WWE NXT June 6, 2023 Results & Live Updates

WWE NXT June 6 2023
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Welcome to the live results page for WWE NXT June 6, 2023 episode which was live from WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

A mixed tag team match was set for the show with Ava Raine in action with The Dyad to take on Diamond Mine’s Ivy Nile and The Creed Brothers. A battle royal was set for the women’s division to identify the first challenger for NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton. Ilja Dragunov returned to address the fans.

Singles matches on the card included a showdown between Eddy Thorpe and Damon Kemp. Mustafa Ali was back in NXT and he faced Joe Gacy after thwarting his attack last week on Tyler Bate and Wes Lee. Blair Davenport returned to action to face Dani Palmer, whom she attacked last week.

Tune in below as we post results from WWE NXT June 6, 2023, with live updates, winners, highlights and complete action.


  • The Schism(Ava Raine, Jagger Reid & Rip Fowler) defeated Diamond Mine(Ivy Nile, Brutus Creed & Julius Creed) in a mixed tag team match via pinfall.
  • Blair Davenport defeated Dani Palmer in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Baron Corbin defeated Trick Williams in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Mustafa Ali defeated Joe Gacy in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Eddy Thorpe defeated Damon Kemp in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Scrypts defeated Dabba-Kato in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Thea Hail won the #1 Contender Battle Royal for NXT Women’s Championship.


Baron Corbin Back to NXT!

Baron Corbin enters the building and stares down some of the NXT stars. He ask one of the crew members to get his music on and gets into the ring. Corbin says The OGs of NXT worked hard to build NXT and took it Barclays Center to sell 16,500 tickets. But, current generation is soft and they complain a lot. He says he could not have controlled last draft but he will control the next draft. He also takes shots on NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes. Ilja Dragunov is the one who comes out in response though.

Dragunov introduces himself and has come to tell Corbin face to face that he is not soft and has beaten everyone put in front of him. Dragunov claims that he is the next in line for NXT Championship. Corbin says this is NXT arrogance he was talking about. They argue for a while and Dragunov challenges him to face him tonight. Corbin asks him if he wants to do this after Battleground. Dragunov shows off a bruise on his kidney, claiming that Corbin can’t do worse than this. But, Corbin says he will be covered in bruises when he is done with. Dragunov leaves after this. Trick Williams attacks Corbin from behind and clotheslines him out of the ring.

Thea Hail is limping after coming out of a training center. Duke Hudson catches up and Thea tells him that Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak are teaching him about cranking and toughening her up. Duke says she will not need to crank others to win Battle Royal tonight.

We come back from the break to see Bron Breakker has taken down Ilja Dragunov and is screaming at him to ask if he still thinks he is strong and can take any amount of pain.

Diamond Mine(Ivy Nile, Brutus Creed & Julius Creed) vs The Schism(Ava Raine, Jagger Reid & Rip Fowler)

All 4 men get into the match one by one and Creed Brothers take control against Reid. Reid hits back with forearm shots on Julius. Julius deadlifts him into suplex position. He hands Reid over to Brutus who also holds him up for a while before tagging back in and hitting a suplex. Reid hits a monkey flip but Julius lands on his feet. Julius hits a dropkick before Reid hits a back elbow and tags in Ava.

Ava pushes Julius before Ivy comes in. Ava tags out to Fowler. Julius comes in and runs the ropes with him. Brutus gets the blind tag and hits a powerslam and a moonsault. Brutus hits a suplex on Julius on top of Fowler before Ivy does the same to Brutus. Julius hits a body slam on Ivy to throw her on Reid. Reid rolls to the floor to take us to a break.

Schism is in control as we return. Fowler hits a knee and a forearm on Brutus. Brutus takes shots at all opponents but The Dyad runs a distraction to keep control. Ava knocks off Nile with a cheap shot. Dyad hit a double team suplex on Brutus. Brutus hits a suplex on Fowler. Reid tags in and blocks Brutus from getting out. He puts on a sleeper hold but Brutus tags in Julius. Julius hits a series of belly-to-belly suplexes in succession on both men in opposite team. Fowler takes Julius to a corner and Reid hits him with a dropkick. Brutus jumps on Reid and both team take each other down.

Ivy takes the tag and Ava also had to come in. Ava overpowers Ivy breifly before Ivy drops her. Ivy puts on a choke but Fowler gets into the ring and Ivy puts him in the choke. The referee gets Fowler out of the ring but Ava hits Ivy with a headbutt with a mask on behind the referee’s back. She covers Ivy to get the pinfall.

Winners – The Schism

Underboss Stacks goes to meet Don Tony D’Angelo in jail. Tony tells him about his time inside before they start to talk about the rat who is responsible to put him behind bars. Stacks says his gut feeling is that it is Gallus but then goes on to talk about other names. Tony tells him that he needs to focus on one person and find out.

Mr. Stone with Von Wagner as they continue to search for a psychiatrist throughout the week. We see some footage of Wagner’s encounter and losing his cool when he met some other doctors. Mr. Stone and Wagner argue over it and Wagner is about to leave when the doctor comes out. The doctor turns out to be a hot lady, and Wagner decides to give it a chance.

Blair Davenport vs Dani Palmer

They lock up and Blair pushes Palmer to the corner. Palmer sends her to the other corner and tries to send her face first into the turnbuckle. Blair counters and slams Palmer into the mat. She hits a dropkick to send Palmer out of the ring. Blair continues to be in control for the next 2-3 minutes and targets Palmer’s ribs. Palmer starts hitting back with punches and then hits a double overhead chops. Blair pulls her down and slams her to the mat. She hits a falcon arrow to get the pinfall.

Winner – Blair Davenport

Dana Brooke has arrived to NXT and says she is here for the Battle Royal tonight.

NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton is backstage and comments on Dana Brooke coming into NXT. She says everyone will attempt to beat her for NXT title but they will all fail. Upon being asked, she says Lyra Valkyrie is the top contender to win battle royal after she put her to limit at Battleground.

Baron Corbin vs Trick Williams

Corbin is in shorts and a vest, unlike his usual track pants. Corbin starts with big shots and corners Williams. He runs him over from behind after a hard whip from corner to corner. He continues to work on Williams and blows to back. Williams fires back with punches but Corbin shuts him down quickly. Corbin misses a corner tackle and Williams nails him with quick fire punches. He hits an uppercut after popping up Corbin. Corbin rolls to the floor for a break.

Corbin has Williams in a neck crank. Williams breaks free and nails a big shot on Corbin. He knocks him off the apron before slamming his face onto the announce table. Williams misses a knee strike and hurts his knee on the announce table. Corbin throws him into the steel steps. Corbin hits a spinebuster back into the ring before putting on a single-leg crab on the injured leg. Williams reaches the ropes. He fires some up kicks and punches.

Williams builds momentum with more shots and a dropkick and then brings Corbin down with neckbreaker. He blocks a chokeslam and hits a step-up enzuigiri. Corbin hits Deep Six out of nowhere for a near fall. Corbin puts Williams on the top rope but Williams pushes him away. Corbin crashes into the corner after missing a spear. But Williams’ knee gives up when he goes for a roundhouse kick. Corbin kicks at the knee before hitting End of Days to get the pinfall.

Winner – Baron Corbin

Nathan Frazer is back with Hard Hitting Truth and he brings up changes in NXT after Battleground, including Noam Dar’s new stable. He now has a new senior international correspondent in Dragon Lee. Lee gives us a top five list of names for Noam’s stable which all mock the group. Dragon Lee says Dar is running out of surprises and he needs a new challenger. Frazer challenges him for the Heritage Cup next week. Lee says he will be in his corner.

Mustafa Ali is interviewed backstage by McKenzie Mitchell and says he is ready to write the chapter where he finally becomes a champion. Wes Lee comes in and is excited that Ali is in NXT. He talks about a match for North American Championship between them. Ali tells him not to just hand him an opportunity and let him earn it.

Joe Gacy vs Mustafa Ali

Quick shots from both men before Gacy runs over Ali. Ali quickens the pace and huts a hurricanrana. He fires some shots from the apron before Gacy pushes him midair to the floor. Gacy hits an Urinagi to get a two-count. Ali lands on his feet on a back suplex but Gacy quickly drops him. Ali counters and hits a neckbreaker. Ali gets to the top and Gacy nails him with an uppercut. Ali fights back to hit a sunset flip powerbomb. He hits a 450-splash next to get the pinfall.

Winner – Mustafa Ali

Ali is quickly attacked by The Dyad after the match. Tyler Bate and Wes Lee run out to make the save. Gacy is alone in the ring and Ali nails him with the superkick to send him out.

Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, and Fallon Henley are backstage talking about a battle royal when Edris Enofe and Malik Blade come in. They blame Briggs & Jensen for starting “tag teams fight and know each other” stuff. They try to quiz them on how well they know each other and they pass with flying colors. Hank Walker and Tank Ledger also come in and put oil on fire. Enofe and Blade are the only ones left as the others leave for a brew. Gallus come in and tells them that facing each other won’t matter because they can’t ever beat them for the titles anyway.

Noam Dar is backstage with his group and puts some shine on Jakara Jackson, Lash Legends and Oro Mensah. He also says if Nathan Frazer wants a Heritage cup match he would do well to remember that he is never losing it.

Eddy Thorpe vs Damon Kemp

Kemp pushes Thorpe to the ropes before Thorpe hits him with an armdrag and a side headlock takedown. He cranks on the headlock. Kemp hits punches to the ribs. Thorpe hits a tackle when Kemp comes off the ropes. Thorpe hits a chop in the corner before Kemp hits a rolling driver after catching his leag frog. Thorpe nails a big chop before Kemp hits quick jabs and an overhead throw. Kemp toys around with Thorpe. He hits a backbreaker on his knees. He puts on a crossface stretch, digging his knees onto Thorpe’s back.

Thorpe rolls over and breaks free. Thorpe fires punches and chops before a back elbow, a forearm, an enzuigiri and a dropkick. He goes for the cover but Kemp gets his legs on the ropes. Thorpe backs Kemp into the corner and also backs up the referee with him. The referee comes away. Thorpe hits a bridging German suplex to get the pinfall. Kemp’s right leg was on the ropes but the referee missed it.

Winner – Eddy Thorpe

Gigi Dolin is talking to his brother on call about a battle royal tonight. Kiana James walks in and mocks her. Gigi calls her elitist and says it would be her pleasure to eliminate James to win the battle royal.

Dabba-Kato vs Scrypts

Scrypts ducks a swing and hits a low kick. He fires punches to stagger Kato a bit. Kato drops him with a shot. Scrypts hits more quick shots until Kato runs him over with a big boot. Kato hits a few body slams before putting on a bear hug. Kato throws him out of the ring after Scrypts breaks free with some back elbows. Kato hits a big overhead chop on the announce table. He looks for a powerslam but Axiom distracts him. Kato pushes him away and takes Scrypts into the ring. Axiom once again stops a body slam with a distraction. Scrypts hits a missile dropkick before avoiding a charge in the corner. Scrypts rolls him up to get the pinfall.

Winner – Scrypts

After the match, Kato hits Scrypts with powerslam. He catches Axiom also and hits him with a chokeslam.

Joe Gacy is with the Schism backstage and rants about the union of convenience between Ali, Lee and Bate. Gacy is also upset about his losses at Battleground and tonight. Ava tells him that a single root cannot stabilize a tree whatever it tries, and they need to work together.

Women’s Battle Royal for #1 Contender for NXT Women’s Championship

The frantic action begins as the bell rings. Jacy Jayne clotheslines one of the wrestlers and decks her from the apron to eliminate her. Cora Jade eliminates another new NXT member. Oro Mensah catches Jakara Jackson to stop her elimination. Kiana James sends Gigi Dolin to the apron but Gigi pulls her out also. Jacy drives Gigi into the ring post to eliminate her. Lash Legends sends Jordy to the apron and Jakara trips her with a leg sweep to eliminate her.

Fallon Hanley sends Jakara over the ropes but Mensah saves her again. Thea Hail kicks her hits a moonsault on Mensah leading to Jakara’s elimination after she gets to the apron under the ropes. Legends hits her with a body slam on the steel steps. Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz work on Legends to eliminate her. Legends and Jakara pull them out for elimination and send them into the barricade to take us to a break.

The field has shrunk even more as we return. Blair Davenport comes out to ringside. Roxanne Perez sees her and attacks her after getting out of the ring. Perez hits a sunset flip and beats her up. Paxley jumps off the top to take down Perez and gets eliminated in the process. Perez is thrown into the ring and gets thrown out by Jacy. Lyra is sent to the apron but she hits Jacy with Hurricanrana to eliminate her. Cora pushes Lyra away to eliminate her. Fallon Henley hits a spine buster on Cora. She hits a blockbuster on James.

James sends Henley to the apron after knocking her off the top but Henley pulls her over to eliminate her with a back body drop. Henley fights Brooke and Cora in the ring. Brooke hits with a double clothesline. She eliminates Henley after softening them up with a handspring elbow. Cora sends Dana to the apron with a dropkick. Brooke hangs onto the ropes and hits an up kick before getting back in. Thea Hail comes back into the ring after recovering. Hail and Dana work on Cora but Jade ducks a shot from Thea which catches Dana.

Cora goes to eliminate Thea but Thea hits back with an enzuigiri. Dana hits a neckbreaker on Hail. Cora hits Dana with a rising knee. Dana blocks another knee but Thea pushes both of them over for elimination and wins the match.

Winner – Thea Hail

Chase U and Cavinder Twins come into the ring to celebrate with Thea.

We cut to the parking lot where Bron Breaker is asked why he attacked Ilja Dragunov. Breakker says he is holding everyone accountable from bottom to the top. He then challenges Seth Rollins, the first NXT Champion, to come and defend World Heavyweight Championship against him.

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