Conor McGregor Replies to Khabib’s Jibe of Taking Over MMA


It seems like the rivalry between two of the greatest UFC superstars Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor gets reignited again. 

Conor McGregor has asked Khabib to get inside the cage again for a rematch after Khabib took shots at Conor’s famous line “I am here to take over.”

After a successful and undefeated career inside the cage, Khabib has transitioned into a great coach. His team members are thriving as Islam Makhachev recently won the UFC lightweight title whereas Khabib’s cousin Usman Nurmagomedov holds the Bellator lightweight title. 

As a result, Khabib stated that he heard a long time ago that someone was talking about taking over, but they’re here to take over. This wasn’t taken lightly by Conor, and he replied by saying: 

I fight on! Your father’s plan is never complete because you quit and ran, brother. God bless. I’m still here if you want to go again. But your fear of defeat means you’ve already lost. Run from it all you want. We all lose in the end. Death takes us all. I fear nothing but God. 

However, after some time, the tweet is nowhere to be found as it seems like Conor McGregor has deleted this tweet. 

McGregor hasn’t competed inside the octagon in the last 16 months and won only one out of his last four fights. Now, it remains to be seen when he returns inside the cage again. 

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