WWE SmackDown Results December 15, 2023, Live Updates, Winners

WWE SmackDown December 15 2023
Credits – WWE

Welcome to the live results coverage blog for WWE SmackDown December 15, 2023 episode which will be live from Green Bay, WI.

The highlight of the show was the return of Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, who came to handle some “tribal” business. Randy Orton was quick to confront him apart from his match against Jimmy Uso later in the night.

Apart from this, two matches for United States #1 Contender tournament also take place. Kevin Owens took on Austin Theory in one of the first-round matches. The other match saw Carmelo Hayes making SmackDown debut against Grayson Waller.

The Kabuki Warriors were also in action as they faced Zelina Vega and Michin. The build for Royal Rumble 2024 event also continued. Tune in below for results from WWE SmackDown December 15, 2023 episode.


  • Carmelo Hayes defeated Grayson Waller in United States Tournament First Round Match via pinfall.
  • Kevin Owens defeated Austin Theory in United States Tournament First Round Match via pinfall.
  • The Kabuki Warriors(Asuka & Kairi Sane) defeated Zelina Vega & Michin in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Randy Orton defeated Jimmy Uso in a singles match via pinfall.


Orton Confront The Tribal Chief

Roman Reigns opens the show as he makes his grand entrance with Paul Heyman, Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso. He takes the mic and says he is here to celebrate the holiday season. It’s promotion season and he is a good boss. Tonight is about one man who has put his body on the line, understands what needs to be done for the Family and is next in line to be the Tribal Chief if anything happens to him. Jimmy steps up and removes his shirt anticipating his name to said. Roman asks him to join him in congratulating his brother Solo Sikoa. Roman hugs Solo. Jimmy is a bit miffed. Randy Orton’s music hits and he comes out as we cut to a break.

Randy Orton gets into the ring as we return. He takes the mic and says he has been thinking about this for the last 18 months, but he does not have much to say. The only thing he wants to say is that he will take everything from Roman. The fact of the matter is that it will start tonight and it will end at Royal Rumble, because he is challenging for the WWE Championship. The crowd gets behind Orton.

Roman replies that by the sound of the crowd, Orton deserves this. But, Roman has never thought about him in 18 months and he has done nothing to get this title shot. Orton agrees that Roman has evolved and is a legend. Orton says he has also evolved, but one thing he will always be is a Legend Killer. Orton gets closer to Roman while he was saying this and attempts an RKO. Roman pushes back and falls down. Orton says Roman might just start thinking about Orton now and may have just crapped his pants. Orton ends the promo saying, “Daddy is back”.

We get a video package introducing Carmelo Hayes before Waller makes his entrance.

Carmelo Hayes vs Grayson Waller – United States Tournament First Round Match

They start and run the ropes after a throw from side headlock by Carmelo. Carmelo hits a dropkick. Waller nails a big right after some attempt to counter. Carmelo hits chops. Waller hits a kick to his knee. Carmelo gets an inside cradle to get a two-count. Waller hits a leg lariat. Hayes hits an enzuigiri before he counters big boot in the corner, sets Waller on the ropes and hits a springboard leg drop. They dodge each other on the floor before Hayes hits a springboard clothesline. Waller rolls to the floor. Hayes poses in the ring to take us to a break.

Hayes is trying to make a comeback but tweeks his knee when he goes for a springboard move. Waller quickly take advantage to hit a rolling flatliner. Hayes hits chops before throwing rights and lefts, a clothesline, a pump kick and tilt-a-whirl facebuster to get a two-count. Waller hits a modified DDT to come back into the match. Hayes gets a victory roll to counter a powerbomb. Hayes hits a springboard DDT to get another near fall. He quickly follows with double knees and then hits his leg drop finisher from the top rope to get the pinfall.

Randy Orton is backstage as LA Knight comes in. Orton says he does not need Knight’s help while Knight replies that the numbers of The Bloodline will catch up with Orton. Knight finishes the segment saying that he is the one who will take everything from Roman.

Kevin Owens vs Austin Theory – United States Tournament First Round Match

Owens hits an armdrag to start and puts on an arm wringer. Theory pushes him back and hits kicks in the corner. Owens hits chops before dropping Theory and hitting a standing senton. Theory rolls to the floor. Owens meets him on the apron where he blocks a DDT. Owens pushes him to the floor and hits a cannonball. Theory drops his arm on the ropes after Owens gets back in. Theory drops Owens to take us to a break.

Owens hits a splash after fighting Theory off the top rope. Owens hurts his fractured arm which leads to a delay in cover for a two-count. Owens hits a Swanton bomb, but Theory gets his knees up. Theory fires somes shots before Owens makes a comeback quickly. He creates some momentum before he hits an inverted atomic drop and a DDT to get a two-count. Owens gets to the top rope where Theory counters with seated springboard Spanish Fly to get a two-count.

Theory goes for a superplex but Owens counters it with a fisherman’s buster from the top rope. Theory rolls out of the ring to avoid a pin. Owens gets to the floor. Theory slams his face into the ring post and hits inverted atomic drop on the barricade. Owens barely beats the referee’s count. Theory hits a rolling blockbuster but Owens kicks out of the pin. Theory sets him up on the top rope but Owens slips up and pushes his face into the ring post to put him in a Tree of Woe.

KO hits a cannonball in the corner before hitting a Swanton bomb for a near fall. Theory blocks a stunner and kicks at Owens’ fractured arm. Owes rolls to the floor and Theory stomps on the arm on the ring post before he slams it into the ring post. Back to the ring, Owens swings wildly from the arm with the cast and gets the pinfall.

Roman Reigns is in foul mood in his locker room where he says this was supposed to be a celebration, but Orton spoiled it and somebody needs to teach him a lesson. Jimmy Uso says this sounds like a job for The Tribal Hier. Roman says it’s promotion season and asks Jimmy to think of the possibilities if he beats Randy Orton. Jimmy gets excited and says “Yeet”. Roman stares him down and Jimmy says, “no Yeet”.

We get a vignette from Karrion Kross who talks about his return.

Kevin Owens is backstage when Cameron Grimes comes in and says he wishes he could have punched Austin Theory in the face like him. Kayla Braxton stops Owens for an interview. He talks about his next opponent Carmelo Hayes who remind Owens of himself when he took on John Cena after coming in from NXT. Hayes walks in behind him and tells him he needs this win more than Owens and he won’t be getting punched in the face.

We get a confirmation from the commentary team taht Charlotte Flair suffered a knee injury last week. We cut to a promo from Bayley talking about Damage CTRL. IYO SKY says it’s IYO’s Era now and no one can stop her. Bayley says with the Kabuki Warriors added to Damage CTRL, they are tougher than ever. The group talks about raising the bar with Kabuki Warriors going after the women’s tag titles and Bayley announcing she is entering the women’s Royal Rumble match where she would win and then challenge Rhea Ripley for the title.

The Kabuki Warriors(Kairi Sane & Asuka) make their entrance, but gets attacked from behind by Michin and Zelina Vega. Michin and Zelina beat them down. They keep the upper hand as brawling continues in the ring. We cut to a break.

Zelina Vega & Michin vs The Kabuki Warriors(Asuka & Kairi Sane)

Back from the break, the match is underway. The Kabuki Warriors double-teaming against Michin. Kairi hits a sliding knee in the corner and a flying forearm. Asuka comes in with another knee. Kairi quickly follows up with a sliding right to Michin’s back. Michin ducks a kick from Asuka and gets her down to get a two-count. Zelina comes in hot agianst Kairi after the tags with a some clotheslines, a kick to the face, a jumping knee and a Hammerlock DDT.

Kairi blocks 619 with a spinning back fist. Asuka tags in and puts Zelina in the Asuka Lock. Zelina counters it with a pin attempt. Michin tags in and hits Asuka with headbutts. Kairi sends Zelina into the announce table. Michin decks Kairi off the apron with a boot. A kick takes down Asuka before Michin gets to the top rope. Dakota comes out and gets on the apron for a distraction. This allows Bayley to push Michin from the top rope. Kairi tags in to the In-Sane elbow to get the pinfall.

Jimmy Uso is talking to Solo Sikoa backstage and says things don’t seem right to him tonight as Roman Reigns was talking funny. He says it could be a set up and asks Solo if he knew of anything. Solo does not say anything.

Randy Orton vs Jimmy Uso

Orton starts with punches. He looks for a draping early, but Jimmy pushes him back and gets to the floor, asking for timeout. We cut to a break.

Orton drops Jimmy on the announce table as we return from the break. Jimmy hits punches as they return to the ring. Orton corners him and hits punches from the second rope. Orton stomps on him for a while. Jimmy hits an enzuigiri after Orton catches his leg. Jimmy keeps control and hits countdown punches from the second rope. Jimmy hits a back body drop to send Orton to the floor as we cut to another break.

Orton hits a clothesline as we return from the break. Jimmy dodges a snap powerslam but Orton hits it in the second attempt. Orton then hits draping DDT next. Orton gets ready for RKO, but Solo Sikoa walks out. LA Knight also comes out and meets him on the stage itself to send him into the barricade. Orton hits an RKO on Jimmy to get the pinfall.

After the match, Roman Reigns runs over LA Knight from behind on the ramp. A brawl ensues with the Bloodline taking over Randy and Knight. AJ Styles’ music hits, but he comes from the crowd to hit Phenomenal Forearm. The Bloodline retreats to the floor. AJ, Randy and Knight stand tall in the ring. Suddenly, AJ hits Knight with a clothesline from behind. Then, he walks past the Bloodline. The show comes to a close with the commentators going through next week’s card.

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