WWE SmackDown Live Results & Updates- 31 January 2020

The commentary team sends us to the highlights of The Fiend vs Daniel Bryan match from Royal Rumble. We also see Bryan’s post-match comments where he revealed the scars on his back from the strap beating. He talked about how he FaceTimed wife and daughter, but Brie wouldn’t let Birdie see her daddy’s “boo-boos” because they were too graphic.

Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss vs Fire & Desire

As Nikki and Bliss enter, the commentary team tells us that the winners will get a title shot against Kabuki Warriors. Fire and Desire go after Nikki and Alexa from the start but they turn the tables. Bliss traps Rose into the apron. Sonya charges at her on the outside to run into a blow. Sonya slams Alexa’s head on the announce table to regain the upper hand.

Mandy and Sonya keep Bliss cornered for a bit. Bliss hits a back elbow but Mandy drills her with a knee to the face for a two count. Bliss finally tags in Nikki and she goes wild on Rose. Cross knocks Sonya off the apron and hits Mandy with a running bulldog. She hits a crossbody but Deville breaks up the pin. Alexa tags back in and hits Twisted Bliss on Rose for the pin and the win.

Winner- Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Braun Strowman – WWE Intercontinental Champions Match

Nakamura ducks Strowman to start. He hits a few sidekicks before Strowman takes down with a shoulder tackle. Strowman continues to batter Nakamura from corner to corner. He hits a corner splash but misses the big boot. Nakamura wastes no time in hitting a kick to his back. He drives his knees into the back while Zayn also takes a cheap shot at Strowman.

Nakamura puts in the face lock. Strowman shows his power to come out of the hold and slam Nakamura into the mat. Nakamura quickly hits a running kick to thwart. Strowman fights out of the corner and tosses Nakamura around before hitting a few tackles. He hits a blow to the chest and the running truck.

Nakamura avoids the power slam in the ring and few kicks buy him time. Zayn unbuckles a turnbuckle and Nakamura tries to slam Strowman’s head into it. However, Strowman counters and slams Nakamura into it instead. Strowman hits the running power slam to get the pin and win his first singles title in WWE.

Winner- Braun Strowman(new Intercontinental Champion)

Sami Zayn and Cesaro are with a beaten up Nakamura backstage. Zayn starts his promo but Elias, from the ring, interrupts him. Sami Zayn interrupts from backstage and wants to say his piece. He utters a word or two when Elias starts playing his song. Zayn is frustrated when the same thing happens again. He asks Cesaro to take care of Elias.

Elias introduces himself and talks about being on the road to WrestleMania. He asks everyone to join in with claps as he was about to start playing. Cesaro’s music interrupts and he comes out. Elias attacks him as he enters the stage. Elias sends Cesaro packing with clotheslines and suplexes.

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