WWE RAW Results February 5, 2024 Live Updates

Gunther WWE RAW February 5
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Catch up on WWE RAW Results from February 5, 2024, which opened with a segment between World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes. Cody was also set to face Shinsuke Nakamura in a Bull Rope match.

The Kabuki Warriors defended Women’s tag team titles against Katana Chance and Kayden Carter. Gunther celebrated completing 600 days as Intercontinental Champion. A 4-way tag team match was also set where DIY, The Creed Brothers, Imperium and New Day competed for a place in the #1 contender match for tag team titles.

The Miz faced JD McDonagh in a singles match. Maxxine Dupri and Akira Tozawa faced Ivar and Valhalla in a mixed tag team match. More build-up for WrestleMania 40 and Elimination Chamber Perth continued. Check below for the results from WWE RAW February 5, 2024 episode.

Results & Updates

The show opened with a recap of the segment from Smackdown last week featuring Cody Rhodes stepping aside and introducing The Rock as Roman Reigns’ challenger.

World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins came out and said he also had more questions than answers. He called Cody Rhodes to come out and he did. The crowd was behind Cody firmly with “We Want Cody” chants. Rollins argued that not only Cody had to face him now, he also wanted to test himself against the best and want to know if he had improved since last facing him. The crowd chanted “no” when Rollins brought Cody facing him at WrestleMania. Before Cody can answer, Drew McIntyre came out and meddled more with things, trying to convince Cody to choose Roman so that Drew can go and face Seth. When Rollins asked what made him think that he would be the one to face him at WrestleMania, Drew hit him with a headbutt. Cody attacked Drew immediately and punched him out of the ring to end the segment.

DIY(Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano) defeated Imperium(Giovanni Vinci & Ludwig Kaiser), The Creed Brothers(Juluius Creed & Brutus Creed) and New Day(Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) in a 4-way tag team match for a place in the #1 contender match for tag team titles. DIY hit a flurry of moves to clear the ring. Then started a series of dives to take out every team on the floor to take us to a break. The chaos continued after the break also with no respect to tags and who is the legal match. It was just about hitting big moves on one another one by one. Brutus had Vinci in an ankle lock. Julius stopped others from breaking it by hitting belly-to-belly suplexes on all other fighers in the match. All other 5 men had to come into the ring at the same time to break it. Brutus took out everyone with a Brutus Ball on the floor before taking Vinci back to the ring. The Creed Brothers hit double team Brutus Ball, but Ciampa tagged in. DIY threw out The Creed Brothers and hit DIY finisher to get the pinfall on Vinci.

We saw promos from Shayna Baszler & Becky Lynch as they get ready to come out for their match.

Becky Lynch defeated Shayna Baszler in the Qualifier for Elimination Chamber #1 Contender match for Women’s World Championship. Becky had a good start before Bazler countered on the floor with a question mark kick and kicking at Becky’s arm against the steel steps. Becky made a comeback after the break. After a long stretch of back-and-forth action. Shayna blocked Disarmher with a gutwrench slam. Becky was able to counter with the Manhandle Slam to get the pinfall.

Liv Morgan was watching this match from backstage. She would face Zoey Stark in another qualifier next week on RAW. She got interviewed backstage where she vowed revenge from Rhea Ripley.

Adam Pearce was giving Drew McIntyre an earful and threatened to fine him for attacking Seth Rollins who is already injured. Rhea Ripley’s music hit and she made her way out. She demanded Nia Jax one-on-one in the ring. Adam Pearce came out to the ring and announced Rhea vs Nia at Elimination Chamber. Nia also made her way out to start a brawl with Rhea. Pearce was knocked off the apron trying to stop the fight. He called for security, but the brawling continued until Nia hit Rhea with annihilator.

Ivar and Valhalla defeated Maxxine Dupri and Akira Tozawa in a mixed tag team match. Tozawa sent Ivar to the floor and hit a suicide dive. Maxxine started strong before some botches. She got booed by the crowd when she went for “Thank You” celebration. Valhalla took her to the floor after some attacks. Ivar hit Tozawa with World’s Strongest Slam from the second rope to get the pinfall.

Judgment Day, apart from Rhea Ripley, are backstage and talking about seeing the back of R-Truth and they just need to beat The Miz now. R-Truth appeared and termed his beatdown last week as re-initiation. They left him alone in the locker room.

The Miz defeated JD McDonagh in a singles match. Dominik Mysterio was in JD’s corner. R-Truth came out with some Judgment Day shirts. He put one on Dominik like a straight jacket when he was trying to help out JD. The Miz then kicked Dominik. JD hit a moonsault on The Miz for a near fall. R-Truth then came to the apron to give JD his cut of merchandise sales that he had denied JD before. Miz caught JD with Skull Crushing finale to get the pinfall.

Backstage, Kaiser and Vinci were talking to Adam Pearce about Gunther’s celebration when Pearce said he had a meeting. Bron Breakker came in with RAW contract.

After the break, Pearce discussed more with Breakker about the contract and left him to ponder on the offer.

Gunther celebrated completing 600 days as Intercontinental Champion in the ring with Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci. He asked who else was left to challenge him. Jey Uso made his way out. Gunther praised Jey as one of the greatest tag teams and longest reigning tag champ, but insulted him by saying that he only had to do 50% of the work. Jey replied back saying that he would win his first singles title beating Gunther. They ultimately got to brawling and New Day had to run out to help Jey.

The Kabuki Warriors(Asuka & Kairi Sane) defeated Katana Chance & Kayden Carter in a tag team match via pinfall to retain Women’s Tag Team Championship. Another good match between these teams which once again ended with Sane hitting Insane Elbow to get the pinfall.

Sami Zayn was interviewed before the show by Jackie Redmond. He talked about Elimination Chamber 2023 where he came out on the losing side but Triple H told him that the gave a performance of a lifetime and compared him to Rocky in Rocky I.

Cody Rhodes defeated Shinsuke Nakamura in a Bull Rope match. Nakamura jumped on Cody early and dominated the first part. Cody sent Nakamura into the ring post between the first and second commercial break. In the final act, Cody countered Kinshasa with a pedigree for a near fall. Nakamura spit Red mist in his face, but Cody was quick to hit him with Cody Cutter only for Nakamura to kick out of the pin once again. Nakamura set up Kinshasa once again but Cody used the rope strap to block it and used the ropes to hit multiple low blows. Cody hit another Crossrhodes to get the pinfall.

After the match, Cody kissed the ring. Drew McIntyre attacked Cody from behind. He finished the show with Claymore kick.

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