WWE NXT Results January 23, 2024- Dusty Rhodes Semis, Contract Signing

WWE NXT January 23
Credits – WWE

WWE NXT episode of January 23, 2024 featured a contract signing segment between NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyrie and Roxanne Perez. Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin faced Axiom & Nathan Frazer in the semifinal of Dusty Rhodes Classic 2024.

Dragon Lee battle Scrypts in a singles match while Dijak was set to take on Joe Gacy. Lola Vice was set for an appearance in Supernova Sessions. The build-up continued for Vengeance Day 2024 event also. Check below for the complete results and updates.


Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin defeated Axiom & Nathan Frazer in the semifinal of Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Axiom & Frazer attacked before the bell and the two teams brawled on the floor for a while. They continued to hold the upperhand going into the break. Breakker got a hot tag after a break. After all 4 men hit big moves, Breakker finished Frazer with a spear to get the pinfall.

Josh Briggs was backstage with NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov and requested a match for for proving himself. Williams came in and told Briggs he would have to prove himself at another time so Dragunov could stay fresh for their Vengeance Day match. The argument led to Williams challenging Briggs for a match later tonight.

Backstage, Fallon Henley was giving Wren Sinclair some advice before her match.

William Regal and Ava emerged from Shawn Michaels’ office and Regal congratulated Ava on becoming the youngest General Manager of NXT. He gave her some advice.

Lash Legend defeated Wren Sinclair in a singles match. In a short match, Jakara Jackson tried to help Legend but Sinclair rolled her up for a pin attempt. Legend then countered a slam into a powerbomb to get the pinfall.

Jackson and Legend were beating up Sinclair after the match, and Henley had to run to help her out.

Earlier in the day, OTM(SCRYPTS, Lucien Price, Bronco Nima & Jaida Parker) trashed The Family’s restaurant and also laid out Adrianna Rizzo. They told one of the workers to send a message to Tony D’Angelo & Stacks.

Elektra Lopez was searching for Lola Vice backstage.

Joe Gacy attacked Dijak as he was making his entrance for the match. They brawled at ringside until Dijak threw Gacy through one of the podiums at ringside. Gacy crawled back to his feet to continue the brawl before Dijak put him through the broadcast table.

Elektra Lopez found Arianna Grace as kept searching for Lola Vice. Grace got flustered.

Von Wagner was shown training on a Football Field trying to become a better technical wrestler for the NXT Heritage Cup.

Lexis King defeated Trey Bearhill in a singles match. Bearhill showed some fire but after he missed an elbow drop, King quickly finished him off with a clothesline from behind and hit the Coronation for the pinfall.

Carmelo Hayes came to Trick Williams backstage and told him to not allow Dragunov to play him. Williams said that he was just looking over Dragunov’s title. Hayes told Williams to identify that Dragunov was trying to cost him his chances at gold.

Noam Dar & Oro Mensah hosted a new edition of Supernova 11 Sessions with Lola Vice as their guest. Dar also called out Von Wagner before the started segment. Vice said that she attacked Elektra Lopez last week because she was a leach and she did not regret anything. Lopez interrupted and took shot at Vice before announcing their match for next week. When Vice asked for why wait till next week, Lopez started a brawl with her.

The Family’s Tony D’Angelo, Stacks & Adrianna Rizzo were in a car where they cut a promo against OTM.

Andre Chase was having his class but some men came in started picking up all the stuff from the class in front of Chase & Duke Hudson. Duke got sad when they also took his MVP trophy. Chase said that they would say goodbye to Chase U next week.

Dragon Lee defeated Scrypts in a singles match. They had a fast paced match before The Family came out to attack OTM members. After the commotion, Lee hit Destino on Scrypts to get the pinfall.

Oba Femi was watching this match and told Lee that they would have a rematch at Vengeance Day.

Backstage, Edris Enofe & Malik Blade were still sad about their loss to Trick Williams & Carmelo Hayes last week. Brinley Reece appeared to cheer them up. Reece chopped Enofe in the chest to hype him up.

Backstage, Tatum Paxley was talking to Lyra Valkyria. Lyra told her that she needed to focus on her Roxanne Perez.

Blair Davenport defeated Karmen Petrovic in singles match. In a short match, Davenport avoided a kick to hit a dropkick, falcon arrow and a running knee to get the pinfall.

Ridge Holland was interviewed backstage where he called out all of Gallus to a match.

Trick Williams defeated Josh Briggs in a singles match. NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov was on the commentary during this match. In the final leg of the match, Briggs ended up accidentally hitting Dragunov with a boot. Dragunov tried to attack Briggs as Williams was looking for a dive, but Hayes pulled Dragunov off the apron. Williams then rolled up Briggs to get the win.

Josh Briggs hit a Discus Lariat on Williams after the match. Hayes & Williams argued in the ring over Hayes getting involved.

Jacy Jayne & Thea Hail were backstage where Thea was upset at Chase U closing down. Lexis King tried to offer her a shoulder to cry on. Riley Osborne joined in and told King to leave.

We got a video package for No Quarter Catch Crew.

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams were arguing in the Guerilla Position backstage, where Hayes told Williams that Dragunov was trying to manipulate him just like he was doing with Baron Corbin.

New NXT General Manager Ava was in the ring to oversee Roxanne Perez & NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria’s contract signing segment. Perez & Valkyria talked about their journey in NXT so far. Perez brought up how she was never pinned to lose the title. Valkyria told her that she wanted to see the edgy version of Perez at Vengeance Day. After more verbal back and forth, they both signed the contract. Tatum Paxley appeared from under the table and hit a spinebuster on Perez through the table. Valkyria was shouting at Paxley for getting involved in this and tried to check on Perez.

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