WWE RAW Results August 1, 2022, Live Updates

WWE RAW 1 August 2022
Image Credits – WWE

Welcome to the WWE RAW Results live blog for the August 1, 2022 episode which will feature the fallout from SummerSlam 2022 and will start the build-up for the Clash at the Castle event.

Two matches are announced for the show. The Usos will defend the tag team titles against the Mysterios. Two triple threat matches will take place with the winners going forward to #1 contender match for United States title. The Miz, AJ Styles, Mustafa Ali, Tommaso Ciampa, Chad Gable and Dolph Ziggler will be involved in the two matches.

However, the most anticipated thing for this episode is the return of Bayley with Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai. We can also expect a new direction for several wrestlers on the show with new management in place.

Find out all of this and tune in below for WWE RAW Results from the August 1, 2022 episode with live updates, winners, highlights, video, and more details.

WWE RAW Results from August 1, 2022

  • AJ Styles defeated The Miz and Mustafa Ali in a triple threat match via pinfall to advance to #1 Contender Match for US title.
  • Seth Rollins defeated Montez Ford in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Asuka vs Alexa Bliss singles match ended in a No-Contest.
  • Ciampa defeated Dolph Ziggler & Chad Gable in a triple threat match via pinfall to advance to #1 Contender Match for US title.
  • Bianca Belair vs Iyo Sky singles match ended in a No-Contest.
  • Ciampa defeated AJ Styles via pinfall to become #1 Contender for United States Championship.
  • The Usos(Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso)(c) defeated The Mysterios(Rey Mysterio & Dominik) via pinfall to retain unified WWE Tag Team Championship.

Live Updates

Becky is Injured!

Becky comes out with a sling on her left shoulder. It was reported earlier today that she has suffered a separated shoulder injury. Becky talks about giving her everything in the match at Summerslam. She did not need any validation or fancy clothes, but needed grit, determination and wanted to own up her mistakes. Becky confirms her injury at Summerslam and says she had a choice to give up the match but she continue and the 20 minutes in the match were very painful. She then says things were not as painful as facing who she had become during the last 12 months.

She gave her best in that match and she is not defined by any man, she has defined the man. She says she wants to thank you to Bianca for pushing her throughout the past year and asks Bianca to come out. Bianca comes out as her music hits. Bianca says Becky does not only define the man, but she is the man. Becky hugs Bianca and tells her to hold down the title for her. Becky leaves the ring as the crowd chants for her.

Bianca then starts her promo, saying that she never wanted to handed things. She shook Becky’s hands at Summerslam because there is so much of a mutual respect. She says she decided that she will never be caught sleeping again. She starts to mention Bayley when the camera cuts to backstage. Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky are beating up Becky. Bayley was about to hit Becky’s shoulder with a chair, but she stops when WWE Crew runs in. Bianca also runs to the back. Bayley and team is gone by the time Bianca reaches the spot.

We get a video package for United States Championship. All three competitors of the match make their entrance. We see a video from Logan Paul who talks about his passion for WWE.

The Miz vs AJ Styles vs Mustafa Ali – Winner Advances To #1 Contender Match for US title

Miz leaves the ring. Ali hits AJ with a hurricanrana. Miz takes a shot at Ali from the apron. AJ hits him with a basement slide dropkick. AJ goes for Styles Clash on Ali but Miz pulls him out of the ring. Miz slams AJ’s face into the announce table. Ali hits Miz with a suicide dive. Back to the ring, Miz and AJ fight after Ali is thrown to the floor. Miz takes control over AJ and works on him in the corner with kick and chops. AJ reverses a whip but Miz sends him down from the second rope. Ali comes back but AJ hits him with a suplex. Miz hits AJ with a kick and Ali with a DDT to get a two-count. Miz hits It Kicks on AJ’s chest. AJ catches the last kick and hits Miz with a Pele kick.

Ali and AJ trade shots now. AJ slaps Ali to drop him. AJ whips Ali where Ali kicks Miz. Ali hits an overhead kick on AJ but AJ blocks the follow up. Miz runs in and AJ goes for an inverted DDT. Ali runs in to hit neckbreaker on AJ which also brings down Miz in DDT. Both Miz and AJ are down. Ali goes for 450, but misses it. AJ drops Ali with a Pele kick. He also sends Miz to the floor. AJ gets ready for the Phenomenal forearm but Miz pulls him down to the mat. AJ sends Miz into the announce table. Ali jumps from the top to hit AJ with a tornado DDT on the floor.

Miz hits Skull Crusing Finale on Ali when they return to the ring. Miz is slow to go for the pin due to his injuries. Ali kicks out when Miz finally covers him. Ali brings down Miz and hits 450-splash. AJ comes in and hits Ali with Skull Crushing Finale on top of The Miz. AJ gets the pin on Ali.

Winner – AJ Styles

We see Becky Lynch being treated by the medical team. We cut to Sarah Schrieber who asks Bayley to comment on her actions tonight. Bayley says it is not about Bianca or Becky, but it is about them. We will get to know more details soon enough.

Sarah then turns to The Usos to ask about their title defense against The Mysterios. They reply that the Bloodline once again won their matches at Summerslam, and they will once again defend the title successfully tonight.

Seth Rollins makes his entrance. We see a recap of last one week how Riddle was injured by Rollins’ stomp and how he called out Rollins at SummerSlam, only to be stomped again. Rollins takes the mic and welcomes everyone to the show. He says tonight is the night of celebration because we do not need to hear Riddle. He gives props to Riddle for calling him out despite being injured. But Riddle has crossed the stupid line multiple times. Riddle talked so much about his bro Randy that he is now on the shelf with him. Rollins says he can now turn his focus on Roman Reigns and the Universal title.

He is cut off by Street Profits’ entrance. Rollins says he does not want to hear anything from them. Rollins calls them the biggest losers and even advice them to break up. Profits retort by bringing up that they defeated Seth to win tag team titles in 2020, and how Rollins got his a** kicked by Cody who was injured during the match. Rollins says he can stomp their head into the mat, but their are two of them. Profits propose a singles match for either of them against Rollins. They bring in a referee for rock, paper, scissors but Ford pulls the referee and runs into the ring with him.

Seth Rollins vs Montez Ford

Rollins tries to catch Ford with a stomp but Ford avoids it. The bell rings and Ford clotheslines Rollins to the floor. Ford slams his face to the barricade. Back to the ring, Ford keeps control. Rollins rolls to the floor and Ford slams him on the announce table. Rollins catches Ford on the ropes with a knee. Rollins sends him into the ringpost and injures his ribs and shoulder. Rollins with more attack in the ring as he slows down the pace.

Ford tries to fight back but gets hit with knees after running the ropes. Rollins hits a gutbuster. He puts pressure on the ribs. Ford gets to his feet, only to be dropped back to the mat with a back suplex. Ford fights back on the apron and hits a crossbody from the top to get a close two-count. They trade shots. Ford hits a big chop, hits a clothesline, kicks, enzuigiri and an overhead kick. Ford screams as he hulks up and hits a standing moonsault for another two-count. Ford hits a blockbuster for another two-count.

Rollins stops him from going to the top and hits an enzuigiri. A superkick gets Rollins a two-count. Ford avoids the stomp, but Rollins nails him with a rolling elbow. Ford fights out of a powerbomb and hits a tornado DDT. Rollins gets his leg up on the ropes to break the pin. Rollins picks up Ford as he goes to the top and hits a buckle bomb and Falcon Arrow combo to get a close two-count. Rollins goes to the top now but misses a frog splash. Ford also goes for the splash but Rollins gets his knees up and quickly follows up with the stomp to get the pin.

Winner – Seth Rollins

After the match, Rollins was looking for another stomp but Dawkins runs in to force Rollins to run away.

We see a recap of Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns match from Summerslam.

Alexa Bliss vs Asuka

They give each other a tap before starting. Asuka gets the first shot. Bliss brings her down in a crucifix and then hits a dropkick to get a two-count. Asuka hits back with a knee and a dropkick. Bliss hits back with her shots and puts on a chinlock. Asuka breaks it but Bliss slams her to the mat and hits a standing moonsault. Asuka hits her with a running knee. Asuka counters with more attacks and sets up to hit a hip attack in the corner. They continue to fight until Bayley, Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai interfere in the match.

Result – No-Contest

The trio beat up Bliss and Asuka for a while. They set them up and were going to use a steel chair. Bianca Belair runs out and the trio run away into the crowd. Bianca says she does not care who is it going to be, but she wants a match tonight against either of them. Iyo Sky steps up and signals that she will see Bianca.

Ciampa vs Dolph Ziggler vs Chad Gable – Winner Advances To #1 Contender Match for US title

All three competitors make their entrance. Chad Gable takes the mic during his entrance and says he is an olympian and he has a brain big and beautiful twice the size of Texas. He claims that he will defraud Ziggler and Ciampa tonight and move towards winning the US title.

Gable slips to the floor and Ciampa and Ziggler start. Ciampa hits some shots but Ziggler hits him with a dropkick. Gable tries to roll-up Ziggler but only gets a two-count. Ziggler drops Gable but Ciampa was behind to attack Ziggler. Gable and Ciampa work on Ziggler for a while. Some disagreement between Gable and Ciampa for the cover. Ziggler fights them off but Ciampa catapults him into the turnbuckle. Gable stomps Ciampa’s face into the match and hits a side suplex. Ziggler hits Gable with Zig-Zag to get a two-count and takes us to a break.

Gable puts on ankle lock on Ziggler and Ciampa puts on crossface. Gable kicks away Ciampa as he holds onto the ankle lock. Ciampa hits a running knee on Gable from behind to break his lock. Ciampa hits a knee drop on Ziggler’s ankle. Ciampa hits the White Noise from the second rope. Gable breaks the pin. Gable hits some shots. Ciampa hits him with a rolling elbow. Gable goes for German Suplex but Ziggler hits both of them with Zig-Zag mid-suplex.

Gable is sent to the outside. Ciampa rolls up and tries using tights. Gable throws Ziggler outside and tries to pin Ciampa. Ziggler pulls Gable out. Ciampa hits Ziggler with a ripcord knee at the apron to knock him down. Gable comes into the ring and Ciampa hits him with Fairytale ending to get the pin.

Winner – Ciampa

Edge will End Judgment Day!

Edge makes his entrance with cheers from the crowd. He makes it to the ring and takes the mic. Edge thanks the crowd for the cheers because he has been an a**hole in recent times. He started Judgment Day to help underutilized talent and use his 30 years experience. They pull one back on him with Finn Balor. And now, it’s time to kill what he created. Edge claims that he will end Judgment Day.

We see The Mysterios getting ready for their tag title match. Kevin Patrick rolls in for an interview. Rey says Judgment Day have their hands full with Edge, who was once his tag team partner as they won the tag team titles. The Mysterios now want to win the tag team titles as a family again.

Iyo Sky vs Bianca Belair

Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky are interviewed at Gorilla position. Bayley says fans are talking about her stable. The division was on downward spiral ever since she left. She brought in two of the best talent she could find and they will be in control. Dakota and Iyo also chime in, and Iyo tells Bianca that she will see her out there in the ring. Iyo makes her entrance. Bianca follows her out soon.

Bianca takes her to corner and unloads. She hits kick and tackles against the turnbuckle. Iyo reverses a whip but Bianca hits her with a dropkick. Iyo sends her over to the apron, knocks her off and hits her with a moonsault on the floor. We cut to a break.

Bianca hits a body slam as we return. She takes down Iyo with some quick tackles and kicks. Iyo counters by dropping Bianca on the ropes and hits a hip attack. Iyo stomps on Bianca in the corner and gets a two-count. She puts on a chinlock. Bianca gets to her feet but Iyo brings her down with a leg sweep. Bianca counters a crossbody and hits a fallaway slam. Bianca hits a Glam slam and a springboard moonsault to get a close two-count. Bianca now hits a body slam and goes to the top. Bayley and Dakota appears on the floor.

Iyo catches up with Bianca on the top after the distraction. Iyo hits a hurricanrana from the top to get another two-count. Bianca goes for a suplex but Iyo counters with a cradle for a two-count. Bianca powers up and hits a suplex by lifting Iyo from the cradle. Iyo blocks KOD and sends Bianca to the apron. Iyo knocks off Bianca from the from apron. She goes for another hurricanrana but Bianca counters by swinging her into the barricade. Dakota and Bayley block Bianca’s way as she tries to bring back Iyo. Asuka and Alexa Bliss come out to even the odds. We cut to another break.

Bianca hits a superplex as we return. She follows up with a moonsault, but Iyo kicks out. Bianca ducks an enzuigiri. Iyo blocks a German suplex and stomps on Bianca’s guts after a counter. Iyo hits double knees in the corner. She goes for a knee stomp when Bianca counters with a spinebuster. Iyo gets her knees up on the springboard moonsault. Both women are down now. Bianca hits a rolling elbow. Iyo distracts the referee. Bayley pulls Bianca leg to distract her. Iyo uses the ropes for the pin but Alexa removes her legs from the ropes. This starts an argument. All six women are now in the ring and starts brawling. The referee calls for a no-contest.

Result – No-Contest

The brawling continues after the bell. WWE crew runs out to take things under control. Bayley and team regroup on the floor. Bianca, Bliss and Asuka stand tall in the ring.

We cut backstage to Ciampa getting ready for his match while Miz gives him a pep talk. Kevin Patrick rolls in and asks him about thing not going his way at Summerslam against Logan Paul and earlier tonight. Miz replies that he was cheated. He had Logan Paul beat and had him right where he wanted him, but AJ attacked Ciampa. But, tonight is not about him, it is about Ciampa. Ciampa says AJ will realize that he choose the wrong side. Despite AJ’s struggles before coming to WWE, AJ chose Logan Paul, a Youtuber. Miz points out the passion in Ciampa and says he will help Ciampa win the United States title.

AJ Styles vs Ciampa – #1 Contender Match for US Title

Booker T is on the commentary for this match. Ciampa is already in the ring with The Miz. AJ makes his entrance.

Ciampa starts with a chinlock. He hits a big tackle to drop AJ. He stomps in the corner and the referee intervenes. Ciampa puts on another chinlock. AJ hits a couple of backbreakers. Ciampa counters and sends him into the ringpost. Ciampa slams AJ’s face into the post before hitting a knee strike. AJ hits back with punches but misses Pele kick. AJ goes on and hits a leg sweep backbreaker. Ciampa rolls to the floor for a breather. They run the ropes and AJ hits a dropkick. Ciampa rolls to the floor and AJ nails him with a springboard elbow shot. We cut to a break.

Both men are down as we return. AJ hits a flurry of strikes and drops Ciampa with a clothesline. He hits a corner clothesline and slams him face-first to the mat for a two-count. He goes for the Styles clash, but Ciampa blocks it. Ciampa hits a rollin elbow, a kick and Zig-Zag to get a two-count. Ciampa pulls down his kneepad. He misses the running knee though. Styles hits a suplex into the corner. AJ hits an elbow after being sent to the apron. Ciampa counters Phenomenal Forearm with a knee for a near fall. Ciampa hits a powerbomb to get another near fall.

Ciampa puts AJ to the top and batters him with chops. AJ hits back with headbutts. Ciampa hits another elbow and goes to the top. AJ then counters and hits a Styles Clash. AJ goes for the pin but Miz puts Ciampa’s leg on the ropes to break it. AJ goes after Miz on the floor. Ciampa attacks him on the floor and sends him over the barricade. Ciampa gets into the ring and the referee starts the count down. Miz holds onto AJ’s leg to delay him. AJ kicks him away and gets into the ring. Ciampa hits him with a knee and then hits Fairytale Ending to get the pin.

Winner – Ciampa

The Miz runs into the ring to celebrate Ciampa’s win. Ciampa faces Lashley next week.

We cut to backstage where Lashley is interviewed. Lashley says Ciampa has proved that he is a brawler and is dangerous with Miz in his corner. But, he will give Ciampa a reality check.

We see the recap of Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns match from Summerslam and how Brock lifted the ring with the tractor. We also see the unaired footage of Brock climbing back into the ring and tipping his cap for the crowd.

The Usos(Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso)(c) vs The Mysterios(Rey Mysterio & Dominik) – unified WWE Tag Team Championship match

Both teams make their entrance for the match. Rey and Jey start the match. Rey avoids Jey in the corner but Jey throws him out of the ring. Rey kicks him away on the floor. Jimmy is also low-bridged to the floor. Dominik tags in and hits The Usos with a crossbody. We cut to a break.

Jimmy is beating up Rey as we return from the break. He whips Rey from corner to corner. We see that Jey tripped Rey during the commercials. Jimmy puts on a chinlock. Rey hits a jawbreaker but Jey quickly tags in and stops him from tagging out. Jey drops Rey with big shot. Jey hits a hip attack in the corner. Jimmy comes in and Rye hits him with punches. Rey hits a big boot, some punches and avoids a charge to send Jimmy into the ringpost.

Dominik tags in and hits a crossbody on Jimmy. More quick offense follows. Jey is kicked out of the ring and then hits a neckbreaker on Jimmy. He drops Jimmy to the mat face first with a bulldog. A dropkick sets up a 619 but Jimmy gets away with it. The Usos catches Dominik’s dive and slam him into the ringpost to take us to another break.

Jimmy is going for an avalanche Samoan Drop but Dominik hits back with elbow and brings down Jimmy to the mat. Rey and Jey get the tag. Rey hits him with a bulldog. He hits some kicks and an enzuigiri. A seated senton gets Rey a two-count. Jey counters a springboard crossbody with a superkick to get a close two-count. Jimmy tags in but Rey counters 1-D. He drops Jimmy to the ropes and and Dominik hits 619. Dominik hits a frog splash and the pin is broken by Jey.

Rey throws out Jey. Jey pulls him out to the floor and nails him a superkick. Dominik hits Jey with a suicide dive. Dominik goes to the top and Jimmy decks him with an uppercut. Jimmy’s superplex is blocked and they fight on the top rope. Dominik sends Jimmy to the floor and then hits a dropkick to set up 619. Jey gets a blind tag and The Usos hit Dominik with 1-D to get the pin.

Winners – The Usos

After the match, Judgment Day attack The Mysterios. Rhea puts Dominik in triangle in the corner. Rey is also beaten up. Edge runs out to make the save. He punches and sends Priest to the floor. He hits Balor with a spear. Edge goes for another spear on Balor but Rhea pushes Dominik into his way to eat the spear. Balor runs away and Edge follows him. Rhea mocks Rey on the floor. We go to the replay of the brawl that just played out. Rey is confused whether Edge has hit the spear by mistake or not. Rey checks on Dominik as the medical team also comes out. The show goes off the air.

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