WWE Super ShowDown 2020 Results- Goldberg vs Fiend, Brock Lesnar Defends

Super Show Down 2020 Live results

Welcome to ITN’s Live Results and Updates blog for WWE Super Showdown 2020 show from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 27 February 2020.

  • Date- 27 February 2020
  • Location- Mohammad Abdu Arena on the Boulevard, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Start Time- 12 PM EST/5 PM GMT/10:30 PM IST
  • Pre-Show Start Time- 11 AM EST/4 PM GMT/9:30 PM IST

The third WWE Super ShowDown event will air from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The event is taking place on the road to WrestleMania this time but will have little effect on any of the storylines for the marque event. This is also a fifth WWE event taking place in Saudi Arabia. The main attraction will be the first-ever Women’s title match where Bayley will defend her WWE SmackDown Women’s title against Naomi.

WWE Super ShowDown 2020 Quick Results

  • The OC (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) defeated The Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar) on Kick-off Pre-show
  • The Undertaker wins Tuwaiq Trophy defeating AJ Styles, R-Truth, Erick Rowan, Bobby Lashley and Andrade
  • The Miz and John Morrison defeated The New Day to become new WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions
  • Angel Garza defeated Humberto Carrillo
  • Seth Rollins & Murphy(c) defeated Street Profits(Motez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) to retain WWE RAW Tag Team Championship
  • Mansoor defeated Dolph Ziggler
  • Brock Lesnar(c) defeated Ricochet to retain the WWE Championship
  • Roman Reigns defeated Baron Corbin in a Steel Cage Match
  • Bayley(c) defeated Naomi to retain WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship
  • Goldberg defeated The Fiend Bray Wyatt to become the new WWE Universal Champion

WWE Super ShowDown 2020 Pre-show Live Results & Updates

Charly Caruso welcomes us from WWE TV Studios and with her are Scott Stanford and David Otunga. They plug WWE network to stream the show and go through the lineup for the night. The Viking Raiders vs The OC match is slated for the Kick-off show while Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet match will open the main show. You can catch the complete kick-off show above. For

They start discussing the line-up with the steel cage match between Roman Reigns and King Baron Corbin. Byron Saxton is with AJ Styles to discuss Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet match. Styles does not care if he had to go through 1000 superstars to win the trophy, because he is the Phenomenal. He name many legends he is better than but stops at Aleister Black’s name and says that he will take care of Black on Monday. Otunga names Rey Mysterio to win the Gauntlet match.

Paul Heyman gets a pre-recorded promo. He says Ricochet does not stand the chance against Brock Lesnar but we should be ready for an upset. He sincerely sells the possibility of an upset. Then he sways into saying that Lesnar is gonna destroy Ricochet and Ricochet should be worried. The Miz and John Morrison are cutting a promo now. Morrison wants the Emmy and MTV award for the greatest comeback of the year after they win the Tag Team titles later tonight.

Natalya’s tweet is shown where she congratulates Bayley and Naomi for the first women’s championship match in Saudi Arabia. Byron Saxton gets and interview with Naomi. The Street Profits are cutting a promo now. They hype themselves to win the tag team titles tonight, mocking Seth Rollins and Murphy. The panel discuss their match. Next, we get the package for Goldberg vs The Fiend match. Stanford points out how Goldberg does not show the fear that Seth Rollins, The Miz and Daniel Bryan showed earlier.

The Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar) vs The OC (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson)

Anderson and Erik start the match. Erik starts strong and takes Anderson to the corner. Anderson with a headlock now but Erik deadlifts Anderson and slams him to the floor. Ivar is tagged in for double team. Quick tags keeps Anderson in the corner. Ivar rubs his beard over Anderson’s face. Erik slams Ivar on top of Anderson.

Some distraction changes the control and Gallows takes over. Gallows with an overhead suplex and more slams on Erik. Erik is put in a chinlock now. Anderson keeps the offense going in the corner. Gallows comes with a suplex now. The tags continue. Erik shows some athleticism to dodge The OC in the corner and tags in Ivar. Ivar wrecks havoc and dominates the opponents with quick moves.

Ivar goes for the hip attack in the corner but Gallows pulls Anderson out of the way. Erik gets the tag and hits a suplex on Gallows. Gallows hits the sitout powerbomb on Erik. More back and forth. Ivar goes to the top but misses the moonsault. The OC hits the Magic Killer to get the pin.

Winner- The OC(Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson)

WWE Super ShowDown 2020 Main Show Results & Updates

The main show starts with package to hype tonight’s matches. The commentary is saying that this show is the first stop on the road to WrestleMania. Tuwaiq Trophy match is kicking-off the main card. R-Truth is the first one to come out. He raps his way into the ring. He will face Bobby Lashley to start the match. Lana is clothed from top to bottom.

Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy Match

Part 1- R-Truth vs Bobby Lashley

Lashley gets R-Truth into the headlock right away. He takes down Truth with a shoulder tackle. R-Truth gets to hit Lashley with a headscissor takedown. He hits a series of punches until Lashley puts him on the apron and tackles him into the barricade. He brings R-Truth back into the ring and continues to punish him. Lashley hits the delayed vertical suplex and gets two-count.

Another headlock is slapped on R-Truth. He turns it around to put Lashley into the lock. He hits a shoulder tackle but Lashley was ready for this second time. R-Truth dodges the dominator and hits the side suplex and 5-knuckle shuffle. FU is blocked by Lashley and Urinagi is blocked by R-Truth. Lashley hits the Urinagi and waits for R-Truth to get up. R-Truth dodges the spear and rolls Lashley up for the pin. Bobby Lashley is eliminated.

After the match, Lashley vents his frustration on R-Truth by attacking him. He throws him around at the ringside, into the barricade, steel steps and more. He takes R-Truth back to the ring and hits the spear before finally leaving. Andrade is the next men in.

Part-2 – R-Truth vs Andrade

The official checks on Truth before starting the match. Andrade puts him in the armbar using the ropes. He hits some blows before putting him in a shoulder lock. Truth is bleeding on the face. Andrade takes him into the corner for more kicks and stomps. Running double knees in the corner to get two-count. Truth tries to fights back but to no avail.

Andrade removes his knee pad and runs for the knee strike. But R-Truth sidesteps, which sends Andrade out. Andrade returns and R-Truth hits him with the corkscrew dropkick. Both men run into each other and hits heads. R-Truth falls down on Andrade for the cover and gets the win. Andrade is eliminated.

Part-3 – R-Truth vs Erick Rowan

Rowan marches to the ring with his cage. He splashes R-Truth in the corner. Elbow drop follows with more strikes. Truth gets his foot up in the corner and low bridges Rowan out of the ring. He is selling one arm injury but hits the suicide dive. Rowan punches him at the ringside, and then slams him into the steel steps. This sends the cage flying, which enrages Rowan. Rowan picks up the steel steps and hits R-Truth with it. The referee disqualifies him. Erick Rowan is eliminated.

Part-4- R-Truth vs AJ Styles

AJ Styles takes his time to enter. R-Truth is selling his arm injury. The crowd is behind Styles and he takes in the adulation. R-Truth goes to punch Styles but he dodges. Styles starts kicking him on the injured shoulder and arm. Styles mocks Truth’s dance moves and even does the running man. He is now focusing on Truth’s leg. AJ puts on the calf crusher and R-Truth gives up. R-Truth is eliminated.

Rey Mysterio’s music hits but he does not come out. Styles is smiling in the ring. Mysterio’s music hits once again and again he does not come out. The camera cut to backstage where Gallows and Anderson are beating up Rey Mysterio. The crowd starts chanting “Undertaker”. Styles takes the mic and announces himself the winner since Mysterio is not coming.

The announcer says that if AJ’s opponent does not enter the ring by 10-count, he will be declared the winner. The camera is cut backstage once again and we see Gallows and Anderson being dropped onto the floor one by one. We see the Undertaker’s legs and the crowd goes wild. The Undertaker’s Gong hits and he makes his grand entrance. AJ Styles is in the ring wauting for him.

Part-5- AJ Styles vs The Undertaker

The Undertaker enters the ring and Styles goes on to argue with the referee. He tries to catch The Undertaker by surprise but Taker was up for it. He catches Styles for the chokeslam. Hands folded onto the chest and he gets the three-count. AJ Styles is eliminated and The Undertaker wins the Tuwaiq Trophy. Undertaker’s hat did not come off during all this. The referee goes to raise his hands but he refuses. Undertaker poses in front of Tuwaiq trophy for sometime before heading back.

Winner- The Undertaker, Wins the Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy

New Day(c) vs The Miz & John Morrison – WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

The Miz and Big E start the match. E takes Miz down but Miz replies him quickly. Big E manages to get him in a stretch and slaps his butt for a few times. Miz tags in Morrison who runs into Big E’s tackle. Kofi is tagged in and hits the boom drop. Double team from New Day on Morrison. Morrison manages to send Big E out of the ring.

Miz takes a cheap shot on him while the Referee was distracted. Morrison hits a twisted dive on Big E. Miz and Morrison makes quick tags to keep pressure on E. Big E was about to tag in but Miz hits a dropkick on his legs. Morrison gets the tag and hits the sprinboard kick as Miz held up Big E. They try to double team Big E again in the corner. But E sends Morrison out of the ring and tackles Miz down.

Kofi and Morrison wit the hot tags. Kofi runs Morrison to the ground for a couple of times. Morrison tries to take him down but Kofi hits the headscissors and then the boom drop. Miz tries to interfere but is sent out. Morrison takes the advantage and hits one of his signaure moves for a near fall.

Kofi reverses the moonlight drive into SOS for a near fall of his own. Big E takes the tag and scoops up Morrison. Kofi stomps Morrison from there. Big E covers but it is only two. Miz runs over Kofi at the ringside before tagging in. He hits a DDT on Big E. ‘It kicks’ follows. More double team moves before Morrison misses the starfish moonsault.

Big E tags in Kofi and they hit the combo of Big Ending/splash. Miz breaks the pin. Kofi jumps on the Miz but he sidesteps. Miz then hits the Skull crushing finale but only gets two-count. He is frustrated and hits a series of running knees in the corner. Big E cuts him off as he charges and tags in Kofi. Kofi and Miz trade some roll-ups next. Morrison hits Kofi with the chair when the referee was not looking and Miz rolls up for the pin.

Winners- Miz and Morrison, New WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions

Angel Garza vs Humberto Carrillo

Back and forth to start the match. Carrillo goes on and hits the flying headbutt from the top for a pop. Carrillo arm drags Garza out of the ring. Carrillo slides to the floor but Garza sends him to the apron into a handstand. Carrillo comes down with a scissors to send Garza back down on the floor. Carrillo runs the ropes in the ring and nails a suicide dive, sending Garza into the barrier.

Carrillo keeps control and nails a basement dropkick back in the ring. Garza kicks out at 1 again. Garza comes back with strikes and knees. Garza rips his pants off and rocks Carrillo in the corner. Garza takes Carrillo back down and grounds him with a submission. Garza breaks it, works Carrillo over and then applies a Camel Clutch in the middle of the ring. Carrillo breaks it and sends Garza to the floor. Garza comes right back in and they tangle. Carrillo with a jawbreaker, then a big kick to the mouth.

More back and forth now. Carrillo levels Garza for a close 2 count. Carrillo with boots to the face. Carrillo goes to the top but Garza climbs up in control. Garza ends up hitting a big dropkick in mid-air for another close 2 count. Carrillo counters a move and nails a superkick to the back of the neck. Garza stuns Carrillo again but Carrillo drops him with a right hand. Carrillo with a Destroyer but he can’t get the win. Carrillo kicks Garza but Garza rolls him up out of nowhere for a 2 count. Carrillo comes right back with another kick to the face.

Carrillo drags Garza back to the corner and climbs up. Carrillo goes for the moonsault but lands on his feet and grabs Garza’s block. More back and forth and pin attempts now. Garza drops down and gets the pin on Carrillo out of nowhere.

Winner- Angel Garza

Seth Rollins & Murphy(c) vs Street Profits(Motez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) – WWE RAW Tag Team Championship Match

Dawkins takedown Murphy right away after the start. Street Profits double team Murphy. They bring in Rollins and hits a double dropkick on both opponents. Ford with another dropkick on Murphy to get a two-count. Ford is sent to the apron where Rollins grabs his leg. Murphy’s big boot sends him into the announce table.

Rollins is tagged in and he slams Ford’s head onto the apron. They continue to work on Ford with quick tags. Rollins puts a headlock on Ford now. Ford fights back but Rollins prevents the tag. Rollins distracts the referee but Ford manages to slam him into the barricade. He also takes down Rollins. But before he could tag out, Murphy sweeps Dawkins off the post. Ford fights off Murphy and Rollins and tags in Dawkins.

Dawkins runs in with clothesline, uppercuts and dropkicks on both opponents. An overhead thrown on Rollins gets him a two-count. Ford tags in for some double team moves and Murphy had to break the pin. Murphy and Ford go at it and Ford hits an enziguiri to sends Murphy out. An enziguiri on Rollins sets him up for the splash off the top. Murphy pulls Ford out to break the pin.

Dawkins and Ford takes care of Murphy at the ringside. They go for thier finisher but Rollins fights them off. Murphy is tagged in and Rollins & Murphy were trying to hit pedigree at the same time. Street Profits turn them into DDT and then hit suicide dives at the same time. Dawkins and Murphy tussle in the ring. The referee was distracted and Rollins hits the stomp on Dawkins at the apron. Murphy covers and gets the pin.

Winners- Seth Rollins & Murphy, retains WWE RAW Tag Team Championships

Mansoor vs Dolph Ziggler(w/ Robert Roode)

Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler make their way to the ring. Mansoor heads out next in front of his homecrowd. Roode gets in his face and starts an argument. Mansoor ends up hitting him wiht a dropkick. Roode is livid but the referee boots him from the ringside.

Mansoor and Ziggler start and Ziggler takes him to the corner for some stomps. Mansoor turns it around and puts Ziggler in the headlock. They continue to go back and forth until Mansoor hits a standing moonsault. Ziggler dodges and hits a dropkick. He hits an elbow drop before putting Mansoor into a deadlock. Ziggler continues to keep the pressure for some time after this.

Mansoor fights out of a shoudler stretch but Ziggler puts him back with a kick and a neckbreaker. He is sent into the ringpost next and then slammed hard on the mat. Mansoor hets his boot up, counters the fameasser and hits an enziguiri from the apron. He hits a springboard neckbreaker and then slams Ziggler onto the floor to get a two-count. He goes to the top and Ziggler trips him from there.

Ziggler manages to hit Zig-zag but could not get the pin. He readies for the superkick which leads to some counters. Mansoor sends Ziggler into the turnbuckle and hits a DDT running over the ropes. He goes to the top again and hits the moondault this time. Mansoor gets the pin and the win.

Winner- Mansoor

After the match, Byron Saxton gets into the ring to get some comments from Mansoor. He addresses the crowd for a while before heading to the back.

Brock Lesnar(c) vs Ricochet – WWE Championship Match

Ricochet makes his entrance after a pre-recorded promo to hype his chances to win the match. Brock Lesnar enters with Paul Heyman. Heyman does Brock’s introduction which along with his entracne, eats up a lot of time.

The bell rings and Ricochet goes for the dropkick right away. However, Brock hits a blow to his back. He hits some more blows to the back before a suplex and some German suplexes. Ricochet is slammed to the floor again before another German suplex. Lesnar hits the F5 and gets the pin.

Winner- Brock Lesnar, retain WWE Championship

Lesnar leaves while Ricochet recovers in the ring. It is a dominating win for Lesnar and Ricochet is looking devastated.

Roman Reign vs Baron Corbin – Steel Cage Match

The cage is put in place now for the match. King Baron Corbin makes his entrance on the caravan. Roman Reigns is out next to a big pop. Reigns is carrying a small chain in his hand. The pyro goes off as The Big Dog heads to the cage.

Reigns locks the cage to prevent anyone from going through the door and puts the key in his pocket. Corbin attacks Reigns from behind before they really start. Corbin works Reigns around and launches him face-first into the steel. Fans try to rally for Reigns as Corbin keeps control. Corbin ends up climbing the cage but Reigns is right behind him. Reigns with shots to the back. Reigns gets to the top. They switch positions as Corbin climbs for Reigns now.

Corbin goes for a big powerbomb to the mat from up high but Reigns unloads on him with strikes. Reigns gets the upperhand and drops Corbin for a 2 count from the top. Reigns unloads in the corner as fans count along. Corbin runs into a big boot. Reigns with more big clotheslines in the corner as fans count with him.

Reigns goes for a Superman Punch but Corbin blocks it. Reigns avoids a chokeslam but Corbin comes right back with a Deep Six for a close 2 count. Corbin goes for the key in Reigns’ pants but Reigns stops him. More back and forth as they tangle. Corbin drives Reigns back into the mat for another 2 count. Corbin finally gets the key from Reigns’ pocket now.

Corbin keeps Reigns down and yells for the door to be opened. A referee opens it and Corbin crawls but Reigns slams the door into his head. They tangle some more and Reigns can’t hit the Superman Punch again as Corbin chokeslams him for another close 2 count. Corbin wraps the chain around his fist. Corbin mocks Reigns and goes for a Superman Punch of his own but Reigns blocks it and levels Corbin for a close 2 count.

They’re both down again. Corbin gets up first and slowly starts climbing the cage. Reigns comes from behind but Corbin elbows him. Reigns climbs up and meets Corbin at the top of the cage. They both sit on top of the cage and trade big shots. Reigns goes over the top of the cage and hangs on but Corbin drags him back over and stops him.

More back and forth now. Reigns brings Corbin back down and crotches him on the top rope. Reigns with a big Superman Punch, and another while Corbin is trapped on top between the cage and the ropes. Reigns goes on and hits a big Superman Punch with the chain around his fist to get the win.

Winner- Roman Reigns

Bayley(c) vs Naomi – WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

The bell rings and they go at it. Naomi with an early tackle. Naomi with more offense and an uppercut. Naomi goes on and hits the split leg drop for a close 2 count. They lock up again and Bayley kicks her. Bayley focuses on the left arm and talks some trash. Bayley works Naomi over and looks a bit surprised as Naomi fighting back.

Naomi starts strong and hits a split legged drop to get two-count on Bayley. Bayley puts her in a arm stretch and Naomi had to roll over to get out of it. She dropkicks to get a two-count. Bayley avoids an Irish whip but Naomi manages to hit her with another dropkick. Bayley goes out and eats a suicide dive.

As they were getting back, Bayley takes the advantage and sends Naomi to the floor. She crashes Naomi into the barricade next. Naomi is kept under control in the corner for sometime. She tries to fight back but Bayley explodes with a clothesline to retain control. A chinlock by Bayley on Naomi now. Some knees to the back from Bayley to keep the pressure on.

Naomi hits a few elbows to get out of the chinlock but Bayley tackles her into the corner. Naomi gets her elbow up as Bayley charges. She takes down Bayley, hits a drop kick and jawbreaker as she builds momentum. She hits the springboard crossbody to get another two-count. Naomi puts Bayley into a submission move but they were too close to the ropes. Naomi with more kicks and double feet but Bayley hits Bayley-to-Belly suplex for a near fall.

Bayley hits a few kicks and then starts working on Naomi’s leg. She hits a side suplex next. She goes for another but Naomi counters. However, she manages to hit a running knee in the corner. Naomi takes her down as she goes to the top. Naomi misses the moonsault and Bayley puts her into a leglock. Bayley tangles Naomi’s legs in her t-shirt and hits her facebuster finisher to get the pin.

Winner- Bayley, retains WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

The Fiend Bray Wyatt(c) vs Goldberg – WWE Universal Championship Match

Goldberg gets his usual entrance where he is accompanied by a few bodygaurds. After he settles in the ring, Firefly Fun House music hits to start The Fiend’s entrance. The custom title belt, the severed head lantern, they are all there.

The bell rings and they keep staring at each other for sometime. They get into each other’s face. The crowd is behind Goldberg. The Fiend pulls out his jacket and Goldberg hits him with the spear. Goldberg covers but Fiend kicks out quickly. Fiend puts him in the Mandible claw and Goldberg takes him to the corner to break the hold. Goldberg hits another spear, then another and then the fourth one. He covers but The Fiend kicks out again.

The Fiend once again puts him in the Mandible claw. Goldberg hits a haedbut and a few knee strikes to break free. Goldberg goes for the Jackhammer but The Fiend resists. He finally picks him up and hits the jackhammer. And just like that, he gets the pin. The Fiend is pinned.

Winner- Goldberg, new WWE Universal Champion

After the match, Goldberg celebrates with the title belt. He gets up on the turnbuckle and poses. We could see in the LED screen that Fiend has got up. Goldberg realizes it. The Fiend is throwing a tantrum but the lights go off and he has disappeared when they come back. Goldberg keeps celebrating until the show goes off the air.

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