarian runs out to make the save.

Jon Moxley cuts a promo in his style and announces that he will face Satoshi Kojima at All Out.

Gunn Club (Austin, Billy, & Colten Gunn) vs the Factory (Aaron Solo, Nick Comoroto, & QT Marshall)

Comoroto and Billy start the match. PAul Wight is on commentary for this match. Nick dominates with shoulder blocks and a big elbow. Austin tags in to work with Billy on Comoroto to send us to the break.

Back from the break, Comoroto hits a slam on Austin. He misses a charge in the corner and Solo tags in. Austin tags in Colten who takes on all the opponents. Billy comes in to clear the ring and takes out Nick on the floor. QT and Colten are the legal men. QT hits underhooks and STO backbreaker into a reverse STO. Marshall taunts Paul Wight on commentary. Wight gets up from the table and comes on the ramp. Colten rolls up QT in a small package for the pin.

Winner – Gunn Club

Brock Anderson vs Malakai Black

Anderson jumps at Black and takes him down with a double leg takedown. Black shoves him off and hits him with a big knee. Black takes him to the corner and and unloads with punches and kicks. BRock is bleeding from the forehead. Arn wants to throw in the towel but Brock waves him off. Black hammers Brock with punches and hits Black Mass kick to get the pin.

Winner – Malakai Black