WWE RAW Live Results & Updates – 13 April 2020

The Viking Raiders vs Ricochet & Cedric Alexander

Ricochet and Erik start the match. Ricochet with some sidekicks, dodges Erik in the corner. Erik dismisses his athleticism with a forearm. Vikings go for the double team but Ricochet hits an enziguiri on Ivar and Cedric takes down Erik. Ricochet with a springboard Moonsault on Erik for two-count.

Ricochet tags in Alexander but Ivar is powerful for both of them. They still keep him in their corner with quick moves. Double enziguiri and a Tornado DDT from Cedric keeps pressure on Ivar. Ivar runs through the double team and Erik takes the blind tag. Cedric takes him down for two-count.

Cedric hits a suplex and Ricochet follows up with a leg drop. Cedric and Ricochet are sent outside and Ivar levels them with a suicide dive. Vikings are keeping pressure on Cedric now in their corner. Frequent tags from Vikings to keep the offense going. Erik drops Ivar on Cedric. Cedric rolls up Ivar and hits an Enziguiri and a Flatliner.

Hot tags to Ricochet and Erik. Ricochet with a crossbody to Erik and corners Ivar. He keeps taking the offense to them. A standing Moonsault gets him two-count. Erik ducks the neutralizer from Cedric and slams Ricochet. Ivar with a big spin kick to Ricochet on the back of the neck. An awkward-looking Viking Experience on Cedric gets the pin for the Raiders.

Winners- The Viking Raiders

The Street Profits and Bianca Beliar are with Charly Caruso. Caruso mentions Viking Raiders and Street Profits says that they have a lot of respect for all the Vikings. They do some comedy which leads to Bianca ranting on them. She asks them when was the last time they beat Viking Raiders? If they want to keep those titles around their waist, they should get that smoke.

Drew McIntyre vs Andrade- Champion vs Champion Match

Andrade comes out with Zelina Vega, Angel Garza and Austin Theory. McIntyre gets into the ring and Zelina gets into an argument with him. McIntyre tells Andrade whether he is going to control her.

Andrade hits a chop on McIntyre’s chest and he replies with a headbutt right away. McIntyre comes with his chops and relentlessly beats up Andrade from corner to corner. An Irish Whip into the corner and Drew catches him with a kick midair. Drew drops him on the barricade as Andrade’s stable runs their mouth at him.

The distraction allows Andrade to ram Drew’s hand into the ringpost a couple of times. Andrade continues to work on his arm at the ringside by slamming it to barricade and steel steps. He takes Drew back to the ring. Drew tries to catch him at the apron but Andrade uses the ropes to hurt the arm further. Andrade jumps from the top but McIntyre catches him. Andrade breaks free but a clotheslines and a big boot from McIntyre rocks him.

McIntyre hits a flying forearm from the top. He follows it by some clubbing blows. Andrade comes back with a back elbow but Drew back body drops him to his mates outside. Drew drops Theory on the barricade and throws Andrade in. He goes to the top but Vega distracts him. Drew still manages to counter the Hammerlock and hits a corner splash. An Alabama Slam and Claymore kick gets him the pin.

Winner- Drew McIntyre

Seth Rollins’ music hits and Garza hits on Drew’s knee from behind. Rollins enters and capitalizes with a superkick to Drew. He hits the stomp and looks dead into the camera. He hits another stomp and stands over Drew as the show goes off the air.

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