WWE Power Rankings- 18-23 March 2019

wwe superstars power ranking 18 march, wwe power ranking 18 march
WWE Weekly power ranking 18 march

This week’s Power Rankings has been released by WWE and the biggest change this week is the inclusion of a 205 Live star. Let’s take a look at the rankings.

#5 The IIconics (SmackDown)

The IIconics SmackDown Live -3-19-2019, The IIconics SmackDown Live, 19 March 2019
The IIconics at SmackDown Live

The IIconics has lured the Women’s Tag Team Champions into getting a title opportunity at WrestleMania in very srewd move. First, they called out the champions for avoiding the SmackDown brand while looking for the challengers and the Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection took the bait as they appeared on SmackDown this week. Next, they used distractions to their advantage to get a surprise victory over the champions which even Nia and Tamina were not able to do at Fastlane. Generally a win over the champions translates into the title opportunity and the IIconics are on their way to make this WrestleMania iconic.

#4 Tony Nese (205 Live)

Tony Nese WWE 205 Live 3-19-2019 , Tony Nese WWE 205 Live 19 March 2019, tony nese won
Tony Nese at WWE 205

Tony Nese has been saying that he has changed both as a person and as a wrestler. He has certainly proved his words by defeating two men who he has not been able to beat prior to this tournament. After beating Drew Gulak last week in semifinals, this week it was Cedric Alexander’s turn to bite the dust as Nese kicked out at two after being hit by the Lumber check and went on to pin Alexander after a running knee. He was surprised by the attack from Buddy Murphy but it seems that Murphy has a serious challenger for his title for the first time in his reign.

#3 Drew McIntyre (RAW)

Drew McIntyre defeat seth rollings, Drew McIntyre WWE Raw 18 March 2019,
Drew McIntyre defeat seth rollings

Last two weeks might be the best for Drew McIntyre in his main roster run as he took down all the members of the Shield single handedly. Last week, he surprised Roman Reigns with a brutal attack and then went on beat Dean Ambrose running wild all over the arena in the Falls Counts Anywhere match. This week again he beat the third member of the Shield when he beat Seth Rollins thanks to a distraction from Brock Lesnar. He has challenged Roman Reigns for a match at WrestleMania and looks set to face him.

#2 Kofi Kingston (SmackDown)

kofi kingston gauntlet match, Kofi Kingston SmackDown Live 19 March 2019
Kofi Kingston SmackDown Live

Kofi did the unthinkable again when he survived against 5 men in the gauntlet match last week at SmackDown. And while doing so he displayed incredible endurance, match awareness and guile. But Vince McMahon again found a way to deny him of the opportunity when he sent in Daniel Bryan against an already tired Kofi. Even then Kofi went close to get the victory when he hit the SOS on Bryan but Bryan prevailed to get the win. Now, everyone is waiting for the next week of SmackDown and to see how Kofi will be added to WrestleMania.

#1 Ronda Rousey (RAW)

ronda rousey arm breaker, ronda rousey RAW 18 March 2019, ronda rousey vs Dana Brooke
ronda rousey RAW

It took Ronda less than one minute to get a submission from Dana Brooke. But what followed next was more entertaining to watch as Ronda got into a scuffle with the security and as she was about to be taken down, she was bailed out by her husband who took the security personnel and pulled Ronda into the crowd before leaving through them. Since her heel turn, Ronda has gone completely wild and trying to live up to her “Baddest Woman on the Planer” tag.