WWE SmackDown Live Results & Updates- 31 January 2020

SmackDown Results 31 January 2020

Welcome to ITN’s Live Results & Updates Blog for WWE Friday Night SmackDown episode of 31 January 2020(1/31/2020).

Date- 31 January 2020
Location- Gila River Center, Glendale, AZ, US
Time- 8 PM EST(1 February 2020 1 AM GMT/6:30 AM IST)

Roman and Corbin Continue!!

Roman Reigns comes out to open the show. The Usos enter next and stand next Roman in the ring. Roman starts his promo by reminding us how he whooped Corbin around the Baseball stadium. But, he lost the Royal Rumble match and he does not like to lose. So after they beat Corbin and his sidekicks tonight, he will start focusing on WrestleMania.

King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode come out to the ramp. Corbin says Roman only won because The Usos interfered. He also says that it was because of Usos’ attack that he was not in better shape for Royal Rumble match. The Usos tell him that he is out here playing King in the wrong game- Corbin is playing checkers while they are playing chess.

Corbin takes a shot at the Usos’ arrest last year and then shows us how he humiliated Roman by dog food a month ago. Roman says Corbin is still stuck in the past and proposes a stipulation that loser of tonight’s main event 6 men tag team match eats dog food. Roode and Ziggler tell Corbin to not take the bait, but Corbin agrees to it.

Heavy Machinery vs The Revival vs Lucha House Party vs The Miz & John Morrison- Tag Team #1 Contender Match

Wilder and Tucker start with Tucker taking down his opponent with a shoulder tackle. He puts Wilder in the bearhug and tags in Otis, who also puts Wilder in the bearhug. Wilder rakes his yes and tags in Dawson. Dawson gets some shots going while Metalik blind tags in from Otis. Metalik starts with an enziguiri to Dawson but Morrison tags himself in, only to run into plenty of offense from Metalik.

Sunset flip into the pin is broken by the Revival. The match breaks down in chaos as everyone starts getting involved. The Revival and Heavy Machinery is sent outside by LHP. The Revival catches Dorado in the dive but Morrison hits a dive to take everyone down. The chaos continues as we go to the break.

Morrison holding Dorado in a headlock. Miz tags in for a quick double team but Lince counters with a double stunner. Otis and Tucker come in and clear the ring. Otis throws Morrison across the ring with a T-Bone suplex. He hits Miz and Morrison with the caterpillar elbow drop at the same time. The Revival counter the compactor and Dawson almost pins Otis. After an exchange involving all four teams, Miz and Morrison finish off Dawson with the Skull Crushing Finale and Starship Pain for the win.

Winner- The Miz and John Morrison

After the break, we see Heavy Machinery backstage when Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville approach them. They talk about their match before Otis asks Mandy out for next Friday. However, Mandy says she is busy that day and proposes the following Friday for date. Otis is elated as Rose and Deville leave. Tucker points out to Otis that he has got a date for Valentines Day.

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