WWE SmackDown 13 December 2019- Matches & Preview

Check out the preview and matches announced for the WWE Friday Night SmackDown episode of 13 December 2019 (12/13/2019).

Roman Reigns To Be Unchained!!

Roman Reigns SmackDown 13 December 2019

Why wouldn’t he be? It is a go-home show for a PPV, and when was the last time when Roman Reigns did go to a PPV looking beaten up. It’s hard to remember actually. So, after being pasted over with the dog food last week, expect Roman to look strong this time around.

What more to expect?

  • Where is Daniel Bryan? After the Fiend dragged him under the ring and probably ripped off his hair, Bryan is nowhere to be seen.
  • Last week, Bray Wyatt challenged the Miz to come and play with him. But he also threatened Miz to make some move against his family. What exactly does Wyatt have in mind?
  • Lacey Evans had the crowd behind her last week when she came out to confront Bayley and Sasha Banks. After showing some credibility as the babyface, will she get a title shot against Bayley at TLC?

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