WWE RAW Day 1: Lynch vs Jax Announced, Jax Confirmed for Royal Rumble

Credits -WWE

Nia Jax and Becky Lynch are set to face each other at January 1, 2024, episode of RAW, which is the “Day 1” edition of WWE RAW and Nia Jax is also set to participate in Women’s Royal Rumble 2024.

In the recent weeks on WWE RAW, there’s been a brewing feud between former champions Becky Lynch and Nia Jax. Lynch has confronted Jax multiple times, but despite this, Jax has consistently declined to engage in a fight with her.

During December 18 episode of WWE RAW, Becky Lynch confronted Nia Jax once more, but Jax opted to leave the ring. Jax made a bold statement, insinuating that if she were to defeat Lynch, she would effectively terminate her career, implying that it would remove WWE’s primary moneymaker.

Lynch retaliated by claiming that Jax’s entire career revolved around the incident where she broke Becky’s nose, suggesting that a single loss would diminish that reputation.

Becky then challenged Jax to a match, and despite Jax’s hesitance initially, she ultimately agreed to the bout. However, she specified that their clash would take place on the “Day 1” edition of WWE RAW scheduled for January 1.

During the escalation of their feud, Nia Jax took things to a more personal level after issuing the challenge to Lynch. She made a derogatory comment about Lynch’s daughter, suggesting that after their match, Lynch’s daughter might question why her mother looks so ugly.

Amidst their confrontation, Nia Jax also confirmed her participation in Women’s Royal Rumble 2024. January 1 episode of RAW where this feud between Nia Jax and Becky Lynch will unfold, is set to take place in Jax’s hometown of San Diego, California.

Becky Lynch and Nia Jax will mark their first televised singles bout against each other, as they have never faced off in this capacity previously. January 1, 2024 episode of RAW is also set to showcase a World Heavyweight Championship match, with Seth Rollins defending the title against Drew McIntyre.

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