WWE NXT Results January 30, 2024, Live Updates, Winners

WWE NXT January 30 Dusty Rhodes Classic Semifinal
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WWE NXT episode of January 30, 2024, was the go-home episode of Vengeance Day PLE and featured several segments and matches to take the storyline forward for the event.

NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov and Trick Williams came face-to-face before their match at Vengeance Day. Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes were in the semifinal of Dusty Rhodes Classic Tag Team tournament against LWO’s Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro.

Noam Dar defended NXT Heritage Cup against Von Wagner. Lola Vice and Elektra Lopez clashed in a singles match. Roxanne Perez faced Lyra Valkyrie’s tag team partner Tatum Paxley in another singles match. Tune in below for results and updates from WWE NXT January 30, 2024 episode.


Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams defeated LWO(Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde) in the semifinal of Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 2024 tournament.

Ridge Holland went to NXT General Manager Ava to ask for a match against all three members of Gallus, but Ava refused to book it. Lexis King came in trying to butter up Ava with gifts. Ava booked him against Holland.

We saw an earlier today segment of NXT Champion Lyra Valkyrie confronting Tatum Paxley over why she attacked Roxanne Perez last week. Paxley said Lyra was saying who Perez was taking all her time and focus, and she was ready to fight her battles for her. Lyra left frustrated.

Roxanne Perez defeated Tatum Paxley in a singles match. Lyra Valkyrie was on the commentary during the match. After the match, Paxley tried to attack Perez again but Lyra separated them.

Wren Sinclair was talking to Arianna Grace about fitting in NXT. Grace made fun of “Farm smell” as Fallon Henley came into the scene. Henley said she would go to GM Ava to book Grace a match tonight.

Lola Vice defeated Elektra Lopez in a singles match.

Backstage, Dijak was watching the tape of hitting a chokeslam on Joe Gacy before Gacy disturbed him. Gacy said that no matter what he did, he would continue to come back. They started a brawl backstage.

Lexis King defeated Ridge Holland in a singles match. Gallus came out to attack Holland in the last moments of the match. Holland fought them off, but King caught him with a kick on the apron before hitting Coronation to get the pinfall.

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams were backstage where Hayes told Williams to look out for Ilja Dragunov because of what he did to Baron Corbin. Williams said that NXT Vengeance Day would be like a movie.

Andre Chase, Duke Hudson & Riley Osbourne were in the ring to say goodbye to Chase University. Hudson presented a video to recap Chase University journey. Jacy Jayne & Thea Hail came to the ring and revealed that she had found a way to save the institute. She presented The Chase University Calendar which was projected to bring in so much revenue that it would be take the university out of debt and

The Family’s Tony D’Angelo, Stacks and Adrianna Rizzo were talking outside of a building, putting over Rizzo and how she throws hands first and talks later. They promised to show why the streets of NXT belong to The D’Angelo Family.

Brooks Jensen spoke with Fallon Henley before Wren Sinclair met her and told her that her match was next. Henley told Jensen she would speak with him later.

Chase University crew were backstage when Lexis King interrupted them. Riley Osbourne got into King to tell him to back off. DIJAK & Joe Gacy appeared as they continued to brawl.

Arianna Grace defeated Fallon Henley in a singles match. Jakara Jackson & Lash Legend attacked Henley and Wren Sinclair. Grace took advantage to hit her finisher on Henley to get the pinfall.

OTM’s Lucien Price, Bronco Lima, Jaida Parker & SCRYPTS were talking somewhere and claimed to show The Family who run NXT.

Meta-Four were making their entrance when the broadcast cut to parking lot where DIJAK & Joe Gacy were brawling on the roof. DIJAK pushed Gacy off the roof and into the trash.

Noam Dar(c) defeated Von Wagner to retain NXT Heritage Cup. Dar got the first pinfall in round 2 after Wagner was beating up Oro Mensah and Dar caught him with a running dropkick from behind. Fallon Henley and Wren Sinclair attacked Jakara Jackson and Lash Legend during the third round. Dargot the second fall via jacknife cover after Wagner missed a spear in the corner and crashed into the ringpost. After the match, Wagner beat up Mensah and put him through the announce table.

Beside the trash can, Ava was screaming at Dijak for throwing Joe Gacy off the roof. Dijak asked for a no-disqualification match against Gacy at Vengeance Day. Ava said the match was not possible, but Gacy stood up in the trash saying it sounded like a good idea. Ava agreed to book the match but Dijak was confused at Gacy’s behavior.

Trick Williams and NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov met in the ring for a face-to-face segment in the ring. Trick accused Dragunov of trying to push the match back and has now doublebooked. Dragunov replied that he had played mind games previously, but not with him. He also warned Trick to be vary of Carmelo Hayes instead. Williams claimed that he would win both the Dusty Rhodes Classic & NXT Title. Dragunov replied that he would destroy him if he showed even a sliver of weakness. They ended up hugging after arguing for a while. Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker attacked Dragunov and Trick. Carmelo Hayes came out to help them out. The trio forced them to back off. Trick and Dragunov had a staredown to close the show.

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