New Daniel Bryan is a Welcome Change in Storyline!

Daniel Bryan is the Planet’s Champion

Chase Field put together a special burger in honor of hosting the Royal Rumble. However, the new champion of the planet, Daniel Bryan has vented his frustration on it.

On Sunday, Chase Field will sell “The Rumble Burger” a gluttonous sandwich composed of bratwursts, bacon, and fried mac and cheese. And to Daniel Bryan, this is nothing short of a personal attack.

“Chase Field should be ashamed of themselves. Made from factory-farmed pigs, an intelligent and extremely social mammal, and cheese from cows, who’s baby’s were ripped away from them. THEN add the heart disease delivered to the people who eat it. #SHAME #TheWorstGeneration,” Bryan tweeted.

“I’m not the people’s champion. Daniel Bryan is the planet’s champion.”, he proclaimed this week at SmackDown in a promo with AJ Styles and Mr. McMahon.

Since turning heel, Bryan has maintained this character very well by criticizing fans about their neglect towards mother nature and the effects of mass consumerism. Also, this probably isn’t too far from Daniel Bryan’s true nature of being an environmentalist.

It’s also good to see a superstar trying to create awareness about issues related to our planet while staying true to their real-life beliefs. WWE has lots of young fans and if he can make them aware to Global Warming and other issues related to the planet.

Kudos to the new Daniel Bryan, the Planet’s Champion!!

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