WWE Power Ranking Week 21-25 January 2021

Here, we are again to review this week’s power ranking published by WWE for the week between January 21 to 25, 2019.

5. Rey Mysterio (SmackDown)

Rey faced Andrade on 3 consecutive weeks (in a 2 out 3 Falls Match) and again their encounter was brilliant. Although Andrade got the first fall by pinfall after a big powerbomb from the top turnbuckle. Rey made a comeback soon enough to get the first fall of his account. He was set to win the match as he hit a 619 on Andrade and was ready for West Coast Pop when Samoa Joe interfered to cause a Disqualification. This DQ has made sure that Mysterio-Andrade rivalry will continue after Royal Rumble.

4. Samoa Joe (SmackDown)

Samoa Joe got his match against Mustafa Ali canceled last week after he attacked him prior to the match. They faced off this week at SmackDown and Samoa Joe dominated the match with his ferocity. Mustafa did mount some attacks but often Samoa Joe’s strength was too good for him. Joe finished the match by locking Ali in Coquina Clutch and making him unconscious. Joe also interfered in the match between Mysterio and Andrade to make a statement to warn other Royal Rumble participants only to be hit by a brilliant RKO from Randy Orton who himself made his announcement for Royal Rumble.

3. Daniel Bryan (SmackDown)

This is quite surprising to see Bryan at no. 3. WWE Champion did not compete in a match this week but was involved in a segment where Mr. McMahon tried to put an end to brawls between him and AJ Styles. Bryan continued his recent rant about general neglect towards Nature and Animals and proclaimed himself as the Planet’s Champion again. He also ranted on Twitter about the special edition Rumble Burger.

2. Seth Rollins (RAW)

Seth Rollins faced Drew McIntyre this week on RAW in one of the best matches of the year yet. Both superstars went toe to toe against each other with amazing moves and counter-moves left, right, and center. Rollins refused to give up even after being hit by White Noise and Powerbomb and escaped back-to-back pinfalls and then used his body pressure to get the pin and win. He is primed to win the Royal Rumble match and big things are expected of him this year.

1. Sasha Banks (RAW)

Sasha Banks is getting under the skin of RAW women’s champion Ronda Rousey with scathing verbal attacks in recent weeks. But this time she also won against Ronda in the ring. Sasha and Bayley faced Ronda and Natalya in a tag team match. In one of the best moments of the match, Sasha countered a piper’s pit from Ronda to lock her into the Bank statement. Also, she forced Natalya to submit with the Bank Statement and inflicted the first defeat on Ronda Rousey’s WWE career. Expect a rocking match between them at Royal Rumble.

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