WWE NXT August 23, 2022 Preview & Match Card

WWE NXT 23 August 2022
Image Credits – WWE

WWE NXT episode of August 23, 2022, will be the fallout of NXT Heatwave and will start the buildup for the NXT Worlds Collide event. 

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen will defend their NXT UK title against Gallus. Tiffany Stratton will face Wendy Choo in a Lights Out match. Moreover, Grayson Waller will launch his own talk show with Apollo Crews as his first guest. Check below to read the complete preview and match card of WWE NXT August 23, 2022. 

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen vs Gallus – NXT UK Title

The former and longest reigning NXT UK Tag Team champions arrived at NXT 2.0 and now they have their sight set on the titles. On the other hand, Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen are ready for any challengers as they are determined to keep their titles. So, will Gallus be able to become the NXT UK tag-team champions once again? 

Wendy Choo vs Tiffany Stratton – Lights Out Match

Wendy Choo is not the bubbly sleepy girl she once used to be anymore. Tiffany Stratton continued to be the thorn in Choo’s way. As a result, now the latter is quite serious about taking her revenge on the Buff Barbie Doll. Wendy Choo will collide against Tiffany Stratton once again, but this time it will be a Lights Out match. 

Debut of “The Grayson Waller Effect”

According to Grayson Waller, no one is ready to ask important questions in NXT 2.0. Hence, he took this responsibility upon himself and decided to launch a new talk show named “The Grayson Waller Effect.” This week, he will host the inaugural installment of this talk show with Apollo Crews as his guest. He wants to find out why Crews came back to NXT 2.0. Will he get the answers? 

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