WWE SummerSlam 2023 Results Live, Updates, Highlights, Winners

WWE Summerslam 2023 Poster
WWE Summerslam 2023 Poster, Credits- WWE

Welcome to the live results page for WWE Summerslam 2023 Premium Live Event, which was live from Detroit, MI, on August 5, 2023.

4 title matches were set for the show with a Tribal Combat match expected to headline the match. Roman Reigns did not only defend Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, but also his position as the Tribal Chief.

Seth Rollins and Finn Balor clashed in a rematch over World Heavyweight Championship and a rematch at Summerslam after 7 years. Gunther defended Intercontinental Championship against Drew McIntyre. Asuka, Charlotte Flair, and Bianca Belair clashed in a triple-threat match for WWE Women’s Championship.

Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar clashed in a rubber match. Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler were set for an MMA Rules match. Ricochet fought Logan Paul in a battle to make viral moments. A 25-man Slim Jim Battle Royal completed the match card.

Tune in below as we post results live from WWE SummerSlam 2023 with updates, winners, highlights and complete action.


  • Logan Paul defeated Ricochet in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Cody Rhodes defeated Brock Lesnar in a singles match via pinfall.
  • LA Knight won the 25 Men Slim Jim SummerSlam Battle Royal.
  • Shayna Baszler defeated Ronda Rousey in MMA Rules match via technical submission(referee stoppage).
  • Gunther(c) defeated Drew McIntyre in a singles match via pinfall to retain WWE Intercontinental Championship.
  • Seth Rollins(c) defeated Finn Balor in a singles match via pinfall to retain World Heavyweight Championship.
  • Bianca Belair defeated Asuka(c) & Charlotte Flair in a triple threat match via pinfall to win WWE Women’s Championship.
  • Iyo Sky defeated Bianca Belair(c) in a singles match(MITB Cash In) via pinfall to win WWE Women’s Championship.
  • Roman Reigns(c) defeated Jey Uso in a Tribal Combat via pinfall to retain Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.


The kick-off show is live with Kayla Braxton, Jackie Redmond, Booker-T, Peter Rosenberg and Wade Barrett. They discuss the matches starting with Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar match.

The main show starts with a video package narrated by Detroit’s own Kidd Rock. We cut to arena as Michael Cole and Corey Graves take over.

Ricochet vs Logan Paul

Logan walks out first. Ricochet follows out soon. Ricochet slaps to start and ducks a shot. He hits a dropkick to send Logan out. He fakes a suicide dive but springboards off the ropes. Leap frogs from both men as they run around. Logan catches Ricochet with a back elbow to cut off that sequence. Logan avoids being caught on his leg and hits a hip toss. He puts on a chinlock. Ricochet is sent to the apron. Logan ends up hitting a neckbreaker on the apron.

Logan corners Ricochet in the ring and hits quick body shots. The referee separates them. Logan hits more shots after reset. He sets up Ricochet on the top rope before hitting a running powerslam to get a two-count. A scoop slam follows. He hits a big boot and a leg drop to get another two-count. Logan mimics Hulk Hogan after that leg drop. Ricochet gets a double leg takedown before he mimics People’s elbow but changes it into a standing moonsault. Logan hits him with a back-body drop.

Logan hits a springboard clothesline next. He attempts a Spanish Fly but they land on their feet on the floor. Ricochet hits a Spanish Fly on the floor. Ricochet gets into the ring but Logan pulls him out and hits a buckshot lariat by jumping from inside the ring. He hits a crossbody from the top rope before a standing moonsault to get a two-count. Ricochet blocks a big right and fires back with punches. He avoids a tackle in the corner to send Logan into the ring post.

Ricochet hits a hurricane neckbreaker from the top rope. Ricochet hits calf kicks, a chop, a springboard back elbow, a running forearm, a tackle into the corner, a springboard clothesline and a standing shooting star to get a two-count. Ricochet hits several side kicks before Logan ducks him and hits a back elbow. Ricochet catches a moonsault but Logan counters with a tornado DDT to get a near fall. Ricochet hits a jumping knee and recoils in quick succession. He gets to the top rope but Logan gets his knees up on shooting star press and gets a two-count.

Logan hits a back-body drop after a monkey flip. He hits a springboard splash covering 70% of the ring but Ricochet kicks out of the pin. Ricochet comes back with a superkick. He hits a Detonation kick next before a rolling senton and a springboard moonsault to get a near fall. He hypes himself up and drags Logan toward a corner. Ricochet gets to the top rope but Logan moves out of 630-splash. One of Logan’s crew members puts a brass knuckle on Logan’s hand. Logan punches Ricochet with it and gets the pinfall.

Winner – Logan Paul

Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar

Lesnar walks out first. Cody makes his grand entrance. Cody tries to rush Brock but Brock ducks and hits him with a German suplex. Cody comes back with a couple of disaster kicks. Brock blocks the third disaster kick and tackles Lesnar into the corner. Cody avoids a tackle and sends him to the floor. Cody hits a suicide dive. Brock tackles him into the ring post.

Back to the ring, Lesnar counters a tackle with a deadlift gutwrench suplex. He hits a belly-to-belly suplex next. More suplexes follow from Brock. Brock picks his ankle and brings him into the center of the ring to hit another German suplex. A couple of more German suplexes from Lesnar before he throws Cody out of the ring. Cody beats the countdown but Lesnar throws him out again. Cody gets back to the apron but Lesnar tackles him off it again.

Lesnar screams at Cody to save himself. Cody is selling ribs injury. Lesnar says it is only going to get worse. He hits a suplex before pushing Cody out once again. Cody drags himself back in and Lesnar hits a clothesline to send him out again. Lesnar goes out now and hits an F5 on the floor. Cody beats the countdown again and starts to punch Lesnar. Lesnar hits him with a German suplex to send him out again. Lesnar hits an F5 on the announce table this time.

Cody beats the countdown once again at 9. Lesnar is in disbelief that Cody still wants to fight. He hits a blow to his back. Cody fires punches but Lesnar hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Lesnar drives Cody into the steel steps next. Cody slips out from Lesnar’s shoulder and pushes him into the ring post. Cody hits Lesnar with steel steps. Back to the ring, Cody hits a Cody Cutter before a Cody Cutter from the top rope to get a two-count.

Lesnar blocks Crossrhodes and puts Kimura lock. Cody refuses to tap out. He drags himself towards the ropes. Brock wraps his legs around Cody’s body but Cody manages to get to the ropes somehow. Cody now puts on Kimura lock. Brock is in peril this time but manages to get to the ropes. Cody hits a trios of Crossrhodes and gets the pinfall.

Winner – Cody Rhodes

After the match, Lesnar removes his gloves and throws them. He goes on to hug Cody and raises his hands in the air as a matter of respect. Lesnar leaves and Cody continues to pose for the fans. He goes on and hugs his mother in the front row.

25 Men Slim Jim SummerSlam Battle Royal

The Miz, LA Knight and AJ Styles get separate entrances while the others are already in the ring when we return from the break. Just as the match is about to start. MVP interrupts on the mic and introduces Omos. Omos makes his entrance. The brawling starts in the ring. Omos throws out Apollo Crews first. He throws out JD McDonnagh next. Rick Boogs picks his leg but Omos throws him out also.

The Brawling Brutes team up to control Omos. Omos pushes them all away. He hits a big clothesline on Sheamus on the apron. Imperium eliminate Otis. Gable hits Giovanni Vinci with a T-bone suplex. He eliminates Vinci. Gable fights with Ludwig Kaiser next. Ciampa uses a low bridge to eliminate The Viking Raiders. Nakamura is sent to the apron and Ciampa hits him with a DDT to eliminate him. Bronson Reed eliminates Ciampa.

Austin Theory throws out Cameron Grimes. Santos Escobar clotheslines Theory to eliminate him. Gable eliminates Kaiser next. Riddle and Butch fire quick shots on Omos. They both put on kimura lock on Riddle but Omos picks them both up and throws them out. He runs over Gable and tosses him aside. He hits Waller with a body slam. LA Knight fires shots at Omos. Everyone starts to take shots at Omos. They all manage to eliminate Omos.

Austin Theory throws out Cameron Grimes. Santos Escobar clotheslines Theory to eliminate him. Gable eliminates Kaiser next. Riddle and Butch fire quick shots on Omos. They both put on kimura lock on Riddle but Omos picks them both up and throws them out. He runs over Gable and tosses him aside. He hits Waller with a body slam. LA Knight fires shots at Omos. Everyone starts to take shots at Omos.

Waller hits rolling Stunner on Gable and sends him into Miz’s Skull Crushing Finale. Knight throws out Miz to eliminate him. Sheamus hits a jumping knee on Waller and Knight clotheslines him to eliminate him. Styles sends Kross to the apron and hits a Pele kick to knock him off. Reed hits a back body drop on Gable to eliminate him. Reed puts Knight to the apron. Knight fights back and pulls him out to eliminate him.

Sheamus hits an Irish Curse backbreaker on Styles. He takes down Knight next. AJ fights back and gets to the apron for Phenomenal Forearm. Kross holds AJ’s leg. Sheamus hits him with a Brogue kick to eliminate him. Knight hits a spinebuster on Sheamus. Sheamus blocks Blunt Force Trauma and picks up Knight. Knight slips off a body slam and puts Sheamus to the apron. Sheamus gets back and goes to the top. Knight hits a superplex and then clotheslines Sheamus out to win the match.

Winner – LA Knight

Ronda Rousey vs Shayna Baszler – MMA Rules match

The referee says this is an MMA rules match and is not sanctioned by WWE. No rope breaks are allowed, no pinfall. Only submission. Ronda hits judo throw takedown. Shayna counters with a takedown. Ronda rolls her over and hits her with punches on her back. Shayna gets away from her. Shayna hits calf kicks at both legs. She hits a couple of more big calf kicks before she nails a big high kick to the face.

Ronda gets out of the ring to recover. She returns to the ring but Shayna gets her in a knee bar. Ronda breaks free after a while and hits jumping knee strike. The referee pauses the match to check on Shayna. Ronda gets the armbar on when the fight restarts. Shayna gets to the ropes but there are no rope breaks. She has to pull Ronda over the ropes to break free. A doctor is checking on Shayna now.

Ronda pushes the doctor away and dares Shayna to take her on. Shayna hypes up and hits quick punches before a German suplex. Shayna puts on kirafuda clutch. Ronda gets to the ropes before she counters to put on the armbar. Shayna slips out to put on an ankle lock. Ronda counters with a sleeper choke. Ronda goes for another jumping knee but Shayna ducks and puts on Kirafuda clutch. Ronda tries to snap her arm to break it but Shayna wraps it up properly. The referee calls the match for Shayna.

Winner – Shayna Baszler

Ronda is distraught as she leaves. Shayna poses in the corner.

The official attendance is announced to be 59,194.

Gunther(c) vs Drew McIntyre – WWE Intercontinental Championship

Drew McIntyre comes out first. Ludwig Kaiser makes a grand announcement for Gunther’s equally grand entrance. They lock up after a staredown. Drew pushes Gunther to the mat. Gunther fires a couple of shots before taking him down with side headlock takeover. Drew tackles him to the floor. Drew slams him face into the barricade before they return to the ring. Gunther fires punches but Drew stops him with a Glasgow kiss. Drew goes to the floor and Gunther drops him on the steel steps with a back drop.

Gunther has taken over the control with more shots. He hits a big chop to drop Drew back to the mat. He hits a big shot at the chest next. More big shots as Gunther picks up Drew only to drop him back. Drew gets angry with clotheslines from Gunther and starts to fire clothesline of his own. They trade clotheslines until Gunther hits a German suplex. Drew gets up quickly to run over Gunther.

They trade chops before Drew hits belly-to-belly suplexes. Gunther hits a big chop before Drew hits him with a neckbreaker. Drew gets ready for Claymore kick but Gunther ducks it. Gunther hits a shotgun dropkick. Drew counters the powerbomb to hit one of his own. He quickly follows up with futureshock DDT to get a near fall. Drew gets ready for Claymore kick but Gunther slips to the floor. Drew hits him with a tope suicida.

Drew goes for Claymore but Gunther intercepts it with a shotgun dropkick. Gunther hits a powerbomb but Drew kicks out. Gunther hits a splash from the top rope to get another near fall. Gunther hits shots at the back of his head a few times and tells him to buck up. Drew catches his hand when he goes for the chop. They trade big chops for a while minute. McIntyre hits a Claymore kick out of nowhere but Gunther kicks out.

Drew puts Gunther on the top rope and hits more chops. Gunther fights back at the top and drops his groin on the ropes. Gunther hits a splash from the top rope and follows up with a powerbomb to get the pinfall.

Winner – Gunther

Seth Rollins(c) vs Finn Balor – World Heavyweight Championship

Balor shows off his new “SEVEN” tattoo to signify their clash at SummerSlam 7 years ago. Rollins is wearing the same vest he wore on that night as the mind games continue. Rollins throws the vest to Balor’s face. Balor attacks Rollins in anger. The referee separates them. Rollins tackles him back. The referee separates them again.

The bell rings and the match starts with a quick shots from both sides. Rollins runs over Balor with tackles. He hits big chops before a hard whip to the corner and a flying forearm. Balor hits a big boot to counter and hits a stomp on the chest. Balor works on the arm and shoulder now. He hits a few chops before putting an arm stretch. Rollins tries to fight out but Balor wrestles him back to the mat and works on the arm. Balor works on the arm on the ropes. He drives Rollins’ shoulder into the turnbuckle.

Rollins fires back with punches and chops. Balor hits him with side Russian leg sweep. Balor quickly puts on fujiwara armbar. Rollins makes it to the ropes to break the move. Balor argues with the referee. Balor hits chops and punches in the corner. The referee separates him. After a hard whip from Balor, Rollins comes back with a clothesline from the corner. Rollins hits headbutts and kawada kicks before bringing Balor down to the mat. Balor blocks a Pedigree. Rollins ducks a slingblade and hits a falcon arrow.

Balor rolls to the floor and Rollins hits him with a trio of suicide dives. Balor’s mouth is busted open. He punches Rollins as he gets to the top. He pulls Rollins by the arm and drops it on the ropes. He drives the arm on the ring post to throw him to the floor. Rollins blocks a barricade bomb and drops Balor’s face on the apron. Balor catches him with a kick on the arm. Balor hits a powerbomb on the barricade just like Rollins did at SummerSlam 2016 to injure Balor.

Balor brings him back to the ring and hits a shotgun dropkick. Balor puts on an armbar. Rollins overpowers him hits a bucklebomb. He hits another bucklebomb and goes to the top to hit a frog splash for a nearfall. Rollins hits a rolling elbow. Balor rolls him through and stomps at his chest. Balor hits a shotgun dropkick. Rollins him with a superplex but Balor counters falcon arrow with an inside cradle to get a two-count. Rollins hits a step-up enzuigiri and Balor replies with a Pele kick. Both men are down.

They get up and starts trading punches. Balor ducks a rolling elbow and hits a shotgun dropkick. He gets to the top but Rollins moves away from Coupe de Grace. Rollins hits a pedigree but Balor kicks out. Damian Priest is walking out with MITB briefcase. Rollins misses the stomp and Balor rolls him up for a two-count. Balor pushes him to the ropes where Priest nails him with a cheap shot. Balor hits Pedigree, but Rollins kicks out. Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio also come out to distract the referee.

Priest slips in the MITB breifcase for Balor to use. Balor refuses to use it and Rollins pushes him into Priest. Rollins hits the stomp on Balor but he kicks out of the pin. Rollins dives on Priest on the floor. He hits a superkick on Dominik. Balor catches him with a shotgun dropkick and Coupe de Grace but Rollins kicks out of the pin. Balor and Priest argue some more. Priest puts the breifcase into the ring now. Priest does the same and distracts the referee. Balor goes to pick up the briefcase but Rollins hits him with the stomp on the breifcase to get the pinfall.

Winner – Seth Rollins

Priest is looking at Balor in disappointment. Balor is pretty different.

We get a commercial for Mike Harder Lemonade involving Alpha Academy and Miz. Otis puts Miz in a production crate to close the segment.

Asuka(c) vs Bianca Belair vs Charlotte Flair – WWE Women’s Championship

Flair is the first one to come out. Asuka comes out next before Bianca Belair. All 3 dodge each other’s attack. Asuka goes for a victory roll on Bianca but it is broke by Flair. Flair throws Asuka to the apron and hits a boot on Bianca. Flair hits a German suples to send Asuka to the floor. Bianca and Flair run around dodging each other until Flair hits a knee strike to midsection. Flair is sent to the apron and Asuka pulls her to the mat. Bianca hits a crossbody on both of them.

Asuka catches Bianca on her way back to the ring. Asuka hits kicks at Bianca’s face. Bianca fires a big right. Asuka hits him with a knee. Flair comes in to break the pin. Asuka hits her with a German suplex. Asuka kicks at both opponents. A German suplex sends Flair to the floor. Bianca goes for Glam slam but Asuka blocks. Flair hits both of them with a crossbody off the top. Flair hits big chops on both women. Flair hits suplexes on both women to stack them up in the corner. Flair hits a corner splash and big boots on them next. She hits a double Natural Selection to get a two-count.

Flair hits back elbows on both before a big boot to Bianca. Asuka drops Flair with double knees. All 3 women are down. They exchange blows as they get up. Bianca hits a clothesline on Flair. Asuka throws her out. Flair and Asuka trade kicks. Bianca comes back in and hits a manuever to get both of them down at once. Bianca tackles Flair in the corner before firing shots from the second rope. She hits spinebuster on both opponents. They get up their knees on a springboard moonsault from Bianca.

Flair spears Bianca out of the ring. Asuka puts on chicken wing submission on Flair. Bianca returns in time to break the submission. Bianca is dumped off the rope by Asuka. Asuka suffers the same fate at the hands of Flair. Flair hits a moonsault on them on the floor. Asuka gets away from it. She kicks at Flair and takes her back to the ring. Asuka jumps off the top to hit a DDT on Flair but Bianca breaks the pin.

Asuka blocks KOD but a big boot from Flair sends her to the floor. Bianca is dropped with a body slam. Asuka comes in and sends Bianca out. She puts on an armbar but Flair overpowers her. Bianca comes in and hits powerbomb. Asuka catches Bianca with Asuka lock but Flair turns it into a double pin for a near fall. Flair hits a big boot on both women. She gets to the top rope and hits a moonsault on both to get a near fall. She looks for a double figure four but can lock it in.

Flair sends Bianca out with a back body drop where she lands on the steel steps. Doctors are out to check on Bianca. Asuka and Flair continue to fight. Asuka hits a superplex. They trade more shots before Flair hits a spear for a near fall. Flair puts on the figure four and bridges it to figure eight. Bianca runs back from the ramp in urgency and hits 450-splash to break it up. Flair kicks out of the pinfall.

Flair and Bianca fight. Asuka is driven off the apron. Flair puts Bianca in figure four. She goes for figure eight. Asuka comes in and spits Green mist on Flair. She goes for a roundhouse kick on Bianca but Bianca ducks it and rolls up Asuka to get the pinfall.

Winner – Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair(c) vs Iyo Sky- WWE Women’s Championship(MITB Cash In)

Iyo Sky runs out as soon as the match is over. Bayley is with her and she attacks Asuka and Flair with the MITB briefcase. Iyo and Bayley attack Bianca who fights back. Iyo hits Bianca’s knee with the briefcase. Iyo cashes in the MITB briefcase. She hits Over The Moonsault to get the pinfall.

Winner – Iyo Sky

Iyo gets the belt. Bayley comes in to celebrate. Dakota Kai is also out to celebrate with Iyo.

Roman Reigns(c) vs Jey Uso – Tribal Combat for Undisputed WWE Universal Champion

Jey Uso is out first and he has a white garland on him. The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns comes out with Paul Heyman. Roman asks the crowd to acknowledge him. The announcements are done. Roman takes the red garland(symbol of The Tribal Chief) from Heyman and tells Jey that he will put it on Jey himself if Jey beats him. The bell rings and circle the ring.

Roman puts Jey to the corner after they lock up. Roman toys up Jey before Jey pushes him away. Roman puts on a side headlock before a tackle off the ropes. Jey stares Roman from the mat. He puts on a headlock, but Roman drops him with a back elbow when he comes off the ropes. Roman stomps on him in the corner. Roman hits a brutal knee to Jey’s face next. The pace continues to be very slow.

Jey lands on his feet on a suplex and fires big rights. He hits a thrust kick to midsection, an uppercut, sends Roman to the floor with a clothesline and hits a suicide dive in quick succession. He whips Roman into the steel steps. “We want tables” chants from the crowd and Jey obliges. Heyman begs Jey saying that Roman is his blood, his family and his Tribal Chief. Roman recovers while Jey sets up the table. Roman slams his face on the table before taking him back to the ring. He hits a hard whip to the corner. Jey hits back with a kick. Roman sends him into the turnbuckle.

The crowd gets behind Jey, but Roman tells them to shut down. Jey gets on the ropes and Roman finds him a good opportunity to hit a drive-by dropkick. The booing from the crowd continues and Roman continue to toy with them. Jey hits a kick and an enzuigiri. Roman slips to the floor. Jey goes for a suicide dive but Roman cuts him off with a kendo stick. Roman hits Jey with kendo stick shots. He continue to batter him with the stick for a while. Jey fires back with a big uppercut. Jey follows up with more rights. Roman pins him to the corner and hits short clotheslines.

Roman gets ready for Superman punch but Jey hits him with kendo sticks. Jey hits a suicide dive on the floor. Jey brings him back to the ring but Roman cuts off the splash with a Superman punch for a near fall. Jey avoids a spear and rolls up Roman for a two-count. He hits a superkick and Usos splash but Roman kicks out.

Jey smashes Roman with a chair next. He throws in several more chairs into the ring. Heyman begs him not punish The Tribal Chief. Jey takes Roman to the top. Roman hits a headbutt to drop Jey back to the mat. Jey hits a step-up enzuigiri and gets back up. Roman slips under Jey and picks him up to hit a powerbomb to get a near fall.

Roman sets up a table in one of the corners. Jey tries to catch him with a spear but Roman picks him up. Jey slips to the apron. Roman tries to push him into the table on the outside but Roman blocks it. Jey hits an enzuigiri from the apron. Roman puts him in a Guillotine but Jey overpowers him and puts him through the table.

Jey picks up a leather strap and slams Roman with it. Roman slips into the crowd. Jey chases him and hits him with strap a few more times. He looks for a suplex through a table but Solo Sikoa comes in to hit him from behind. Solo puts Jey through a table with Spinning Solo. Roman orders Solo to drags Jey back to ring. He orders Solo to hit Jey with another Spinning Solo. Roman goes for a spear as Solo holds Jey. Jey sends Solo into Roman’s spear. Jey hits a spear on Roman to get a near fall.

Jey hits both Solo and Roman with steel chairs. Jey breaks the chair on Roman. Roman slips to the floor. Jey follows him up with another chair but Solo nails Jey with a superkick. Roman and Solo start to argue now suddenly and Jey gets a chance to hit Roman with a spear to take him through the barricade. Solo picks up Jey and tries to put him through the announce table. Jey slips out and hits a kick to set up Solo on the announce table instead. Jey hits a splash on Solo on the announce table. Roman and Jey get into the ring and Jey hits a spear and Usos Splash.

Jey goes for the cover but a hooded man pulls Jey away. It turns to be none other than Jimmy. Jey is shocked. Paul Heyman is posing behind Jimmy like a superlord. Jimmy hits Jey with a superkick and throws him into the ring. Roman is also shocked seeing all this. Roman hits a spear on Jey to take him through the table to get the pinfall.

Winner – Roman Reigns

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