WWE RAW Results & Updates – 25 May 2020

Drew McIntyre on VIP Lounge
Drew McIntyre on VIP Lounge on WWE RAW 25 May episode

Welcome to ITN’s Live Results & Updates Blog for WWE Monday Night RAW episode of 25 May 2020(5/25/2020).

Date- 25 May 2020
Location- WWE Performance Center, Orlando, FL, US
Time- 8 PM EST(26 May 2020 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)

The show goes live. We see WWE developmental and NXT talent in the arena in place of the crowd. The barrier is raised and a plexiglass shield is put up beside it.

Kevin Owens comes out for The Kevin Owens Show. He reveals that he will face Angel Garza in a singles match later in the show. Asuka is his guest for tonight and she comes out chanting for Becky Lynch. Owens also congratulates Becky. Before Asuka could start her promo, WWE NXT Champion Charlotte Flair comes out to interrupt her. Flair points out how Asuka has never defeated her. Natalya comes out now and apologizes to destroy his show’s set last week. Charlotte Flair mocks her until Nia Jax comes out. Sensing the tone, Owens leaves the ring. Asuka drops Nia with a shot at the face while Natalya and Flair brawl at the ringside. Asuka is left standing in the ring.

Apollo Crews defeated Andrade to become the new WWE United States Champion. Zelina Vega accompanied Andrade but Angel Garza did not. Back and forth match at the start. Crews’ enziguiri sends Andrade into Vega, who was on the apron. Vega remained laid out at the ringside and the officials had to come out and check on her. After more back and forth, Crews hits the standing moonsault and standing shooting star press to get the win.

After the match, Charly Caruso gets in the ring for the interview as Crews gets emotional. Crews talks about never giving up and always believing in himself. Andrade is shown throwing fit backstage.

Seth Rollins cuts a promo backstage along with Austin Theory and Buddy Murphy. He informs us that him injuring Rey Mysterio’s eyes two weeks back on RAW, was Mysterio’s last act as a WWE Superstar. Murphy and Theory praise Rollins in their promos. Rollins tells them that they will show Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo that he has brought something good by doing what he did to Mysterio.

Charlotte Flair is with Charly Caruso backstage. Flair says how she has raised the bar for women’s wrestlers. Asuka comes in dancing and mocks Flair saying her color is not red.

The IIconics cuts a promo about their outburst from last week and their WWE journey. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross come out to confront them. Cross tell them that they had to take the same steps in WWE career as them. The IIconics attack them and beat them down. They pose with the titles as the segment ends.

Lana approaches MVP backstage and tells him that they need to talk. MVP ignores her and walks off.

We are in the ring for MVP’s VIP Lounge. Drew McIntyre comes out and destroys the set. He asks for Lashley but MVP says he won’t be getting his hands on Lashley tonight. They do a small promo until Lashley’s music hits. McIntyre hits MVP with a Claymore. Lashley pulls MVP out of the ring. McIntyre yells at him to fight with him. Lashley takes MVP to the back.

Charly approaches Natalya in the back. Natalya takes a phone call and seems like apologizing to Tyson Kid. She goes back to Caruso to finish the interview but Caruso says they’re out of time now. Natalya gets frustrated. It seems like she is heading for a heel turn.

Angel Garza defeated Kevin Owens. Garza attacks Owens as he is entering, hurting his knee. Garza kept on working on the leg. The finish came when Owens tried the pop-up Powerbomb but his knee gave out. Garza hits the Wing Clipper to get the win. Garza hurts Owens’ knee more after the match.

We see a match of Golf between The Viking Raiders and WWE RAW Tag Team Champions the Street Profits. Street Profits win the match with a large margin. They announce that The Profits have won the “Anything You Can Do We Can Do Better” challenges 2-1.

Lana approaches Lashley and MVP with some ice. MVP asks her if this is a joke like everything else is to her, including her husband’s career. They walk off to send a message to Drew McIntyre. Lana starts her screaming.

Austin Theory & Buddy Murphy defeated Humberto Carrillo & Aleister Black. The finish came after Black was knocked out by Murphy from the apron and Theory hit Carrillo with ATL to get the win. After the match, Rollins and his disciples attack Black and toss him into the timekeeper’s area. They attack Carrillo and Black comes back with a steel chair. Rollins warns him to back-off otherwise Carrillo will lose his eye just like Mysterio. Black throws away the chair and back-off.

Edge cuts a promo backstage and tells Randy Orton about how he had matches against the greats of WWE like Shawn Michaels, Undertaker and others. Edge taught many other guys to the next level. He doesn’t know if he can do any of those things anymore but at Backlash 2020 he is going to dig to his soul to try.

The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders fix a bowling match for next week. MVP and Lashley come up to them and end up challenging Street Profits for a tag team match later tonight.

Nia Jax defeated Natalya and Charlotte Flair in a triple threat match to become the #1 contender for WWE RAW Women’s Championship. Asuka is on the commentary for the match and was rooting for Natalya. A typical triple threat match. Natalya and Flair combined to powerbomb Jax through the announce table. Another spot involved a tower of doom. The finish came after Charlotte had Natalya in figure four. Nia broke it with a leg drop on Charlotte and then hit Natalya with the Samoan drop to get the pin. After the match, Asuka stares at Jax in the ring with her title raised.

Drew McIntyre was about to leave the building when Charly approaches her. He tells her MVP was asking for the Claymore. Charly tells him about the tag team match involving MVP and Lashley. Drew tells Charly forgets something in the locker room and says he probably won’t find it until that tag match is over.

R-Truth posted a video on Twitter and issued a warning to WWE 24/7 Champion Rob Gronkowski and any football player he has to go through to get the title back. Next we see a video response from Gronk, who says his years in football and growing up with 4 brothers made him ready for any fight. Gronk says he will see Truth coming because he has eyes in the back of his head.

We see a backstage promo from Liv Morgan.

The Street Profits defeated MVP and Bobby Lashley in a tag team match. Lashley dominated the match while he was in the match. Street Profits got the win after throwing Lashley in the timekeeper’s area and hit MVP with their finisher to get the pin.

After the match, Drew McIntyre comes out and attacks Lashley. The referee had to call in the performance center recruits to try to stop the brawl. McIntyre and Lashley fought against a few of the recruits until they were swarmed. The show went off the air while the tussle was still on.

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