WWE SmackDown September 8, 2023 Results, Live Updates, Winners

AJ Styles vs Jimmy Uso WWE Smackdown September 8
AJ Styles vs Jimmy Uso WWE Smackdown September 8, Credits – WWE

Welcome to the live results blog for WWE SmackDown September 8, 2023 episode which was airing from TD Garden Arena in Boston, MA.

Two matches were set for the show in advacne. AJ Styles took his rivalry with Jimmy Uso forward with a singles match. Jimmy disrespected Michin before he cost AJ a match against Solo Sikoa last week. The other match was a women’s tag team match with Charlotte Flair & Shotzi taking on Damage CTRL’s Bayley and Iyo Sky.

The build-up for Fastlane 2023 also continued with LA Knight take on Austin Theory in a singles match. Tag Team Champions Judgement Day faced The Brawling Brutes. Tune in below as we post results from WWE Friday Night SmackDown September 8, 2023, with live updates, winners, highlights and complete action.


  • Charlotte Flair & Shotzi defeated Damage CTRL(Bayley & Iyo Sky) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • LA Knight defeated Austin Theory in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Judgment Day(Finn Balor & Damian Priest) defeated The Brawling Brutes(Butch & Ridge Holland) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • AJ Styles defeated Jimmy Uso in a singles match via pinfall.


The show starts with a recap of WWE Payback.

Charlotte Flair & Shotzi vs Damage CTRL(Bayley & Iyo Sky)

Charlotte and Bayley start the match and start to shove each other. Charlotte knocks Iyo off the apron before hitting some chops in Bayley. Iyo gets into the ring and the match gets into chaos as Shotzi also joins in. Charlotte and Bayley are on the floor and Charlotte throws her into the barricade. Iyo also throws Shotzi out of the ring and hits Asai moonsault to take us to a break.

Iyo is in control against Shotzi after the break. Bayley tags in and drops Shotzi to the mat. Shotzi tries to fight out of the corner but Bayley hit back with punches and slams her face to the mat. Shotzi hits back elbows in the corner on both opponents. She hits an enzuigiri on Bayley. More kicks on Bayley when she tries to stop the tag. Charlotte hits a crossbody as she comes in before nailing both women with chops. Bayley goes for a crossbody but get caught. Charlotte hit a fallaway slam and a handspring lariat.

Iyo hits a Meteora to break figure four from Charlotte on Bayley. Iyo hits a hurricanrana from the top rope after the tag. Bayley tags in and gets to the top but she gets distracted when Asuka appears in the timekeeper’s area to snatch Women’s title from Dakota. Iyo goes to deal with her. Charlotte counters Bayley and drops her. Shotzi hits a DDT finisher on Bayley to get the pinfall.

Winner – Charlotte Flair & Shotzi

After the match, an angered Iyo meets Asuka in the ring. Asuka throws her title away for a brief staredown.

Jimmy Uso gets to Paul Heyman backstage. Jimmy says he was told by Cena that wrong Uso quit but Solo said he is not out of the Bloodline. Heyman says Jimmy is in the Bloodline, but not “in the Bloodline”. He talks about all the issues surrounding The Bloodline but promises him that they will bring the family together.

Heyman then walks away to AJ Styles who is signing posters. He asks AJ why is he adding The Bloodline to his problems. AJ grabs Heyman’s throat. Jimmy attacks AJ to save Heyman.

LA Knight’s Challenge

LA Knight comes out to the ring. He talks about Miz’s performance on RAW this week with Invisible Cena segment. He says like Miz, he is not here to play but to get up to the top. He says Miz played make up last week and then threw down with Invisible Cena this week, and then cries about losing. Knight says he did not ask for Cena and does not need Cena endorsement. But, if Miz still wants to keep crying, then consider it a challenge… Grayson Waller’s music hits and he comes out to the stage.

Waller asks Knight if he really wants to take up on Miz after he ran over Cena on RAW like he was not even there. Waller brings out Austin Theory. They claim that they are the only undefeated tag team untill now, and might become the greatest tag team of all time if they decide to be. Knight tells them to shut up. Theory says Cena helped Knight and brings up that he has already beaten them both. He compares that Knight is just here and achieved nothing. Knight says they are only boring everyone and shows how to trash talk. He puts out a challenge for a match.

Austin Theory vs LA Knight

Theory hits a shoulder tackle as the match starts. Knight hits an uppercut after another tackle. Theory takes him to the corner before hitting a suplex to get a two-count. Knight blocks a suplex from the apron and hits springboard tackle. Theory rolls to the floor. Knight slams Theory’s face onto the announce table. Back to the ring, Theory sends Knight on the apron and slams his face into the turnbuckle. Theory hits a cutter on the floor by hanging Knight off the apron. We cut to a break.

Knight misses an enzuigiri but Theory also misses an elbow drop. Knight hits clotheslines before a DDT. He unloads in the corner before a hip attack. Theory hits back with a big punch before hitting a rolling blockbuster to get a two-count. A back body drop sends Theory to the floor before Knight hits a dropkick. Theory blocks a suplex and hits one of his own on the floor. Waller goes to expose a turnbuckle behind the referee’s back.

Theory brings Knight back into the ring who avoids the exposed turnbuckle and hits a powerslam. Knight hits an elbow drop before Waller runs a distraction. Theory rolls him up for a two-count. Knight counters his attempt to throw him into the exposed turnbuckle. Knight hits BFT in the aftermath to get the pinfall.

Winner – AJ Styles

After the match, Waller gets into the ring but Knight scares him away.

AJ Styles is interviewed backstage and says if he is standing, then he will fight Jimmy however much Jimmy tries to jump on him.

Paul Heyman is backstage with Adam Pearce discussing The Bloodline business and asking who is being traded to SmackDown in Jey Uso’s place. LA Knight barges in and asks Pearce to book him vs Miz. Pearce makes it official for the next week. Heyman introduces himself to Knight and tells him to knock first when he is in the room next team.

The Judgment Day is in the ring. They celebrate themselves before boos take over the arena when Dominik starts to talk. Priest cuts them off by saying that they are proud of Rhea Ripley who is in India beating Natalya. Priest says they did something Roman Reigns and The Bloodline could not do- take away tag team titles from Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Dominik starts to talk again but more boos start. Butch and Ridge Holland come out and they say Fight Night is here and they are here to beat up. Holland says they need to worry about Butch. Balor points a finger at Balor while mocking him. Butch grabs his hand and goes for some joint manipulation. Judgment Day guys are thrown after a brawl breaks out. We cut to a break.

Judgment Day(Finn Balor & Damian Priest) vs The Brawling Brutes(Butch & Ridge Holland)

Priest nails an uppercut on Butch as the match is already started after the break. Balor tags in and puts on a chinlock. Butch turns to work on his arm and stomps on it. Holland tags in and puts Balor in a swing. He hits a double underhook suplex next. Balor escapes to tag in Priest. Priest hits a big shot before running tackle and big punch. Priest hits multiple shots on his back. Holland hits Air Raid Crash on both opponents at the same time. Dominik runs a distraction.

We see Pretty Deadly watching the match from backstage as Balor and Priest get Holland under control. Balor grounds Holland with a chinlock. Balor keeps blocking Holland who ultimately hits a back body drop. Butch gets the tag and knocks off Priest before he hits sidekicks on Balor in the corner. Butch hits a stomp and a shining wizard. Butch sends Balor out to the floor and hits a dive on Balor and Priest. We cut to a break.

Balor hits a superplex as we return. Butch tries to counter but Balor hits an elbow drop. Priest and Holland get the tag. Priest hits some kicks before Holland hits a back body drop. Butch joins Holland for a double team slam but Priest kicks out at two. Priest hits a roundhouse kick to Priest. Priest comes back and hits a headlock driver to the mat. Butch hits back with a dropkick. Balor tags in but Butch hits a German suplex.

Butch catches Dominik as he tries to interfere again. Balor hits Butch with a slingblade and dropkick. Butch counters and hits an enzuigiri. Balor hits a shotgun dropkick before tagging in Priest. Priest hits South of Heaven on both opponents. Balor hits Coupe de Grace on Priest to get the pinfall.

Winners – Judgment Day

Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits come out after the match and get into the ring. They stand face-to-face in the ring, staring at each other. Lashley says The Bloodline is crumbling, but it will not Judgment Day takeover, but it will be them who will takeover SmackDown.

AJ Styles finds The Good Brothers and Michin laughing as they watch a video. AJ asks them if they saw Jimmy Uso jumping at him. He snaps at them when they yes and throws Anderon’s phone. They reply that they told him not to get into Bloodline business, but AJ did not listen. AJ says, if it is going to be like this, then he does not want them ringside for his match.

AJ Styles vs Jimmy Uso

Jimmy misses as he goes for a superkick right away. AJ trips him as his leg gets stuck in the corner and then on the ropes. AJ hits kicks to send him to the floor. Jimmy rolls up AJ for a two-count. AJ takes over control. He hits a backbreaker and an enzuigiri to get a two-count. He hits some kicks. Jimmy is saying that he is hurt. AJ hits a big sidekick and goes for the Styles Clash. Jimmy slips to the floor to regroup.

AJ keeps screaming at him to get back in as he walks around the ring. AJ hits rights when he comes in. Jimmy hits back elbow to drop AJ. Jimmy slips to the floor when AJ whips him. AJ catches him when he is showboating. Jimmy hits a kick to cut off a slide on the apron. Paul Heyman has come out on the stage with Solo Sikoa. Jimmy slams AJ’s face on the steel steps as we cut to a break.

AJ is in control and hits some kicks as we return. Jimmy hits a back body drop. Jimmy is showboating again as Solo Sikoa watches him from the floor. He hits a hip attack in the corner before putting a chin lock. AJ fires shots but Jimmy trips him to the mat. Jimmy puts on a chinlock. AJ hits a belly to back suplex to counter. They slap each other before Jey hits an enzuigiri. AJ replies with a Pele kick. AJ clotheslines Jimmy to the floor in front of Solo. AJ hits a jumping forearm before throwing Jimmy back in.

Jimmy ducks the Phenomenal Forearm but hits a backbreaker on his knees. AJ hits a corner clothesline before Jey hits a kick to midsection and a big punch to get a two-count. AJ hits a flurry of strikes. Jimmy hits a headbutt. AJ hits him with a DDT to get another two-count. AJ goes for the phenomenal forearm but decides to change direction due to Solo standing at ringside. Jimmy hits him with kick to midsection. Jimmy hits some shots to his back.

AJ slips to the floor. Jimmy hits some punches as Solo gets near AJ. AJ hits back and Jimmy before shoving Solo away. AJ sends Jimmy into the ringpost before he hits The Phenomenal Forearm to get the pinfall.

Winner – AJ Styles

AJ slips out of the ring as Solo gets inside. Finn Balor and Damian Priest attack AJ and sends him into the ring for Solo. Solo hits a Samoan Spike to close the show.

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