AEW All In 2023 Results, Live Updates, Winners- MJF vs Cole

AEW All In 2023
AEW All In 2023 PPV event, Credits- AEW

Claimed as the biggest Wrestling event ever, AEW All In 2023 PPV was aired from Wembley Stadium in London, UK, and we were here with live results blog from the show.

MJF and Adam Cole were in the main event of the show in a match for AEW World Championship. But, they were also set to open the pre-show as they teamed up to challenge Aussie Open for ROH Tag Team titles. CM Punk defended his “Real” World Championship against Samoa Joe to open the main card. Women’s Championship was on the line in a fatal 4-way match as Hikaru Shida defended against Britt Baker, and UK’s Saraya, and Toni Storm.

FTR and The Young Bucks were in a trilogy bout over AEW Tag Team titles. House of Black defended AEW Trios titles against Billy Gunn & The Acclaimed. The Golden Elite’s Kenny Omega, Hangman Adam Page & Kota Ibushi faced Jay White, Juice Robinson & Konosuke Takeshita. FTW title was on the line on the pre-show where Jack Perry defended against Hook.

The series of exciting matches also featured Chris Jericho taking on Will Ospreay. A tag team coffin matchi saw Sting and Darby Allin facing Swerve Strickland and Christian Cage. Stadium Stampede match returned with Blackpool Combat Club, Santana & Ortiz facing Orange Cassidy, Eddie Kingston, Penta El Zero Meido, & Best Friends.

Tune in below as we post results live from AEW All In 2023 event with live updates, winners, highlights and complete action.


  • MJF & Adam Cole defeated Aussie Open(Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis)(c) in a tag team match via pinfall to win ROH Tag Team Championship(Pre-show).
  • Hook defeated Jack Perry(c) in an FTW Rules match via submission to win FTW Championship(Pre-Show).
  • CM Punk(c) defeated Samoa Joe in a singles match via pinfall to retain Real World Championship.
  • Jay White, Juice Robinson & Konosuke Takeshita defeated The Elite(Kenny Omega, Hangman Adam Page & Kota Ibushi) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood)(c) defeated The Young Bucks(Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy) in a tag team match via pinfall to retain AEW Tag Team Championship.
  • Eddie Kingston, Orange Cassidy, Penta El Zero Meido, Chuck Taylor & Trent Baretta defeated Blackpool Combat Club(Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta), Santana & Ortiz in a Stadium Stampede Match via pinfall.
  • Saraya defeated Hikaru Shida(c), Toni Storm & Britt Baker in a Fatal 4-Way Match via pinfall to win AEW Women’s Championship
  • Sting & Darby Allin defeated Swerve Strickland & Christian Cage in a Coffin Match.
  • Will Ospreay defeated Chris Jericho in a singles match via pinfall.
  • “Badass” Billy Gunn & The Acclaimed(Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) defeated House of Black(Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Mathews)(c) in a No Holds Barred Match to win AEW Trios Championship.
  • MJF(c) defeated Adam Cole in a singles match via pinfall to retain AEW World Championship.


The pre-show has started at 11 AM ET itself. At the end of hour 1, Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh, Karen Jarrett and Sonjay Dutt in the ring. Jarrett trash talks against Tony Schiavone before trying to rile up the crowd with some crude comments. Paul Wight comes out with Anthony Ogogo and Grado. They attack Jarrett and party. Ogogo nails a punch on Jarrett before Grado smashes Jarrett’s guitar in his face.

Aussie Open(Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis)(c) vs MJF & Adam Cole – ROH Tag Team Championship

Aussie Open come out first. Huge cheers as MJF and Adam Cole come out. Aussie Open attack them before they can complete their pose in the ring. They pick up MJF and Cole and slam them into each other with a running start. Davis starts against MJF and gets a two-count right away. Davis puts on a choke. MJF hits punches to midsection. He takes Davis’ face before knocking off Fletcher. He gets past Davis but Fletcher pulls away Cole from the apron. Fletcher tags in and MJF hits a back body drop. MJF looks for a Kangaroo kick but Davis hits a blow at his back.

MJF hits a low blow on Fletcher. Davis comes in but MJF hits him with drop toe hold to send him into Fletcher’s groin. MJF finally gets past Davis to tag in Cole. Cole hits a big boot to send Davis to the floor. He hits clotheslines & a pump kick on Fletcher. Fletcher ducks the Boom but Cole hits a backstabber to get a two-count.

Fletcher blocks Panama Sunrise but Cole nails a superkick. MJF comes in for double clothesline but Davis pulls Fletcher out. Cole and the crowd ask MJF to hit a suicide dive. MJF thinks about it and takes a running start but Aussie Open pull Cole out. MJF is hit with kicks on the ropes. Aussie Open hit a couple of double team moves but MJF kicks out. MJF ducks Aussie Open’s tandem clothesline. MJF hits them Kangaroo kick and sends the crowd into a frenzy. Cole & MJF hit Double Clothesline on Kyle Fletcher to win the match.

Winners- Adam Cole & MJF

Mercedes Mone is in the crowd for the show.

Britt Baker is interviewed backstage. She is pumped up and says she was the wrestler of the year 2022, but she got complacent thinking that someone else might rise up. But, she is back to get the title, and will win it tonight.

Jim Ross joins the commentary team for the second match of the night.

Jack Perry(c) vs Hook – FTW Championship

Hook enters first. Jack Perry comes out in a limousine. He stands on top of the car to show off the title. Hook walks down the ramp to start the fight. Hook slams Perry’s face into the car before whipping him into the open door. They get on top of the car where Perry hits a suplex. He hits a rolling senton on top of the hood and gets a two-count. Hook hits fisherman’s buster to crack the windshield. He also gets a two-count. Perry is lascarated on his arm.

Perry drives Hook into the ring post as they get to ringside. He hits a draping DDT from the barricade. Trash can is thrown into the ring. Perry teases a coast-to-coast but pulls out to mock the crowd. Perry hits a bridging German suplex to get a two-count. He hits another bridging German to get another two-count. Perry hits a third German suplex before a thrust kick. Hook also hits two bridging German suplexes to get a two-count before a T-Bone exploder suplex to get a near fall.

Perry hits Tiger Driver to get a two-count. Perry slams the trash can on Hook’s face next. He goes for a moonsault with trash can but Hook avoids it and turns him inside out with a lariat. Hook slams the trash can on Perry’s face before putting him in ReDrum to get a tap out.

Winner- Hook

The main show goes live from Wembley at 1 PM ET.

CM Punk(c) vs Samoa Joe – Real World Championship

Joe pushes Punk to the corner after the lock up. Punk ducks a chop in the corner. A bit of back and forth in the ring before Joe takes the action to the floor. Joe hits some chops against the barricade. Punk runs back to the ring when Joe tries a running tackle. Joe nails him with signature jabs to take control. He hits some chops to follow. Punk hits a big boot from the corner. Joe walks away but Punk stops his move and hits a DDT. Joe then walks away when Punk goes for a crossbody on the floor.

Joe drives Punk into the barricade a couple of times. Punk pushes him into the ring post. Punk goes for the diving hurricanrana but Joe sends him into the announce table. Punk is split open on the head. Joe keeps up with the attack as the return to the ring. Punk tries to make a comeback but Joe shuts him down quickly. Punk fires punches. He runs in from the ropes but Joe hits a big boot and an inverted atomic drop. Joe hit a senton next. Punk avoids the Muscle Buster and hits a roundhouse kick to his face. Both men are down.

Punk hits multiple shoulder tackles to emulate John Cena but hits a leg drop instead of 5-knuckle shuffle. Joe kicks out at 1 and is extremely angry at the mocking. Joe fires with quick jabs. Punk goes for clothesline but Joe hits a powerslam. Joe goes for juju-gatame but Punk gets to the ropes. Joe counters a rising knee with a powerbomb. He transitions into a single leg crab and then to a crossface. Punk counters and then drops Joe with a roundhouse kick. Punk puts on spinning toe hold to give a tribute to Terry Funk. Joe gets him in a cradle for a two-count. Joe hits an Urinage to counter rising knee strike.

Punk slips out of Muscle Buster. Joe hits a big shot. They get to the top rope. Punk bites Joe’s head and hits Pepsi Plunge to get the pinfall.

Winner- CM Punk

The Elite(Kenny Omega, Hangman Adam Page & Kota Ibushi) vs Jay White, Juice Robinson & Konosuke Takeshita

All 6 men face off before the referee settle things. Hangman and Juice start the match. Hangman hits a shoulder tackle after switching headlocks. He hits a pump boot before tagging in Omega to hit a double ax handle. Omega and Hangman ping pong Juice with chops. Ibushi tags in but Juice slips to tag to White. White hits a chest slap and ducks a roundhouse kick. White shoves Ibushi to the mat. Ibushi kips up quickly and tells White to bring it on. White hits multiple strikes but Ibushi hits a side kick to drop White. Another kick sends White to the corner.

Ibushi and Omega double team to confuse White and hit him with fameasser. Takeshita comes in without tag and uses a low bridge to send Ibushi to the floor. Omega hits him with hurricanrana. Omega hits suicide dive on White and Takeshita on the floor. White is taken back to the ring. Omega lands awkwardly after White ducks a crossbody. White and Juice stomp on Omega. Takeshita comes in for more punches. Ibushi has to hit Takeshita with a kick to stop it. Ibushi and Takeshita trade forearms. White and Juice also join to gang up on Ibushi. They batter Page also when he comes in.

Omega fires chops but Takeshita rocks him with a big chop before jumping clothesline to take him down. White gets Omega to the mat with a side headlock. Omega gets to the ropes. He hits a chop but White gets him down with a dragon screw leg. Juice works on Omega’s knee with elbow drops before a suplex to send his leg into the ropes. They trade jabs before Juice rakes Omega’s face. Juice hits a senton to get a two-count. Omega hits a suplex but Juice prevents the tag. Omega hits back elbows to the men on the apron and gets to his corner but The Gunns pull out Page and Ibushi. They fight back and Page tags in.

Page hits clotheslines and lariats before a fallaway slam on White. He continues with burst of energy with suicide dives. Hangman hits a clothesline from the top rope to get a two-count. Ibushi gets a blind tag and hits some quick kicks to drops White. Ibushi hits a moonsault press to get a two-count. Ibushi hits a moonsault on White on the floor while Omega does the same to Juice and Takeshita on the other side. White is sent to a corner for Page, Ibushi and Omega to hit moves in the corner. Ibushi hits a bridging German suplex to get a near fall. Ibushi blocks Blade Runner and hits a rising knee. White hits back with Urinage. Tags to Omega and Takeshita.

They trade strikes before Omega hits rising knee. Omega hits dragon suplexes on Juice and White. Takeshita hits blue thunderbomb to get a near fall. Omega blocks powerdrive knee, hits a rising knee and an inverted hurricanrana. Juice comes in but Omega also brings in Page. Omega hits a rolling senton on Juice before Page hits a splash. Page hits a superplex on Takeshita to get a near fall. The Gunns come to the apron to fight Page. Page decks them and hits Orihara moonsault on them. White stops buckshot lariat and hits a dragon suplex.

Juice hits a leg lariat on Ibushi but Omega runs him over. Takeshita fights off Omega and Ibushi and counters Ibushi’s Kamigoye into a rising knee strike. Page hits Takeshita with a buckshot lariat from behind. Omega tags in and Page is sent to the floor by White. Omega hits a series of V-Triggers on White and Juice. Takeshita rolls up Omega and gets the pinfall using the trunks.

Winners – Jay White, Juice Robinson & Konosuke Takeshita

FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood)(c) vs The Young Bucks(Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy) – AEW Tag Team Championship

Dax starts with Nick with some quick chain wrestling. Cash tags in and puts on a side headlock. Cash hits a shoulder tackle before Nick hits a hip toss and a body slam. Matt comes in and Cash hits him with a spinebuster. Cash drops Dax on Matt with a leg drop. Nick saves Matt from a double back body drop. It turns into a hockey fight. Lariats drop everyone in the middle. Hockey fight resumes before The Bucks hits stereo dropkicks and clotheslines to send FTR to the floor. Matt hits a dive before Nick hits a corkscrew dive on FTR on the floor.

The Young Bucks corner Cash. Nick hits a senton for a close two-count. Matt hits a Russian Leg Sweep and an elbow drop. Nick hits a superkick. Cash tries to fight out of the corner tag out, but Nick tags in. Cash sends Nick to the floor and hits a side slam on Matt. Nick tries to engage Dax to stop the tag, but Dax knocks him off the ropes. Matt hits a superkick on Dax to stop the tag. Cash hits back body drop on Matt and sends Nick into Matt’s gamengiri. Cash hits an uppercut to drop Matt. Cash finally tags in Dax.

Dax hits quick jabs and suplexes on both men. He hits a clothesline on Nick before a trio of German suplexes on Matt. Matt hits locomotion Northern Lights suplexes. Dax reverses for another German suplex. Matt also hits another Northern Lights suplex. Dax gets him in inside cradle to get a two-count. Dax hits a crossbody. Matt lands on his feet on a German suplex and hits bridging Northern lights to get a two-count. Superkick and powerbomb blocked. Dax hits a slingshot powerbomb on Nick. Matt breaks the pin. Dax puts on sharpshooter on Matt. Cash blocks Nick from breaking it by putting on sharpshooter himself. Nick kicks Cash away and breaks the submission on Matt with a leg drop before a moonsault on Cash on the floor.

Matt and Nick go stereo superplex but Dax gets his knees up on the follow up splash. FTR hits spiked piledriver on Nick for a near fall. Matt recovers and stop the Shatter Machine on Nick. Dax gets Nick in jacknife for a near fall. Cash is knocked off the apron. The Bucks hits a series of superkicks on Dax before spiked piledriver to get a near fall. The Bucks look for another spiked piledriver on Dax but Cash blocks them. Nick kicks him to the floor and hits a superkick on Dax before a suicide dive on Cash on the floor. Nick gets a near fall with jacknife. Dax ducks BTE Trigger. Nick is sent to the floor.

FTR hits BTE Trigger and Shatter Machine but Matt kicks out. Dax hits a superkick on Matt. Nick comes in and takes Dax to the floor. Matt gets his knees up on Cash’s 450 splash and rolls up Cash for a near fall. A BTE Trigger on Cash but Dax breaks the pin. Dax is sent to the floor after a Shatter Machine. Another BTE Trigger on Cash but he kicks out again. FTR counter Meltzer Driver with Shatter Machine on Matt to get the pinfall.

Winners – FTR

Eddie Kingston, Orange Cassidy, Penta El Zero Meido, Chuck Taylor & Trent Baretta vs Blackpool Combat Club(Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta), Santana & Ortiz – Stadium Stampede Match

Blackpool Combat Club enter through the crowd first. Cassidy and Best Friends come out to the stage. Eddie Kingston runs out and attacks immediately. The match breaks up all over ringside. Eddie takes Claudio into the crowd. Cassidy is dropped on a trash can. Ortiz hits a dive on Best Friends. Penta slams Santana & Ortiz with chair shots to save Trent. He blocks their moves before dropping them with slingblades. Wheeler, Taylor, Eddie and Claudio have reached the concourse area. Penta is hit with a superkick by Santana. Penta hits back with knee strike. Moxley hits Penta with a cutter and Paradigm shift. Moxley brings out skewers from a bag. Penta slams Moxley with a chair and digs skewers in Mox head. Penta hits Made in Japan on Moxley but he kicks out.

Santana drops Penta on a chair. Eddie and Claudio have reached a royal box while fighting. Santana has dropped Penta with a piledriver on a chair. Cassidy rolls up Mox to get a two-count. Cassidy hits lazy kics on Moxley until Mox brings out a fork and slams it on the back of his head. Mox rakes the fork on his head viciously. Trent gets into the ring but Mox runs him over with a clothesline. Ortiz slams a wired stick with Trent’s back. Taylor slams Yuta with an umbrella as they reach near Eddie and Claudio. Taylor hits Claudio with an umbrella. Eddie suplexes Claudio on a bar counter top in the concourse area. Yuta slams a bottle on Eddie’s head.

Moxley trips Trent on a ladder in the ring. Santana & Ortiz hit a powerbomb on Trent on a ladder. Moxley drops Trent on a barbed wired board with a suplex. Ortiz hits a splash to get a near fall. Mox and Santana beat up Cassidy on the floor. Mox hits a piledriver on Trent on steel steps. Ortiz rakes Cassidy’s face with a fork again. Claudio takes Trent to the stage where Yuta and Taylor are already there. Su(Trent’s mom) has entered with her van. Moxley kisses her, prompting Trent to hit him from behind. Taylor and Trent slams BCC with steel plates. Penta returns as Penta Oscuro and sets up Santana on the table and hits a senton to put him through it. Cassidy and Best Friends hug Yuta in the ring. Ortiz, Claudio and Mox attack them for some hockey fight.

Yuta hits a suplex on Taylor for a near fall. Yuta avoids a screwdriver and hits a sole foot but Claudio breaks the pin. Cassidy goes for Orange Punch on Claudio who puts Cassidy in the swing. Cassidy hits a trio of Orange Punch but Claudio kicks out of the pinfall. Cassidy wraps his hands with shattered glasses but Mox cuts off his Orange Punch. Cassidy drops him on the shattered glasses with a DDT. Eddie Kingston comes out with barbed wire chair to slam Cassidy with it. Moxley stops him. Eddie hits spinning hammer fists on Moxley and Claudio several times. He tackles Moxley into a table. Cassidy hits Orange Punch with his hands wrapped in glasses on Claudop to get the pinfall.

Winners – Eddie Kingston, Orange Cassidy, Penta El Zero Meido, Chuck Taylor & Trent Baretta

Hikaru Shida(c) vs Toni Storm vs Saraya vs Britt Baker – Fatal 4-Way Match for AEW Women’s Championship

Saraya comes out with her family. Toni Storm comes out next. Toni and Saraya hug in the ring. Britt Baker and Shida follow up quickly. Toni fights Baker while Shida fights Saraya. Toni gets rid of Baker and helps Saraya to take down Shida. They hits a double team neckbreaker on Baker. Baker fights back quickly. Saraya hits a rising knee in the corner before a hip attack from Toni. Both Toni and Saraya go for the pinfall which starts an argument. Shida hits them from behind. She sends them both to the corner and hits a rising knee on Saraya. She hits a suplex on Saraya to send her into Toni.

Shida unloads with punches in the corner. Saraya comes back and drops Shida with a powerbomb on the apron. Baker hits Toni with a slingblade. Saraya tackles Baker and sends her to the floor. Saraya’s mom holds Baker as Toni gets ready for a big shot. But, Baker ducks the shot which catches Saraya’s mom. Saraya sends Baker into the barricade and Shida into a camera. Saraya decks Toni in the ring. Toni fights back against Saraya and sets her up against an exposed turnbuckle. Ruby Soho comes out to talk but Toni ends up hitting her also. Shida hits a missile dropkick on Saraya. Baker hits a neckbreaker on Shida. Toni counters Baker but ends up falling on Saraya to get a two-count.

Saraya puts Toni in a submission. Baker hits Toni with a curbstomp and throws Saraya to the floor. Toni kicks out of the pin. Shida hits a kick on Baker. She hits a senton on Baker to get a near fall. Shida hits Katana on Saraya but Baker gets her in a crucifix. Shida dooes not let her put on the lockjaw. Toni comes in with the title belt but Saraya sprays paint in her face. Saraya hits nighcap on Toni to get the pinfall.

Winner – Saraya

Sting & Darby Allin vs Swerve Strickland & Christian Cage – Coffin Match

Darby and Swerve are thrown out to the floor. Christian and Sting stare down. Sting blocks JML driver from Swerve from behind. Darby comes in and kicks Christian to the floor. Sting hits a clothesline on Swerve. Sting hits Prince Nana and Swerve with a black cricket bat. Darby brings in spiked jackets for him and Sting. They hit corner splashes with the jackets on Swerve and Nana. Christian trips Darby on the ropes. Swerve takes on Sting’s knee. Swerve takes Sting to the floor and drives cricket bat into his throat. Christian tapes Darby’s hands behind his back but Darby fights back with to hit a springboard Coffin drop, a dropkick and a suicide dive on Christian.

Christian closes the lid of Coffin when Sting tries to drive him into it. Christian fights him with chair shots. Sting is driven into the steel steps. Christian slams chair shots on Darby in the ring. Darby avoids con-chair-to and fights back. He hits a stunner on Christian. He hits a stunner on Swerve on the apron. Sting hits a stinger splash on Swerve on the coffin table. Sting hits a splash to put Swerve through the table. Darby hits a shotgun dropkick on Christian on a chair. Sting and Darby go to put Christian into the coffin but Christian puts his boot in the door to block it. Luchasaurus attacks Sting and Darby to save Christian.

Nick Wayne hits Luchasaurus with a skateboard. Luchasaurus hits Nick with a headbutt. Luchasaurus drops Nick with a chokeslam on the skateboard. Luchasaurus picks up Wayne and takes him back. Sting slams Swerve and Christian’s head into the coffin. Darby and Sting set up Swerve on top of the coffin but Swerve gets away from a Coffin drop from Darby. Darby crashes on the coffin. Sting fights both men in the ring and hits corner clotheslines and back splashes. He puts Christian in a Scorpion Deathlock. Swerve slams Sting with a chair shot. Sting gets pissed off more and punches Swerve through the chair. Christian hits Sting with a low blow with a bat. Swerve hits a double stomp off the top rope on Sting.

They bring the coffin into the ring. Christian throws Darby into the barricade. Swerve puts Sting in the coffin. He also throws in the bat. He goes to close the coffin but Sting uses the bat to stop getting it locked up. Swerve hits House Call on Sting against the coffin. Christian trash talk with Darby on the floor, showing off TNT title. Sting gets away from a 450 splash on top of the coffin from Swerve. Darby runs over Christian with the TNT title. Sting hits Stinger Deathdrop on Swerve. He puts Swerve inside the Coffin. Swerve gets his hands into the door. Sting puts him on the door and Darby hits a Coffin drop on it. Swerve is shut in the coffin.

Winners – Sting & Darby Allin

Will Ospreay vs Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho performs with Fozzy in his entrance. Jericho decks Ospreay after the lock up. Ospreay hits a dropkick to send Jericho to the floor. He hits a sky twister press on the floor. Ospreay hits a springboard forearm for a near fall. They trade shots before knocking down each other with big boots at the same time. They trade more forearm shots. Ospreay hits a big shot to knock Jericho down. Jericho sends Ospreay to the apron and knocks him off with a springboard kick. Jericho hits a baseball dropkick next.

Jericho hits chops on the floor. Ospreay hits back with a shot. Ospreay gets to the top rope. Jericho pulls him to the apron and hits a German suplex there. Jericho hits a delayed vertical suplex before choking him on the ropes. Jericho hits a running knee against the ropes. Jericho hits forarms. Ospreay hits back with a corkscrew kick. He hits a manhattan drop, a side kick and a standing shooting star press to get a two-count. Ospreay hits Kawada kick, a chop and a boot to the jaw before Jericho hits a chop. Jericho hits quick punches on the top rope before hitting a hurricanrana from the top rope.

Ospreay counters the Lionsault with a double knee. Ospreay drops Jericho on the ropes and hits a shooting star press on the ropes. Jericho ducks Oscutter and counters a springboard move with a codebreaker. Jericho hits another codebreaker to get a two-count. Ospreay blocks Judas Effect, hits a kick and Oscutter to get a near fall. Ospreay looks for stormbreaker but Jericho reverses it with a sunset flip. Ospreay reverses it with another sunset flip. Jericho reverses it into the Liontamer. Don Callis distracts the referee. Ospreay gets near the ropes where Sammy Guevara hits him with a bat. Ospreay is out.

The referee checks on him when he comes back to life. Ospreay turns over and punches Jericho to break free. Ospreay hits a standing Spanish fly. Jericho hits another codebreaker and an Oscutter. They trade punches now. Ospreay hits a superkick. Jericho blocks a powerbomb and hits a low blow from referee’s blindside. Jericho hits Judas Effect but Ospreay kicks out of the pinfall. Jericho goes for the liontamer but Ospreay turns it into a pinning predicament. Quick back and forth, before Ospreay hits Hidden Blade. Ospreay hits Strombreaker but Jericho kicks out. Ospreay hits Hidden Blade and Stormbreaker one more time to get the pinfall.

Winner – Will Ospreay

After the match, Sammy Guevara tries to get the crowd going for Chris Jericho. Jericho pushes him away and leaves alone.

81,035 paid attendance is announced.

House of Black(Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Mathews)(c) vs “Badass” Billy Gunn & The Acclaimed(Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) – AEW Trios Championship

The challengers have chosen the stipulation to be – No Holds Barred. Brawling leads to action spilling out on the floor. Bowens fights off Murphy on the apron and hits a dive on Black on the floor. Buddy hits a suicide dive on everyone. Gunn gets into the ring. Black and Buddy gets to the apron while Brody comes in from behind. The Acclaimed pull out Black and Buddy. Gunn decks Brody to the floor. Julia Hart stops Gunn’s suicide dive. Gunn pulls her in and Bowens hits her with Scissor Me Timbers. Brody King clotheslines Gunn and Caster. HOB triple team against Caster to get him down.

Brody goes for a running crossbody on Gunn on the floor but Gunn dodges it, sending Brody crashing into the chair and the barricade. Gunn slams a chair on Brody. The Acclaimed are sent to the floor by Black and Buddy. Gunn drops them with a double clothesline before sending them in opposite corners for splashes. Buddy is thrown to the floor. Black dodges fameasser and Gunn dodges the spinning back heel kick. Gunn drops him with a powerbomb. Everyone starts hitting one big move. Bowens ends the sequence with unloading on Black. Buddy sends Bowens into a leg sweep from Black. Brody hits a splash on Bowens in the corner. They hit a three headed hydra in the corner. Caster breaks the pin.

The Acclaimed are cleared from the ring once again. Brody goes to hit Gunn with a skull but he ducks and Brody knocks Black with it. The Acclaimed come in and Billy Gunn hits fameasser to all three members of HOB. But Julia pulls the referee out of the ring. Black hits the End on Gunn but he kicks out of the pin this time. Black and Buddy are thrown out now. The Arrival and Mic drop on are hit on Brody who kicks out at one. Caster hits Brody with quick kicks. Gunn hits Brody with fameasser. Another sequence of The Arrival and Mic drop on Brody for the pinfall.

Winner – Billy Gunn & The Acclaimed

MJF(c) vs Adam Cole – AEW World Championship

Cole walks out with the newly won ROH Tag Team Championship. MJF comes out as the Devil and is being carried on a platform. They wear Better Than You Bay Bay shirts before staring the action. Quick back and forth action starts the match. They have to come a stalemate. MJF offers a handshake and does not do any cheap trick. He puts on a side headlock and throws Cole to the ropes. Cole goes to trip him, but MJF struts over him. Cole returns the favor with his own pose. MJF asks for another handshake but rakes Cole’s eyes this time.

Cole is angry now and hits him with paint brush before some quick kicks. Cole hits an enzuigiri and a back body drop. Cole gets the referee in front of him to avoid a counter from MJF. Cole pulls MJF into the turnbuckle and kicks at him in the corner. Cole pulls him by his hair. MJF returns the favor when Cole is busy in posing. Cole rolls to the floor. MJF teases a suicide dive but Cole gets in to hit a superkick. Cole pulls out MJF’s shirt and throws it away.

MJF starts to hulk up but Cole rakes his face. MJF blocks a superkick and hits a lariat, a back elbow and a scoop slam. MJF slams Cole’s face into the turnbuckle a few times before countdown punches from the second rope. MJF bites Cole before whipping Cole hard into the opposite turnbuckle. The fans asks for a suicide dive and MJF obliges. MJF himself can not believe that he has hit it. Back to the ring, MJF hits a stomp on the arm. They trade quick pinfall attempts. Cole gets a two-count with jacknife cover. Cole goes for double knees but MJF turns it into a powerbomb to get a near fall. MJF gets to the top rope. Cole hits him with a superkick and a heatsinker but MJF gets his leg on the ropes.

Cole throws MJF into the steel steps, crashing his shoulder. Cole hits a sheerdrop brainbuster on the steel steps. The referee sends Cole back into the ring and starts a countdown. MJF is down until 9, but suddenly wakes up and jumps back into the ring. Cole looks for Panama Sunrise but MJF rolls to the floor again. MJF pulls out Cole’s leg when he get to the apron. MJF clears the announce table and looks for a piledriver, but pulls out as he could not bring himself to do it. Cole slams his face into the table. Cole hits a piledriver on MJF on the announce table. “A##hole” chants for Cole from the crowd. Cole covers MJF in the ring, but he kicks out of the pin.

They trade punches next. MJF rakes the eyes again. Cole hits a pump kick. MJF hits a rolling elbow. Cole hits a Canadian Destroyer and MJF follows up with a kick to the face. Both men are down. The referee starts a countdown. They signal for double clothesline, duck each other once and hit clothesline on each other on the second attempt. They are pinning each other and the referee counts. The referee announces it as a draw.

Cole asks for five more minutes again. MJF replies that 5 minutes will not be enough, and they will fight until there is a winner. MJF rolls up Cole and holds onto the trunks. Cole kicks out and gets a two-count himself. MJF drives Cole into the referee to knock him out. MJF brings a steel chair and they play hot potato with it to convince the referee over who is using it. MJF finally puts the chair on his head. The referee wakes up and Cole tries to convince him of not doing anything illegal. MJF rolls him up for a two-count. MJF hits a thrust kick and heatsinker for a near fall. MJF takes Cole to the apron where Cole hits a straight jacket suplex. Cole then hits Panama Sunrise on the floor. Cole brings MJF to the ring, but he kicks out.

Cole goes for another Panama Sunrise but MJF sends the referee into it. Cole ends up hitting the referee with the Panama Sunrise. MJF pulls out Dynamite Diamond Ring. The crowd screams “no” to MJF. MJF puts the ring back after getting emotional. Roderick Strong comes in and hits MJF with a low blow. Cole also hits Panama Sunrise and The Boom. The referee wakes up after a few seconds and starts to count very slowly due to his condition. MJF kicks out at the last moment. Strong throws the title belt into the ring to hit MJF with it. Cole throws his shirt out and picks up the title. He thinks about it, but then throws the title out of the ring. Strong goes back in anger. Cole goes to pick MJF, who was playing possum and rolls up Cole into a cradle to get the pinfall.

Winner – MJF

After the match, Cole is distraught. MJF tries to cheer him saying that the fans still love him. MJF brings in ROH Tag Team titles, but Cole throws them away. MJF is upset and says Cole’s friendship was fake, and it was all for AEW World title. He hands Cole the title and tells him to hit him. Strong also gets to the apron and screams at Cole to hit MJF. Cole throws the title down and hugs MJF. MJF and Cole pose for the crowd. Strong watches this from the ramp with Mike Bennett and Matt Taven.

As the show was going off the air, the commentary team announces AEW All In 2024 for August 25 at the same venue.

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