AEW Dynamite 18 August 2021- Results, Live Updates, Highlights- MJF v Jericho, Sting in Action

AEW Dynamite 18 August 2021

Welcome to the live blog for AEW Dynamite episode of 18 August 2021 including preview, match card, results, live updates, and highlights.

Show – AEW Dynamite
Date – 18 August 2021
Location –  Fertitta Center, Houston, TX, US
Time – 8 PM EST(19 August 2021 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)

The Labours of Jericho: Chapter 5: After besting Shawn Spears, Nick Gage, Juventud Guerreo, and Wardlow, Chris Jericho will face the man himself, MJF, at AEW Dynamite this week. But the added stipulation is that Jericho will not be using Judas Entrance Theme and he also can not use the Judas Effect Finisher. Only if Jericho defeats MJF here, he will able to face MJF in a regular match. It would be pretty anti-climatic if Jericho gets defeated here. But it is also possible that AEW has some other plans in mind to fix the match at All Out 2021.

Darby Allin & Sting vs 2.0(Jeff Parker & Matt Lee): Sting will wrestle on TV after 20 years as he teams up with Darby Allin to face 2.0’s Jeff Parker and Matt Lee in Texas Tornado Tag match. Expect a short and action packed match here.

Sammy Guevara vs Shawn Spears: In another match for the Inner Circle vs Pinnacle rivalry, Shawn Spears will battle Sammy Guevara. There will be an additional announcement in this storyline during this match. What will that special announcement be?

AEW Tag Team Championship Match: The Young Bucks will defend the tag team titles against #1 ranked Jurassic Express – Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. The rivalry has been part of the storyline between The Elites and Christian Cage, while Jungle Boy has also faced Kenny Omega in AEW World title match earlier. Will Jurassic Express bring an end to Young Bucks’ title reign?

Rematch: Ricky Starks would go on face Brian Cage in a rematch from Fyter Fest Night 1 where Starks won the FTW title. The title will not be on the line thought this time.

Additionally, AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker DMD will also be in action.

AEW Dynamite 18 August 2021 Match Card & Results

  • Sting & Darby Allin defeated 2.0(Jeff Parker & Matt Lee) via submission in a Texas Tornado Tag Match.
  • Sammy Guevara defeated Shawn Spears via pinfall in a singles match.
  • The Young Bucks(c) defeated Jurassic Express via pinfall to retain AEW Tag Team Championship Match.
  • Thunder Rosa defeated Penelope Ford iva submission in a singles match.
  • MJF defeated Chris Jericho via submission in The Labour of Jericho Chapter 5.

AEW Dynamite 18 August 2021 Live Updates

First up, we are seeing Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston coming out from the crowd. 2.0 and Daniel Garcia attack them midway. Matt Lee takes the mic and calls out Sting and Darby Allin.

Sting & Darby Allin vs 2.0

The lights go out and Sting comes out. Allin comes from behind and takes out Daniel Garcia. Sting clotheslines 2.0 members. Stereo Stinger Splash on 2.0 from Sting and Allin. The action spills out of the ring. They reach the concourse ring and Garcia return to attack Sting and Allin. Sting is sent into the wall. Garcia, Lee and Parker beat up Allin and brings back Sting into the crowd. Allin takes them out with a dive. Eddie Kingston also get involved and it’s 3 on 3 now. Sting and Allin come to the ringside. Allin brings out a table.

Sting and Allin come to the ringside. Allin brings out a table. 2.0 counters and Allin is suplexed on the ramp on his skateboard. They send Sting through the table with a powerbomb but Sting gets up right away. Darby with a dropkick and Sting with deathdrop. Sting puts on Scorpion deathlock on both Lee and Parker at the same time and gets the submission.

Winner – Sting & Darby Allin

Sammy Guevara vs Shawn Spears

We see that Sammy Guevara proposed to her girlfriend for marriage.

Spears tries to attack Sammy on the ramp but Sammy noticed him. Sammy takes him out with a summersault dive. The bell has not rung. They are still fighting at the ringside. Tully Blanchard helps Spears hit the spiked piledriver before taking the action back to the ring. The bell rings.

Guevara rolls out of the ring again. Spears goes for the spiked piledriver but the referee Audrey boots Tully to the back. Spears starts to beat up Sammy again. Sammy catches Spears with an enziguiri. They starts trading chops to the chest.

Back from the break, Sammy brings out a railing and sets up in between the barricade and the ring. They fight for control and Sammy hits a Diamond cutter from the top turnbuckle. Spears kicks out of a near fall. Spears hits avalanche Death Valley Driver for a near fall.

Sammy with a superkick on the apron and drops Spears on the ralling. Sammy hits 630 senton but Spears kicks out again. Sammy drops his kneepad and hits knee strikes to Spears. Sammy hits GTS to get the pin.

Winner- Sammy Guevara

Don Callis interrupts Christian Cage’s interview and recalls how he gave him a break 25 years ago. He tries to undermine Christian’s win with the steel chair. Christian replies that he is Kenny’s head after winning the IMPACT title. He calls Callis a piece of sh*t and goes away.

We see Dante Martin’s exploits from recent weeks.

American Top Team Member Dan Lambart is in the ring. Lambart rants against AEW and accuses them of killing free speech and starting cancel culture. He recalls how Lance Archer attacked him last week. But this time, he has a backup. Junior Dos Santos and Andre Arlowski are there in the ring. Lambart calls out anyone from AEW to take on them. Lambart mocks the fans and AEW some more until Lance Archer comes out. But before he could take on them, Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page attack him.

Backstage, Chris Jericho says for the past four weeks he’s endured the Labours of Jericho and talks about all the punishment he took along the way. Tonight, he gets the ultimate prize against MJF. Jericho says he has the momentum and the upper hand over MJF. He says fans will sing him to the ring, as well! “Jericho up! And my jerkoff friend (MJF) down!”

The Young Bucks vs Jurassic Express – AEW Tag Team Championship Match

Back and forth action to start with. Nick mistakes Luchasaurus as Matt and eats a big punch. The Dino hits clotheslines to both brothers and a body slam to Matt. Jungle Boy fights back against the nefarious means of Young Bucks. Matt hits dropkicks to Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy as we cut to a break.

Jungle Boy makes a tag just as we return from the break. Luchasaurus runs over the Young Bucks after coming in hot. Jungle Boy hits a brainbuster to Matt from the top of Luchasaurus’s shoulders. Luchasaurus avoids the superkick party and hits chokeslams to both brothers. Jungle takes out Nick but Matt kicks out of a near fall.

The Young Bucks comes back with superkick party to both opponents. They hit assisted Indi-taker piledriver but Jungle Boy kicks out. Marko Stunt comes out and Kenny Omega smacks him with a chair. Omega gives the chair to Matt in the ring. Christian attacks Omega. Jungle Boy hits Matt with a brainbuster on the chair but Nick breaks the tag.

Jurassic Express fight off several members of the Elites. Luchasaurus takes out Nakazawa and Cutler with a moonsault. The Young Bucks hits BTE-trigger on Jungle Boy to get the pin.

Winners – The Young Bucks(retains AEW Tag Titles)

Gallows brings out Christian Cage on his shoulders. Kenny Omega is also with them. The Elites beat up Christian and Jurassic Express.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD is interviewed backstage with Rebel and Jamie Hayter. Baker knew she needed backup when Velvet was bring Kris Statlander. Hayter says she and Britt go way back and it was a pleasure to beat up those little girls. Next week, she wants a match against Red Velvet.

Paul Wight is out to the ring with Tony Schiavone. Wight says it was amazing to get back in the ring last week and he is excited because he has got a real huge announcement. Enter QT Marshall and the Nightmare Factory members come out. QT warns Paul not to say something he can’t deliver on. QT says he is privy of some inside information and put up the pictures of Paul’s hip operations from the last eighteen months.

Wight asks if he really thought it was a good idea to show pictures of his hip on national TV. He is proud of all this and is not embarassed at all. Paul had talk with Tony Khan last week, and he’s got a match at All Out against QT Marshall.

Jade Cargill calls out Kiera Hogan for a match on Rampage this week.

The Elites are backstage with Tony Schiavone. Callis talks about how the Bucks the best team ever and tells them to take two months off. Schiavone informs him that Tony Khan has had enough and Bucks will defend the title at AEW All Out inside a steel cage match. They will face a winner of tag team tournament to crown #1 contenders.

Taz is in the ring with his son Hook. He brings out Ricky Starks a big intro. Starks gets on the mic and says he and Brian Cage keep missing each other but he wants to talk mano-a-mano. But we cut backstage where Will Hobbs has laid out Cage. Cage gets to his feet and starts fighting back against Nobbs. Ricky gets the feed cut off and runs to the bac. Team Taz also runs to the back.

Tony Schiavone interviews Death Triangle backstage. PAC calls Andrade El Idolo out and reminds him how he obliterated Kenny Omega on two weeks notice at the same event two years back. He asks what chance does a man like him stand against a Bastard like him. Andrade and Chavo Guerrero enter. Andrade says if PAC wants the match he has to agree to his conditions. Chavo hands him a big fat contract. Chavo tells Lucha Brothers that they will never be champions with a boss like PAC.

Thunder Rosa vs Penelope Ford

Ford piefaces Rosa to start. Rosa comes back with a dropkick. Rosa with chops and uppercuts in the corner. Another dropkick sends Penelope to the floor. Ford comes back with an Ace Crusher and we cut to commercials.

Rosa with a clothesline in the corner and a missile dropkick as we return. Ford counters fire thunder driver with a rollup. Rosa comes back with a Death Valley Driver for a two-count. Ford hits a backbreaker. Ford puts on the deathlock. Rosa turns it around with a choke to get the win.

Winner – Thunder Rosa

We get a recap of Malakai Black taking out Arn Anderson and defeating Cody Rhodes in AEW. Tony Schiavone interviews Arn Anderson and his son Brock backstage. Arn says things happen fast in AEW and things crash around you in turmoil. He informs that Brock will face Malakai Black next week. Brock says the match is signed and he is not asking his dad about it, he is telling him this time.

Miro gets a promo video. Miro talks about beating Fuego del Sol. Miro says if someone does not come for him, he will come for them all. He wants to talk to Eddie Kingston next.

Matches announced for Rampage The First Dance and next week’s AEW Dynamite.

Jon Moxley will face Daniel Garcia at AEW Rampage this Friday. Moxley cuts a promo where he says he has been thinking about how everybody wants a piece of AEW now that they’re the hottest promotion in the world. He warns them it is not easy and take an example of how Kenny Omega needs a whole army to keep his title. Adam Page calls himself a cowboy but he can’t get over the drama. And he can walk through Christian any day.

Moxley reminds us how he held this company on his back through pandemic. He warns Daniel Garcia and says he should ask himself if he you really wants this. Moxley warns that to protect himself from him because no one will be able to help him.

Chris Jericho vs MJF

MJF enters for the match first. The crowd sings Judas for Jericho as he comes out without the music.

They circle and Jericho forces MJF to go to the floor. Jericho hits a springboard dropkick to keep him out. Some brawling on the floor. Max gets the camera and shows us the middle finger. Jericho decks him and points at him with the middle finger. Back to the ring, Jericho misses a shoulder block in the corner. MJF is working on the shoulder as we cut to a break.

MJF is working on left shoulder and arm throughout the break. Jericho comes back with a clothesline. Chops and shoulder tackles from Jericho now and then double ax handle from the top. MJF comes back with a judo throw. MJF is working on left arm again. Jericho hits Lionsault for a two-count. Jericho in control as he continues to attack MJF in the corner.

Jericho hits Hurricanrana from the top rope. MJF turns the pin attempt into Fujiwara armbar. Jericho rolls through after 30 seconds or so and tries to lock in Boston Crab. MJF grabs his ankle to stop the move. MJF hits heat sinker piledriver.

Jericho gets the sleeper hold. MJF gets the low blow and puts on the Boston Crab. Jericho crawls to the ropes. MJF gets the knuckles but the referee takes them away. Meanwhile, Jericho gets a baseball bat and hits MJF in the midsection. Jericho goes for the Judas effect but remembers midway that he can’t use it.

MJF hits the Judas effect and puts on the armbar. Jericho rolls over for a pin but MJF turns it back again into Fujiwara armbar and Jericho submits.

Winner – MJF

The show goes off the air as MJF celebrates.

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