WWE SmackDown June 9, 2023 Live Results & Updates

WWE SmackDown June 9 2023

Welcome to the live results blog for WWE SmackDown June 9, 2023 episode which was an important episode on the road to Money in the Bank 2023 PLE.

4 qualifiers were set for Money in the Bank Ladder matches. Iyo Sky faced Shotzi while her Damage CTRL teammate Bayley faced Michin Mia Yim. Free Agent Mustafa Ali faced LWO’s Santos Escobar in the men’s qualifier. Another free agent in Baron Corbin took on The Brawling Brutes’ Butch to complete the qualifiers section.

The more interesting storyline on the episode was Jey Uso’s dilemma. After it became clear that Jimmy Uso was no longer part of Roman Reigns’ circle, The Tribal Chief had given Jey Uso a choice between Jimmy and himself. Which side did Jey choose?

Additionally, WWE also presented a new title, WWE Women’s Championship, to RAW Women’s Champion Asuka. Tune in below for complete results from WWE Friday Night Smackdown June 9, 2023 episode with live updates, winners, and complete action.


  • Santos Escobar defeated Mustafa Ali in Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier via pinfall.
  • Bayley defeated Michin in Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier via pinfall.
  • Butch defeated Baron Corbin in Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier via pinfall.
  • Iyo Sky defeated Shotzi in Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier via pinfall.
  • Austin Theory(c) defeated Jey Uso in a singles match via pinfall to retain WWE United States Championship.


Jey’s Choice

The show opens with a recap of the segment between The Bloodline last week and how Roman Reigns has removed Jimmy Uso from The Bloodline. Paul Heyman is in the ring with Solo Sikoa. Jey Uso’s music hits and he comes out in an indifferent mood. Jey tells Solo that he can let so many things but stabbing your big brother in the back is not one of them. He throws the mic before saying that say what they got to say. Heyman says Jey has got it all wrong because it is not anyone’s fault but Jimmy’s.

Heyman says Jimmy made up his mind without thinking about anyone but himself. Heyman asks Jey if Jimmy asked him before hitting Roman with a superkick at Night of Champions. Heyman says Roman Reigns wants to groom Jey as the next Tribal Chief and Jimmy knows this from day 1, and hence resented Jey since then. Jey is more conflicted now. Heyman says he has arranged a match for Jey for tonight to give him an opportunity to bring in more gold in the Bloodline. But, it will not be the tag team gold as there is no more The Usos due to Jimmy Uso.

Heyman says if Jey beats Austin Theory for United States Championship, Roman Reigns will publically groom him as the next Tribal Chief and someday, Jey can take his place. But, Heyman wants the answer now. Jey says he will take up Heyman on that US title challenge. Heyman puts his hand out asking if they have a deal. The crowd starts chanting “no”. Jey thinks for a bit and says he will think about it, and leaves the ring.

Santos Escobar vs Mustafa Ali – Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier

LA Knight is out to sit at the commentary table. Ali and Escobar argue a bit before they engage. Escobar hits a flying tackle after coming off the ropes. Ali hits back with a hurricanrana to send Escobar to the floor. Escobar regroups on the floor before he blocks a basement slide from Ali and brawl with him on the floor. He hits an enzuigiri against the ring post.

Escobar blocks a move on the apron before sending him into the ring post and hits a hurricanrana to drop Ali off the apron and onto the floor. Ali is sent into the ring but he gets out from the other side. Escobar hits him with a suicide dive. Escobar hits a crossbody off the top rope when Ali gets up. We cut to a break.

They are fighting on the top rope. Escobar pushes Ali off the top but Ali lands on his feet. Ali then catches Escobar with a dropkick as he jumps off the top. Back to the ring, Escobar avoids 450-splash and sends Ali face-first into the turnbuckle to get a two-count. Ali hits a Tornado DDT after soe more blocks from both sides. Ali gets to the top again. Escobar hits him with a kick. Escobar picks him up in fireman’s carry despite Ali hitting him with elbows, and hits Phatom Driver off the top to get the pinfall.

Winner – Santos Escobar

Rey Mysterio hugs Escobar on the floor while the other LWO members also come out to celebrate with him.

Jey Uso is pacing backstage when Sami Zayn walks in. Sami says he wants to tell Jey something that he should have said long ago. He says he had the best time in his life when he was in the Bloodline. He talks about his time in The Bloodline and how they would do all those handshakes and make everyone laugh. But, that could not continue only due to one man, and it is not Roman Reigns but The Tribal Chief. Sami says when the Tribal Chief takes over, Roman hears Heyman’s voice in his ears. Sami also has to prove his loyalty again and again even after he did everything for the family, and he finally snapped. Sami says Jimmy and Solo will be the one standing with him when all is over. So, whatever decision he makes, he should think carefully.

Women’s Tag Titles to be Unified!

Kayla Braxton is out in the ring and she brings out NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn. Before Kayla can ask them anything, Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler come out to interrupt them. Shayna says Fyre and Dawn want to call themselves women’s tag titles. Shayna asks them what do they know about the history of NXT women’s tag team titles, and says she is the reason those titles were created.

Ronda says she was crunching numbers and realized that they will run through the division very quickly and so, they want to come for them. Fyre and Dawn accept the challenge for title unification match before decking their opponents with elbows. A brawl breaks out and Shayna and Ronda take the upper hand first. Dawn and Fyre then take contrl of the brawl and force Shayna and Ronda to retreat.

We get a video package for The Iron Shiek who passed away earlier this week.

Bayley vs Michin – Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier

AJ Styles is on the commentary table while Iyo Sky is in Bayley’s corner. Bayley rushes the attack as the bell rings. Bayley tales Michin to the floor and slams her face into the announce table. Bayley engages in words with AJ and Michin hits her with a suicide dive. Michin hits gets a two-count with a roll-up in the ring. Michin hits a hurricanrana before a knee strike in the corner to get a two-count. Michin hits Koala kicks to Bayley’s face and Bayley acts injured to get some breather. Michin nails her with a big shot when she tries to catch her with a cheap shot. Bayley drives Michin into the turnbuckles and then hits Roseplant to get the pinfall.

Winner – Bayley

AJ Styles is disgusted at the commentary table. Scarlett comes in front of him and throws some red powder into her eyes. Karrion Kross is behind AJ and puts him in a choke. Kross and Scarlett stand over AJ to close the segment.

Bianca Belair is backstage with Adam Pearce. Pearce says he has a lot to figure out in the women’s division as a lot is going on with tag title unification and they are handing Asuka a new title belt. He asks Bianca to not attack Asuka tonight as she is in line for a rematch.

AJ Styles is impatient backstage as the other OC members calm him down. Michin assures him that they will get Kross and Scarlett.

New WWE Women’s Championship

Adam Pearce is in the ring and brings out RAW Women’s Champion Asuka. Asuka makes her entrance. Pearce unveils the new WWE Women’s Championship, which replaces RAW Women’s title and puts it on Asuka’s waist. As soon as Asuka gets the title, Charlotte Flair’s music hits and she comes out to the ring. Charlotte says she doesn’t wait in line and make the line. She tells Asuka that no one respects her more than her, but she wants that title and challenges her for the title match. Asuka accepts the challenge and Flair instructs Pearce to put that title on her waist when she wins. Asuka goes for Green Mist but Flair ducks it and tackles Asuka. Asuka rolls out of the ring and leaves.

Paul Heyman is backstage with Jey Uso now. Heyman asks Jey for his passport and his measurements. Jey asks him the reason. Heyman says there will be a triple celebration next week on SmackDown for Jey Uso winning US title and a public acknowledgement from Roman Reigns to groom Jey as the next Tribal Chief. He wants Jey’s measurements to get a new suit for Jey. And he needs passport because Jey will be flying to Money in the Bank in Roman’s private jet, which will be Jey’s private jet someday. Jey shakes his hands while laughing. Jey says he understands why he is happy, but asks Heyman why is Heyman happy because if Jey is in The Bloodline, Heyman will not be. Jey leaves while Heyman is left with a frown. He is about to call Roman but decides against it.

Adam Pearce is backstage once again, and he is now talking on call about making Asuka vs Flair in London at Money in the Bank. Bianca Belair comes behind him and Pearce just says he will figure it out.

Baron Corbin vs Butch – Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier

Butch is out in the ring for the match before the break. NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are in the front row. Baron Corbin comes out and takes the mic. He says Carmelo and Trick better be enjoying the show because he is about to become MITB briefcase once again. He boasts for a while before the bell rings.

Butch nails him with a dropkick as the bell rings. Butch hits more kick, an enzuigiri and a kick from the top. Corbin hits a backbreaker to get into the match. Hayes and Trick are on their feet in the crowd. Butch counters Deep Six and kicks Corbin. Corbin gets to the apron where Butch starts to work on his right hand. Corbin hits back elbows to break free. Corbin hits him with a clothesline from the apron. Corbin screams at Carmelo before going for a chokeslam with his left arm. Butch counters with a smart pin attempt to get the pinfall.

Winner – Butch

Corbin talks trash with Carmelo and Trick. He nails a punch on Trick before Carmelo hits him back in retaliation. Referees and crew members block them from fighting any more.

After the break, Butch is celebrating with The Brawling Brutes. Baron Corbin comes and screams that it is not fair as Carmelo Hayes was out there. Cameron Grimes hits Corbin from behind to drop him.

Shotzi vs Iyo Sky – Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier

Bayley distracts Shotzi, and Iyo tackles her to the corner before getting a two-count. Shotzi hits back and but Iyo jumps on her elbow after countering in the corner. Iyo cranks her arm and before kicking at it. She drops Shotzi’s arm on the ropes. Shotzi ducks her move off the top and hits her with a bulldog. Shotzi hits more quick moves and sends Iyo into the corner to hit a cannonball. Shotzi hits a suicide dive on the floor. Bayley distracts her as she goes to the top. Iyo hits Shotzi with an uppercut on the top rope. Shotzi hits a headbutt to drop Iyo back to the floor. Bayley trips Shotzi on the top as Iyo distracts the referee. Iyo hits Over the Moonsault to get the pinfall.

Winner – Iyo Sky

Austin Theory is interviewed backstage and says it was a disrespect for the champion that he was the last to know about his title match tonight and had no time to prepare. But he assures us that he will beat Jey Uso tonight just as he defeated John Cena at WrestleMania. He also asks Paul Heyman to just watch Austin Theory Live if he wants a new client after next week.

Kevin Owens is backstage with Sami Zayn and asks about Jey Uso. They are interrupted by Pretty Deadly who ask them about defending those tag team titles. The Brawling Brutes, The OC, LWO and The Street Profits come in one by one and stake their claim for a title shot. Adam Pearce comes in and Owens loses his cool. Pearce announces a gauntlet match for next week for these 5 teams.

Austin Theory(c) vs Jey Uso – WWE United States Championship

They lock up and Jey gets control in the first minite. A lariat sends Theory to the floor. Jey sends Theory over the announce table to take us to a break.

Theory is in control with a chinlock on Jey. Jey gets to his feet and starts trading punches with Theory. He hits a neckbreaker to break the sequence. Jey for a corner tackle but Theory trips him into the turnbuckle. Theory hits double knees to get a two-count. Theory hits a big shot to his back before hitting a slam to the mat to get another two-count. Jey blocks A-Town Down and hits an enzuigiri. A superkick from Jey takes down Theory but Theory ends up knocking off the referee also.

Jey hits Usos splash on Theory but the referee is not there to count the pinfall. Pretty Deadly attack Jey and drops his face into the ropes. They get into the ring now. Jimmy Uso runs out and force Pretty Deadly to run away. Solo Sikoa runs out to attack Jimmy and hit him with a superkick. Jey stops Solo from hitting Samoan Spike on Jimmy. In all the commotion, Jimmy ends up hitting a superkick on Jey. Jimmy takes Solo to the floor. Theory gets into the ring and gets the pinfall.

Winner – Austin Theory

Jimmy tries to talk to Jey but he ignores him and gets to the floor. He walks past Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman. Heyman calls Roman Reigns after this. The commentary team takes us through the match card next week to close the show.

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