WWE NXT Results October 4, 2022, Live Updates

WWE NXT October 4 2022
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Welcome to the live results blog for WWE NXT episode of October 4, 2022 which will continue the buildup towards the Halloween Havoc event.

A six women tag team match is announced for the show with Toxic Attraction facing the trio of Alba Fyre, Cora Jade and Nikkita Lyons. Andre Chase will face Von Wagner in the qualifier for North American title ladder match for Halloween Havoc. Grayson Waller will host Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade on his talk show.

Expect the rivalry between NXT Champion Bron Breakker, Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh to continue. Tune in below as we post results from WWE NXT October 4, 2022 episode with live updates, highlights, winners, and complete action.


  • Carmelo Hayes defeated Oro Mensah in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Von Wagner defeated Andre Chase in NXT North American title match Qualifier via pinfall.
  • Wendy Choo defeated Lash Legends in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Cora Jade & Nikkita Lyons defeated Toxic Attraction(Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) in #1 contender match for NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship via pinfall.
  • Julius Creed defeated Duke Hudson in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Xyon Quinn defeated Hank Walker in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Pretty Deadly(Kit Wilson & Elton Prince)(c) defeated The Brawling Brutes(Ridge Holland & Butch) via pinfall to retain NXT Tag Team Championship.

Live Updates

Pretty Deadly’s NXT Commonwealth Address

NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly come out for State of Commonwealth Address. They say they have defeated every team in the division. They take shots at each team in NXT one by one. They calls for a decree that Pretty Deadly should be awarded the tag titles for forever. They get interrupted by The Brawling Brutes – Ridge Holland and Butch. Holland says Pretty Deadly have been talking tough about Sheamus on social media. Butch asks the crowd if anyone objects to them kicking the tag team champions. Pretty Deadly say they were hacked, but the Brawling Brutes get into the ring. Holland says they talk about how great they are, but can they prove it. The Brawling Brutes attack them and Pretty Deadly run away from the ring.

Alba Fyre attack Toxic Attraction as they arrive in the parking lot. She runs away with Mandy Rose in the car.

Oro Mensah vs Carmelo Hayes

Hayes tries to intimidate Mensah by pushing him away. They grapple a bit before Mensah hits an armdrag. Hayes pulls his hair and gets warned by the referee. Hayes toys around with him after Mensah hits another armdrag. Mensah hits a dropkick before a suplex. Hayes moves to the floor and Mensah hits him with a crossbody. Hayes catches him on the apron with a kick. Hayes slams his face into the turnbuckle before hitting a DDT on the apron. Mensah avoids some attack but Hayes drops him on the ropes. Hayes hits some chops. Mensah rolls him up for a two-count.

Hayes hits a thrust kick to the face. He hits a springboard clothesline to get a two-count. Mensah counters by sending him into turnbuckle and starts to unload. A back body drop sets up for more quick strikes. Hayes blocks a pump kick but Mensah hits an overhead kick and a springboard moonsault. Williams runs a distraction and eats a spinning kick on the apron. Hayes hits Codebreaker and Leg Drop to get the pin.

Winner – Carmelo Hayes

Hayes goes on the commentary now and will watch the next match.

Andre Chase vs Von Wagner – NXT North American title match Qualifier

Chase starts with punches but Wagner nails him with a headbutt. Chase starts working on Wagner’s knee. Wagner hits a clothesline to take control. Chase hits a dragon screw leg. Wagner quickly counters to send Chase to the corner. Chase avoids a running knee and unloads with quick shots. He hits a Russian Leg Sweep before Chase U stomps. Robert Stone gets on the apron. Thea Hail picks him up on her shoulders and later hits a body slam. Chase rolls up Wagner for a near fall. Wagner hits a big boot before hitting F5 to get the pin.

Winner – Von Wagner

Wes Lee attacks Carmelo Hayes just as he stood up from the commentary table.

We see a guy in a hoodie and with smiley mask, handing out smiley buttons to everyone.

Grayson Waller comes to the parking lot and tells security to make sure that none of Apollo Crews’ visions come true during the second episode of Grayson Waller Effect talkshow.

Lash Legends vs Wendy Choo

Lash takes a cheap shot before the bell. After the bell, Choo tries to unload. Lash’s size helps her cut off her attack. Choo sends her to the corner and hits a running boot. Lash catches her crossbody on the floor and hits a backbreaker. Back to the ring, Lash works on Choo on the ropes. She hits an elbow drop to get a two-count. Choo hits a boot from the corner but Lash slams her back to the mat. Choo goes for Lash’s leg before hitting a dropkick and a handspring. Lash misses a pump kick. Choo kicks at her knee and hits a Vader bomb to get the pin.

Winner – Wendy Choo

Wes Lee is interviewed backstage. Lee recalls how Hayes tried to smash his head and he just wants to get his hands on Hayes. Lorenzo comes in and brings up how Lee defeated Tony D’Angelo to qualify for the title match. He warns Lee that there will be consequences.

Katana Chance and Kayden Carter get a video promo highlighting their tag team title win. They discuss their journey in NXT and how they became a tag team. They discuss the teams gunning for the #1 contender status and say that they will be ready for them.

Toxic Attraction(Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) vs Cora Jade & Nikkita Lyons – #1 contender match for NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

Nikkita starts against Gigi. Nikkita catches a kick and nails a back elbow. Jayne tags in and Nikkita also brings in Zoey. Some back-and-forth action which leads to some pinfall attemtps. Gigi tags in and Zoey fights back against Toxic Attraction with some quick strikes. She hits a crossbody on Gigi. Jayne and Nikkita tag in. Nikkita kicks Jayne to the floor. Zoey takes care of Gigi when she tries to get involved. We cut to a break.

Nikkita has put Gigi in a submission breifly as we return. Toxics work double-team on her to keep her down. Jayne puts on a shoulder lock. Nikkita kicks her away and tags in Zoey. Zoey hit flying shoulder tackles on Gigi. Some quick strikes from Zoey including thrust kicks and dropkicks to get a two-count. Nikkita tags in and hits a big kick on Gigi. Jayne comes in and Zoey drops her with a clothesline. Nikkita and Gigi trade shots in the middle. Gigi hits Impact, tags in Jayne and nails a roundhouse kick. Jayne hits a neckbreaker but Zoey breaks the pin. Nikkita hits a side kick and tags in Zoey. Jayne nails her with a forearm. Gigi tags in. Nikkita pulls Jayne out of the ring. Zoey hits her finisher on Gigi. Zoey hits a crossbody on Jayne on the floor after tagging in Nikkita. Nikkita hits leg drop finisher to get the pin.

Winner – Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark

Ilja Dragunov gets a video promo discussing how he had to relinquish the title due to an injury, and he did not felt pain due to injury, but due to dropping the title. Dragunov says it was hard to see NXT UK breath their last breaths. He says he will suffer at Halloween Havoc but he will win the title.

The Grayson Waller Effect with Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade

Grayson Waller is in the ring for the talk show. He brings out Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez. Cora asks Roxanne how many people she had to cry to in order to get a rematch against her. Perez says it was easy because everybody wants to see her kick Jade’s a–. Perez says she is going into their rematch with no emotion. She talks about wanting to break into WWE together and be like what Four Horsewomen were to them, but Jade got jealous when she got a bit ahead. Jade calls Perez only hype and everyone will see the truth when she beats her again.

Waller interrupts and says he has two big scoops. Jade and Perez will get to choose each others’ opponents for singles matches in two weeks. Also, their match at Halloween Havoc will be a Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal Match. Waller goes to the floor to spin the wheel. Security get in the ring to keep Jade and Perez separated. Waller spins the wheel and it will be a Weapons Wild Match at Halloween Havoc. Jade tries to attack Perez but security keep them separated. Apollo Crews pulls Waller out of the ring and takes it under it. Waller makes his way out but his eyes are bleeding.

The Schism are backstage with the person who was handing smiley buttons earlier in the parking lot. Joe Gacy says they need to do better and he is just disappointed.

Duke Hudson vs Julius Creed

Julius starts with quick moves and drops Hudson with a spinebuster. Julius hits a falling lariat to get the pin.

Winner – Julius Creed

After the match, Damon Kemp comes out to the stage to taunt Julius. Julius says he is ready to take out Kemp. Kemp says Brutus can get his rematch against him if Julius beats him. But, if Kemp beats Julius, then Brutus will have to leave NXT. Julius replies that then the match needs to be an ambulance match. Kemp agrees.

We get a video package for JD McDonagh for NXT Championship match at Halloween Havoc.

Hank Walker is backstage with his security team. They talk about Walker’s match against Xyon Quinn next. Quincy Elliott comes in and warns him that Quinn is pissed off.

We get a video package for trilogy fight between Nathan Frazer and Axiom, which will also have a spot in North American title ladder match on the line.

Xyon Quinn vs Hank Walker

Quinn takes Walker to the corner for some tackles. Walker hits armdrags. Quinn hits a spinebuster before hitting knees near the ropes. He hits clotheslines from the floor. Quinn is intense with his offense as he hits a back drop suplex. Quinn puts on a chinlock now. Some headbutts follow. Walker runs him over and rips off his shirt. He hits a Thesz press and throws around Quinn. Quinn avoids a big boot and hits a kick to his feet. Quinn hits a flying lariat to get the pin.

Winner – Xyon Quinn

Quincy Elliot gets into the ring to stop Quinn from the post match attack. Walker gives Elliot a fist bump and Elliot replies with a pat on the back.

Cameron Grimes is talking to the Smiley Guy backstage and telling him to not get involved with Joe Gacy. The Schism attack Grimes and lay him out. Gacy welcomes the Smiley Guy to the Schism’s tree.

The Brawling Brutes are backstage when Brooks & Jensen and Blade and Enofe are arguing backstage over next shot at NXT tag team title match. Brutes tell them to keep their aggression going if they want a shot next.

Bron Breakker is interviewed backstage about the NXT title match when Javier Bernal interrupt him and tells him how he lost the title earlier in a triple threat match. Breakker tells him that his stupidity will lead to a match between next week.

Pretty Deadly(Kit Wilson & Elton Prince)(c) vs The Brawling Brutes(Ridge Holland & Butch) – NXT Tag Team Championship match

Match description to be added shortly.

Winner – Pretty Deadly

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