WWE RAW November 20, 2023 Preview & Match Card

War Game advantage match November 20 RAW
Credits – WWE

WWE RAW episode of November 20, 2023, will be the go-home episode of RAW before Survivor Series 2023 event. It will feature War Games Advantage match between the two teams taking part in the match.

Two women’s matches are also announced where Becky Lynch will fight Xia Li, and Raquel Rodriguez faces Nia Jax. Drew McIntyre will explain his actions of attacking Jey Uso. Check below for the complete preview & match card for WWE RAW November 20, 2023 episode.

War Games Advantage

War Games advantage match for the men’s cage match is set to take place on RAW this week. However, the participants of this advantage match are not known at this point. Generally, heel team end up winning these sort of matches. Will it be Dominik Mysterio who takes part in the match and wins it?

Drew McIntyre Explains Actions

Drew McIntyre made peace with Seth Rollins on RAW last week, but all the hopes of him being a face turned into dust when he hit Jey Uso with Claymore kick to cost tag team title match to Jey and Cody Rhodes. He ended the show standing with Rhea Ripley. Will we see him join Judgment Day officially? Or is it a temporary arrangement for War Games match?

Becky Wants Revenge Against Xia Li

Xia Li has been a menace for several women on the roster in the last few weeks. After attacking Indi Hartwell and Candice Le Rae in the last few weeks, she also attacked Becky Lynch before Women’s Battle Royal two weeks ago on RAW. Becky attacked Li last week to make it clear that she wanted revenge. They will now clash in a singles match this week. Will Becky shut Li down here?

Can Nia Jax be Stopped?

Raquel Rodriguez stood up to Nia Jax last week and claimed that Nia is not as dominant as she claims to be. And she will try to prove the same as they clash in a singles match on November 20 episode. Will she succeed?

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