WWE SmackDown Live Results and Updates- 25 December 2018

Daniel Bryan Spoiles R-Truth and Carmella’s Christmas Celebration

SmackDown opens with R-Truth and Carmella coming out as Santa and Mrs. Claus who tried to spread Christmas cheer but are interrupted by WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Bryan said Truthy Claus is a joke and his tussle with crowd continued as he called everyone fickle. He talked about how pollution will eliminate the North Pole soon and with it, the Santa will be gone. Truth made Bryan remember that he is no 30 entry at Royal Rumble and once he wins, he would be coming for Bryan’s title at Wrestle Mania. Truth and Carmella then broke into a dance which infuriated Bryan who assaulted Truth. So, here is the start of a storyline for Wrestle Mania.

Backstage Action

1. In an interview, Rusev reminded everyone that it was his birthday and Christmas. Therefore it’s going to be a good day for him to win the United States Championship.

2. Daniel Bryan attacked Mustafa Ali while he was being congratulated by other members for coming into the SmackDown roaster. As other members tried to break up the fight, Daniel Bryan continued stomping on Ali and kept  screaming “You don’t deserve to be here!”

Mustafa Ali vs. Andrade Almas

Almas started with 2 dropkicks and a body slam before Ali countered with a hurricanrana. Ali put pressure on Almas for some time. Almas nails a back elbow and after a near fall was getting ready for DDT which was cut off by Ali with a dropkick. Almas went for the double knees, but Ali moved away. Ali then landed a DDT and then a 054 as well as the pin.

Winner: Mustafa Ali 

The Usos and the Club vs. the Bar and Sanity- 8 Man Tag Team Match

The New Day was on commentary for this match. Anderson started against Sheamus who landed a huge kick and tagged in Cesaro. Anderson hit a spinebuster on Cesaro before Jey came in to hit a hip strike. Jimmy tagged in for a double team before Cesaro tags in Wolfe. Sanity double team Uso until he fired back with some strikes. Dain kept Uso isolated from his team with a submission. Gallows eventually got the tag and took out everyone on the other team with Anderson helping. Sheamus and Cesaro took Gallows down but The Usos broke up the pin. Jimmy and Jey threw some superkicks before Cesaro countered. Anderson and Gallows hit the Magic Killer on Cesaro for the win.

Winner: The Club

Miz TV with Shane McMahon

The Miz and Shane McMahon sat down for the holiday edition of Miz TV with Shane McMahon’s World Cup trophy in the middle. Shane started by saying that the new mandate is for WWE to listen to the fans. The Miz then says despite all his achievements, his dad isn’t proud of him and his accomplishments. He then said that his dad is a fan of Shane and that he asked him to tag team with Shane. Miz then asked the crowd if they want to see Shane McMahon and The Miz become a team, and got a resounding ‘yes’. And now we have a new tag team – Shane McMahon and The Miz.

Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe

After exchanging a few punches between them, Joe threw Hardy on the floor and followed up with a huge elbow. After landing an enzuigiri, Joe worked on Hardy’s shoulder. Hardy countered with a great sequence and followed it up with a dropkick, then a Whisper in the Wind and then a Twist of Fate. Joe rolled out of the ring after this brutal assault. Hardy threw himself on Joe on the outside and landed knees on Joe. Jeff ended up getting disqualified when he refused to stop stomping on Joe at ringside. He threw Joe over the announce table. Joe ended up grabbing him in the Coquina Clutch and choked him out. This rivalry is getting more intense.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Rusev- U.S. Championship 

Rusev landed some big blows on Nakamura to start the match, and then shouldered him to the floor. Nakamura countered by putting Rusev in a triangle but Rusev rolled out. Nakamura controlled the match while working on Rusev’s neck. Rusev then countered with some suplexes. Nakamura then put Rusev over the turnbuckle and ropes and landed a knee to Rusev’s sternum. Nakamura tried to tire out Rusev by putting him in the sleeper. Rusev tried to suplex Nakamura to the outside, but Nakamura landed a kick to the side of Rusev’s head. After some more kicks, Nakamura again put Rusev into the sleeper. After a kick on the head, Nakamura rolled out and got thrown on the barricade. Nakamura then threw Rusev into the steel steps and then through the commentary table. Putting a huge Machka Kick, Rusev was getting ready for the Accolade but Nakamura countered with a triangle submission. After some back and forth action, Rusev landed his second Machka Kick of the match and then the pinfall to win the US championship

Winner: Rusev

SmackDown Results Chronology

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