WWE NXT No Mercy 2023 Live Results- Becky, Hayes-Dragunov 2

No Mercy 2023 Results
Credits – WWE

Welcome to the live coverage for WWE NXT No Mercy 2023 event which was set to air from Bakersfield, CA, on September 30.

The match card had some interesting encounters scheduled starting with a rematch between Carmelo Hayes and Ilja Dragunov for NXT Championship. The duo headlined NXT’s previous PLE Battleground also. Was the result at No Mercy any different?

Becky Lynch featured on NXT PLE once again after 8 years as she defended NXT Women’s Championship. Her match against Tiffany Stratton has Extreme Rules stipulation added to it. Star power was plenty as Dominik Mysterio defended NXT North American title against Trick Williams. Butch won the Global Heritage Invitational Tournament and challenged Noam Dar for the title in a British Round Rules match.

Bron Breakker took on Baron Corbin. NXT Tag Team titles was defended in a 4-way tag team match with D’Angelo Family defending against The Creed Brothers, OTM and Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo. Blair Davenport and Kelani Jordan kicked off the action on the pre-show. Catch up on the results and play by play updates below.


  • Blair Davenport defeated Kelani Jordan in a singles match via pinfall(on pre-show).
  • Baron Corbin defeated Bron Breakker in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Trick Williams defeated Dominik Mysterio(c) in a singles match via pinfall to win NXT North American Championship.
  • D’Angelo Family(Tony D’Angelo & Stacks)(c) defeated The Creed Brothers(Julius Creed & Brutus Creed), OTM(Bronco Lima & Lucien Price) and Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo in a 4-Way Tag Team Match via pinfall to retain NXT Tag Team Championship.
  • Noam Dar(c) defeated Butch in British Round Rules match by 2-1 to retain NXT Heritage Cup Match.
  • Ilja Dragunov defeated Carmelo Hayes(c) in a singles match via pinfall to win NXT Championship.
  • Becky Lynch(c) defeated Tiffany Stratton in Extreme Rules Match via pinfall to retain NXT Women’s Championship.


Blair Davenport vs Kelani Jordan(pre-show)

Blair slams Kelani’s face into the mat and puts on a side headlock. Kelani hits an arm drag, a hurricanrana from the second rope and a dropkick. Blair knocks her off the top rope, and to the floor with a big shot. Blair drives her into the apron. Back to the ring. Back hits an armdrag and a body slam. Blair puts on a crossface now.

Kelani breaks free quickly. Blair puts on Boston Crab. Kelani counters with a sunset flip to send Blair into the bottom turnbuckle. She hits another sunset flip to get another two-count. They trade rights before Blair hits a big shot. Kelani hits a sliced bread, handspring elbow, and an innovative leg scissors move to get a two-count. Blair hits a devil’s kick to her back. Kelani puts on a sleeper but Blair slams her into the corner. Blair gets her legs up to counter a split legged moonsault. Blair hits a brainbuster to get the pinfall.

Winner – Blair Davenport

Gigi Dolin attacks Blair after the match. Blair has to leave the ring quickly.

The main show opens with a retro video game style cold open.

Bron Breakker vs Baron Corbin

Breakker enters first. Corbin comes out on a motorbike. Breakker hits a suicide dive on the floor. Corbin runs into the crowd and fires back with shots. Breakker hits his punches and uppercuts before throwing Corbin to ringside. Breakker beat up security guys also which allows Corbin to hit him with a clothesline. Corbin sets him up on the announce table but misses a senton. Breakker finally takes Corbin to the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

Breakker whips Corbin hard to the corner before a back body drop. Corbin hits a clothesline from the corner. He fires more shots before a hard whip and a suplex. Corbin hits a punch to drop Breakker before some ground-and-pound punches. Breakker drops Corbin’s midsection on his knees. Breakker unloads with punches to the back of the neck. He hits a running knee against the bottom turnbuckle.

Corbin fights him off from the top rope but Breakker hits a frankesteiner and a body slam to get a two-count. Corbin invites Breakker to bring it. He hits somes punches and a suplex to get a two-count. Breakker gets a takedown and goes for the Camel Clutch but Corbin is quick to get to the ropes. Corbin counters a running start with a deep six to get a close two-count.

They start a slugfest. Corbin hits a kick to Breakker’s knee. Breakker quickly hits a jumping knee. Corbin hits another kick on the knee. Breakker counters End of Days with a pinfall attempt. Breakker takes a running start before hitting a big tackle. Corbin moves to the floor. Breakker charges at him and Corbin uses his momentum to drop him with a chokeslam.

Breakker gets up fairly quickly though, and hits a spear. Back to the ring, Mr. Stone comes out to hit a crossbody on Breakker but Breakker catches him and throws him out of the ring. Corbin hits End of Days to capitalize on the distraction and gets the pinfall.

Winner – Baron Corbin

Dominik Mysterio(c) vs Trick Williams – NXT North American Championship

Dragon Lee is the special guest referee. Dominik hits a dropkick while Lee was still giving the title to timekeeper. Dominik argues with Lee. Trick unloads on Dominik with quick shots. A clothesline forces Dominik to leave the ring. He picks up his title and wants to leave but Trick brings him back to the ring. Trick unloads with more shots. A big uppercut forces Dominik to leave the ring again. Dominik catches Trick with a kick to midsection as Trick is returning to the ring.

Dominik unloads on Trick now. Dominik hits a jumping knee before getting Trick to the mat with a chinlock. Trick gets up but misses a corner splash as Dominik moves out of the ring again. Dominik shows off on the apron before hitting a senton from the ropes. Dominik flicks at Lee before getting back at Trick to hit some more punches. Trick gets away from an elbow drop. Trick hits a big boot and some big uppercuts before a dropkick gets him a two-count.

Dominik gets him in a backslide to get a two-count. They drop each other with clotheslines at the same time. Dominik hits a 619 to the back to Trick’s head. Trick ducks a superkick from Dominik, which lands on Lee to send him out of the ring. Trick avoids a corner splash and hits a suplex. But, the referee is not there. A new referee comes out after a few seconds to count a two-count. Trick hits spinning kick to the face to get another close two-count.

Dominik tackles the referee before tackling Trick to the floor. Dominik drives Trick into the ringpost. Back to the ring, Dominik misses a frog splash. Trick goes for the cover but there is no referee. Trick goes and wakes up Dragon Lee. Dominik picks up the title but Trick hits a running knee against the title to get the pinfall.

Winner – Trick Williams

Last Tuesday, Joe Gacy has gone hopeless after losing to Trick Williams and is doubting his teachings. Ava tries to keep him calm but Gacy snaps at her and tells her that this was not the right family for her.

D’Angelo Family vs Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo vs The Creed Brothers vs OTM – 4-Way Tag Team Match for NXT Tag Team Championship

Julius starts against Garza. Garza hits a big chop. Brutus and Humberto come in the ring, and so does the other teams to start a brawl. Julius is left alone with OTM, but he ducks them and hits a senton dive on the others on the floor. Nima beats up Brutus in the ring as things settle. Carrillo tags in from Nima before Brutus tags in Stacks. Stacks gets a takedown before he hits an inverted atomic drop. Tony comes in and D’Angelo Family hit punches in tandem. Tony hits armdrags on Stacks to send him into Garza and Carrillo one by one.

Carrillo sends Tony into the turnbuckle. Garza tags in and Tony has injured his knee after a kick. Stacks tags in while Tony is checked on the floor. Garza and Carrillo double team on Stacks to hit a high low to get a two-count. More quick tandem offense from Garza and Carrillo. They drop Stacks with a DDT. Nima tags in and OTM take over the beatdown on Stacks with double team work. Price hits a big clothesline in the corner. He puts on a chinlock. Scrypts pull Julius off the apron. Ivy Nile hits a dropkick on Scrypts.

Brutus tags in and drop OTM with quick moves. He puts on an ankle lock. Carrillo hits a superkick to break it. Julius comes in and starts throwing everyone around while Brutus has put on an ankle lock on Nima. Garza hits a springboard dive to break the submission. The Creeds are cleared from the ring. Stacks is beaten up by the two heel teams. Tony is hobbling into the ring though. He hits a headbutt on an official before he gets into the ring to hit clotheslines. The Family and The Creeds hit stereo quadruple superplex on the other two teams.

The Family and Creeds fight next. Price and Nima tag in and work on The Creeds. Julius gets Nima up on his shoulders. Carrillo hits a clothesline to drop Nima. Julius is sent to the floor by Los Lotharios. Brutus clotheslines them to the floor. Tony and Stacks hit their double team finisher on Price to get the pinfall.

Winners – The D’Angelo Family

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are hyped up at Trick’s title win.

We see Becky Lynch picking up chairs and weapons in preparation of her main event match.

Noam Dar(c) vs Butch – British Round Rules match for NXT Heritage Cup Match

Tyler Bate is in the corner for Butch. The whole of Meta-Four is with Noam Dar.

Round 1: They lock up and Dar gets the first takedown after blocking Butch’s attempt. Butch counters quickly and goes for some joint manipulation. Some quick action until Dar avoids a double stomp on the back. They trade some kicks before Butch hits a clothesline to drop Dar. The rest of the round go away without much action. Dar hits a knee strike to the face just after the bell for the round.

Round 2: Butch is loopy as the second round starts. Dar takes advantage and keeps beating up Butch. On top of that, Oro Mensah takes a cheap shot from outside and Dar gets the pinfall with a Nova roller.

Round 3: Butch is fighting back in this round. He gets some momentum with quick moves. Bate faces off with Meta-Four on the floor. Butch hits The Bitter End to get the pinfall to tie it up at 1-1.

Round 4: Butch hits Dar with forearm in the corner before bringing him to the mat and unloads with hammerfists. Dar goes to lock in the knee bar when he gets up. Dar gets down in a sleeper choke. Butch gets up and Dar hits him with a suplex before getting him in the arm triangle. Butch counters the arm triangle with a pin attempt. The round ends without any fall.

Round 5: Back and forth action throughout but the round ends with Dar’s cheap shot going wrong and his hand is hurt.

Round 6: The final round starts with Oro Mensah taking a cheap shot again but Butch kicks out of the pin. Butch hits a Bitter End quickly but Dar also kicks out. Butch puts on an arm-bar before snapping the fingers. Gallus attack Tyler Bate at ringside. Butch hits them with a suicide dive. When he comes back, Joe Coffey hits Butch with a lariat. Dar covers Butch to get the pinfall and win the match with 2-1.

Winner – Noam Dar

Carmelo Hayes(c) vs Ilja Dragunov – NXT Championship

Ilja hits a running tackle for a quick start. He hits big shots on the face before some kicks. A back elbow drops Carmelo. More clotheslines and chops in the corner. Carmelo hits back elbows but Ilja throws him to the apron and knocks him off with a big boot. Carmelo hits a tackle as he runs back to the ring. Carmelo fires quick shots now and keeps control. He misses a springboard tackle and Ilja turns him inside-out with a lariat.

Ilja hits a senton next. More strikes follow. He hits a knee to the side of the face. Butch tries to fight back but Ilja drops him with a back elbow. Some big shots at the back from Ilja. He hits quick shots in the corner. Carmelo catches the hand and fires back with big chops to corner. Ilja decks Carmelo before he fires back with a slap to drop Ilja.

They trade punches while on their knees. Ilja drops Carmelo back with shots at the back. The sparring continues with back and forth shots. Ilja hits a a couple of kicks. Carmelo hits an enzuigiri and a springboard bulldog DDT to get a two-count.

Ilja blocks a bulldog and hits a German suplex. He follows up with another German suplex but Carmelo blocks the third one and breaks the grip. Carmelo goes a German suplex of his own but Ilja blocks. Carmelo hits a hurricanrana turned into a bulldog to get a two-count. Carmelo stomps on the face several times. Ilja blocks a pump kick and hits a knee strike. He hits a powerbomb but can not go for the cover.

Ilja goes for the coast-to-coast but Carmelo goes to counter it with double knees. The counter is blocked and Ilja drops Carmelo into the turnbuckles with a Death Valley Driver. Ilja hits Coast to Coast dropkick, but Carmelo kicks out of the pin in time. Carmelo hits headbutts as Ilja puts him to the top rope. Ilja knocks him down to the apron with a big punch. Ilja pulls him into a superplex.

Ilja gets ready for the h-bomb. He hits one and then follows up with another one from the second rope. Carmelo kicks out again. Ilja gets mad at the kick out. Ilja goes for the Torpedo Maskau but Carmelo counters with a superkick for a near fall for himself. They trade slaps on the apron. Carmelo hits a cutter from the apron to the floor. Both men are down on the floor. Ilja hits a big clothesline as they get back into the ring. Dragunov hits a super h-bomb from the top rope to get the pinfall.

Winner – Ilja Dragunov

After the match, Dragunov asks Carmelo to get up. Both men are on weak feet as they hug.

Becky Lynch(c) vs Tiffany Stratton – Extreme Rules Match for NXT Women’s Championship

Tiffany meets Becky on the ramp and Becky hits her first. She hits tackles with a helmet on. Tiffany gets into the crowd and Becky beats her up there. Tiffany traps her arms on the railing. A fan hands Becky a necklace to use as a weapon. Tiffany hits a shot to midsection and brings Becky to ringside. Tiffany takes over control in the ring. Tiffany brings out a wrench from the toolbox and hits Becky with it. She uses a crowbar next.

Becky ducks a screwdriver. Becky goes for the disarmher but Tiffany hits a side walk slam to get a two-count. Tiffany hits a chair shot before setting up the chair in the corner. Some counters before Becky sends Tiffany face first into the chair. Becky hits a bexploder and a dropkick. Tiffany moves to the floor now. Becky drives the shopping cart into her. She puts Tiffany into the shopping cart and drives it into the steel steps.

Becky spreads some dolls in the ring. Tiffany avoids the manhandle slam but Becky drops her with a side slam to get a two-count. Tiffany goes to pick up a lid. Becky throws the dolls at her but Tiffany parries them away with the lid before she slams the lid to her face. Becky puts a trash can on her and hits a leg drop over it. Becky goes for another leg drop but Tiffany avoids it and drops Becky on the trash with a spinebuster to get a two-count.

Tiffany spreads some chairs in the ring and drops Becky on top of them. Tiffany gets ready for the prettiest moonsault ever but Becky jumps to the ropes. Tiffany blocks a leg sweep and Becky has to get to the floor. Becky hits a bexploder into the barricade. Becky pulls out a table.

Tiffany hits Becky with a kendo stick. She sets up the table but Becky is nowhere to be found. Becky is under the ring and sprays her face with fire hydrant. Becky hits her with a barbed wire bat. Tiffany immediately comes back and drops Becky on the floor. Tiffany hits a handspring back elbow against the barricade. Becky sets her up on the announce table. Tiffany counters the powerbomb with a hurricanrana to sent her into a chair. Tiffany hits Swanton bomb on the table.

Tiffany takes Becky back to the ring and hits another Swanton Bomb. Becky kicks out of the pin. Becky rolls to the floor. Tiffany misses a moonsault on the floor and Becky drops her with the Manhandle Slam. Becky takes Tiffany back to the ring but she kicks out of the pinfall. Becky gets some urgency and goes for the Disarmher. Tiffany drops her face on the chair. Becky avoids the Prettiest Moonsault Ever and hits Manhandle Slam to get the pinfall.

Winner – Becky Lynch

Becky celebrates her win as we cut to a break. Tegan Nox is in the front row, who will challenge Becky on RAW.

Backstage, Trick Williams is with his North American title. Carmelo Hayes comes in and they have a moment before the show goes off the air.

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