WWE Night of Champions 2023 Live Results & Updates

WWE Night of Champions 2023 Results
WWE Night of Champions 2023 Results, Credits – WWE

Welcome to the live results from WWE Night of Champions 2023 event which was live from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The show was advertised as the triple main event show. The first of the main event was the tournament final for the inaugural World Heavyweight Championship between Seth Rollins and AJ Styles. The leaked running order had placed the bout opening the show. The second main event was the rematch between Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar. Cody’s arm was deemed broken, but was he able to take on The Beast Incarnate being unfit?

The third main event was the match for undisputed tag team championship between Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn and Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa. Roman Reigns completed 1000 days as Universal Champion on this day. Did he add another title to his waist at Night of Champions?

Two women’s titles were on the line at Night of Champions event. RAW Women’s Championship was on the line in the match between Bianca Belair and Asuka. Similarly, Rhea Ripley defended SmackDown Women title against Natalya. A marquee women’s match between Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus completed the women’s matches line-up.

Intercontinental Championship match between Gunther and Mustafa Ali completed the match card. Ali got this title match after winning a battle royal on RAW two weeks back. Tune in below for all the results from WWE Night of Champions 2023 event with live updates, winners, highlights and complete action.


  • Seth Rollins defeated AJ Styles in a singles match via pinfall to become World Heavyweight Champion.
  • Trish Stratus defeated Becky Lynch in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Gunther(c) defeated Mustafa Ali in a singles match via pinfall to retain WWE Intercontinental Championship.
  • Asuka defeated Bianca Belair(c) in a singles match via pinfall to win WWE RAW Women’s Championship.
  • Rhea Ripley(c) defeated Natalya in a singles match via pinfall to retain WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship.
  • Brock Lesnar defeated Cody Rhodes in a singles match via technical submission(referee’s stoppage).
  • Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn(c) defeated The Bloodline(Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa) – Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship


Kick-off pre-show is live now with Kayla Braxton, Peter Rosenberg and Matt Camp in the pre-show panel. They go through the match card before the hype video for Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar match. Next, they move to discuss Bianca Belair vs Asuka match after the story recap.

We see a recap of Mustafa Ali’s Battle Royal Win on RAW to become the #1 contender for Intercontinental Championship. We cut to Cody Rhodes’ car arriving to the arena. Byron Saxton catches up with him for comments. Cody says his arm will still be broken tomorrow when he wakes up but will Brock be the same person if he loses tonight to Cody?

The panel moves on to talk about Rhea Ripley vs Natalya match before discussing the generation clash between Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch. From wife, they move to husband and The Man’s Man Seth Rollins who takes on AJ Styles. We get a hype video for Seth Rollins next. Finally, we get a hype package for tag team title match. The pre-show closes with discussion for this match.

A video package narrated by Triple H opens Night of Champions 2023 main show featuring highlights of the match card. The World Heavyweight Championship match is indeed opening the night. AJ Styles is out first. We cut to the hype video for this match. Seth Rollins then makes his way out. The crowd seranates him by joining to sing his theme song. The announcements are done and the crowd once again joins in singing for Rollins.

Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles – World Heavyweight Championship

Seth ducks AJ as he tries to lock up. Seth showboats and the crowd gets behiind him. Rollins teases going for test of strength but ducks out. Styles catches him with a dropkick and then tackles him to the floor. Seth jumps back into the ring. He puts on a side headlock. They come to a stalemate after AJ ducks a clothesline. Seth hits a slingblade. AJ moves to the floor and Seth quickly hits him with a knee dive.

Back in the ring, AJ ducks the stomp but Seth catches him with a back heel kick. AJ puts Seth into the corner to hit some shoulder tackles. He hits a knee drop on Seth’s face. A kick to Seth’s back and a snap mare is followed by chinlock. Rollins gets to his feet but AJ leapfrogs in the corner and hits some chops. Rollins counters a leapfrog by slamming AJ’s face into the turnbuckle. He throws AJ’s face into the turnbuckle on the opposite side. Seth hits a big chop next to drop AJ off the top. AJ slips off a superplex. They trade punches now.

AJ sends Seth into the turnbuckles with a snap suplex. Rollins fires back with punches and chops. AJ fires back with his classic flurry of strikes. He follows up with a sliding forearm. He drops Seth face first into the mat before going for a sitout pin to get a two-count. Seth blocks Styles clash. AJ hits a reverse DDT to get another two-count. AJ puts Seth to the top rope, from where he fights back and hits a buckle bomb. He follows up with frog splash from the top to get a close two-count.

Styles hits a neckbreaker/Ushi Garoshi to get another two-count. AJ teases Styles Clash but Seth counters to get into the position for pedigree. AJ slips out and hits an enzuigiri. AJ gets to the top now and attempts a super Styles clash. Rollins counters with a sunset flip. Rollins now puts AJ on the top and hits him with big forearm to the back of his neck. AJ fights him off with back elbows. Rollins gets back up and hits an inverted superplex and inverted falcon arrow for a near fall.

AJ rolls away from a moonsault and Seth has to roll through. AJ hits a tornado DDT before Seth hits a headbutt as AJ gets on the apron. Styles blocks a suplex. Seth also blocks a suplex but AJ manages to get him on the apron to hit a brainbuster. Rollins is down on the floor. Styles gets Rollins back into the ring and waits for the Phenomenal Forearm. Rollins trips him on the ropes to send him to the floor. Rollins hits a suicide dive but tweaks his knee. Seth and AJ crawl back to the ring.

AJ rolls through into the calf crusher. Rollins rolls over but AJ rolls him back into calf crusher once again. Rollins grabs him in a choke to force AJ to break the calf crusher. Seth hits a clothesline to drop AJ again. They trade punches as they get back up. Seth hits an enzuigiri and then ducks a Pele kick. He hits a superkick before hitting a stomp on the hand. Seth goes for the Pedigree but AJ blocks it. AJ hits Pele kick and follows up with Pedigree to get a near fall.

AJ gets ready for The Phenomenal Forearm but Rollins catches him with a superkick. Rollins gets ready for the stomp but his knee buckles and he is down. Rollins avoids getting into calf crusher once again and manages to hit pedigree. Rollins hits the stomp and gets the pinfall.

Winner – Seth Rollins

Triple H comes into the ring and hands Rollins the new World Championship. Rollins and Triple H celebrate before Hunter puts the belt on Rollins’ waist. The crowd keeps singing for him for a while.

A video package for Money in the Bank 2023 PLE, which takes place on July 1.

Becky Lynch vs Trish Stratus

Becky Lynch is in Kill Bill costume for this match. Trish mocks Becky and she replies with a straight punch. Becky stomps on Trish by cornering her. Becky sends Trish into the turnbuckle a few times before some more punches and stomps. Trish rolls to the floor. Becky goes for a basement slide but Trish steps aside and pushes Becky into the steel steps. Trish slams Becky on the announce table a few times. Back to the ring, Trish hits running kick to Becky’s ribs.

Trish gets up to the top and hits punches from the higher position. She controls the match for a while before Becky nails him with a big shot. Trish hits a DDT and gets the control back. Trish boots her into the corner before hitting some kicks to her face. Trish now slams Becky’s face into the mat. Trish puts on the camel clutch now before spreading apart Becky’s lips wide apart. Becky hits an upkick to push Trish back. She hits some punches before Trish hits her with a Thesz press into some ground and pound punches. Trish ducks a swing and hits a neckbreaker to get a two-count.

Trish nails a chop before she poses for the crowd as they chant “You still got it”. Some chops from Trish as Becky roams around in the ring running away from her. Becky catches her arm and starts to hit back. They trade shots for a while before Becky tackles her down. Becky whips Trish to the corner for a corner splash and a bexploder. Becky hits more shots before hitting a leg drop on the second rope.

Trish moves to the floor and Becky hits her with a basement slide and suicide dive. Trish counters by sending Becky into the ring post. Back to the ring, Trish hits a spinebuster to get a two-count. She argues with the referee now. Trish hits a corner clothesline before putting Becky on the top. Becky blocks a superplex. Trish hits her with avalanche hurricanrana to get a two-count. Trish goes for Stratusfaction but Becky blocks it. Becky hits Diamond Dust from the second rope before a leg drop from the top to get a two-count.

Trish blocks the manhandle slam and goes for the sharpshooter. Becky kicks her away and onto the apron. Trish fights back and goes for another avalanche hurricanrana. Becky turns it into a Boston crab on the top rope before taking Trish onto the mat with submission locked in. Trish has to get to the ropes to break it. Trish moves to the floor. Becky follows her but runs into a superkick. Trish gets into the ring. Becky beats the countdown at 9, only to run into a chick kick from Trish for a near fall. Trish hits her with some punches before Becky counters with disarmher.

Trish pulls her hair to force her to break. Some tussle before Becky hits the Manhandle Slam. Trish gets her legs on the ropes to force a break. Trish moves to the floor. Becky goes down and throws Trish back into the ring. Trish distracts the referee. Zoey Stark comes out from underneath the ring and hits Becky with Z-360. Stark throws Becky back into the ring. Trish hits Becky with Stratusfaction to get the pinfall.

Winner – Trish Stratus

Zoey and Trish celebrate on the ramp after the match. Becky is frustrated as she recovers.

We get a video package of Mustafa Ali visiting Mecca.

Gunther(c) vs Mustafa Ali – WWE Intercontinental Championship

Gunther throws Ali across the ring after putting on a side headlock briefly. He takes Ali to the corner but Ali ducks a chop and hits back with his chop. Ali hits some calf kicks before some quick offense. He hits two back-to-back dropkicks. Gunther hits a body slam to stop Ali’s momentum. Gunther picks Ali who hits him with some punches. Gunther hits a chop in anguish to drop Ali. He does the same thing again before screaming at the crowd for their boos.

Ali hits back with chops before Gunther hits a body slam. Gunther puts on Boston Crab now. Ali goes towards the rings but Gunther turns to a crossface. Ali is about to break it but Gunther gets up and throws him to the apron. Ali hits back with some punches. He goes for a springboard but Gunther kicks off the ropes. Ali crashes hard on the floor. Gunther then throws Ali into the barricade.

Gunther tries to manhandle him some more when he beats the countdown. Ali ducks and fires back with some chops and punches. Ali ducks from the corner and nails an enzuigiri on Gunther. He hits a missile dropkick. Gunther hits him with a chop as he goes to the top again. Gunther goes for double underhook but Ali counters, slips out and hits a powerbomb after picking Gunther from the top rope. Ali hits a 450-splash but Gunther kicks out of the pin.

Gunther drops Ali to the mat. He signals the end before hitting a big lariat but Ali kicks out. Gunther calls Ali to get up and tells him that he does not belong here. Gunther hits a big chop. Ali lands on his feet when Gunther foes for a powerbomb and nails dropkick. Ali misses 450-splash and Gunther hits a shotgun dropkick this time. Gunther stacks him up with a powerbomb to get the pinfall.

Winner – Gunther

We see Kevin Owens backstage and he is quickly joined by Sami Zayn. Sami talks about his their journey as the tag team champions so far and even if it ends tonight… Owens cuts him off and asks why he is talking about losing the titles. Sami says Roman has screwed them so many times before. Owens hypes him up saying that they won the tag team titles from The Usos who are very much a team in front of Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa. Owens hypes up Sami, convincing him that they will retain the titles.

Bianca Belair(c) vs Asuka – WWE RAW Women’s Championship

Asuka puts on a side headlock. Bianca gets free quickly but Asuka slams her face into the mat. They battle on the mat with both women taking turns to hit ground and pound punches. Bianca pushes Asuka away to break the sequence. Bianca goes for a handspring but Asuka cuts it off with a dropkick. Asuka hits some stomps on her face. Bianca hits a headbutt before a corner tackle. Bianca tosses Asuka across the ring before another corner tackle. Bianca hits a dropkick next.

Asuka avoids a handspring moonsault and gets to the apron. Bianca hits her with handspring kick to knock her to the floor. Asuka pulls Bianca’s braids to send her into the steel steps to take back control. Back to the ring, Asuka hits a stomp to the foot, a back splash in the corner and a release German suplex. Asuka puts boots against the ropes. Bianca hits a jawbreaker to get a two-count. Asuka counters a suplex with an inside cradle to get a two-count.

Asuka tries to work Bianca’s arm and shoulder. Bianca gets to her feet and hits body shots. Asuka slips out of a body slam and pulls her braids to slam her into the mat. Asuka pushes her around with some kicks in mocking fashing. Bianca gets back up and fires somes strikes. Asuka pushes her to the ropes and Bianca comes back with a bulldog. They get up and Bianca keeps Asuka away with a back elbow and a big boot.

Bianca hits some clotheslines before a suplex. Bianca hits a shoulder tackle in the corner before setting up on the second rope to hit some punches. Bianca blocks Asuka from using her braid this time and hits a spinebuster. She hits handspring moonsault to get a two-count. Asuka slams her face into the mat now. She hits kicks across the chest. Bianca pushes her to the corner but Asuka nails her with back heel kick. Bianca goes for a superplex but Asuka sends her down and hits a missile dropkick for a two-count.

Bianca goes for a suplex but Asuka counters with an armbar. Bianca breaks free and goes for a powerbomb. Asuka slips out but Bianca hits a spinebuster for a two-count. Asuka counters handspring moonsault and goes for the Asuka lock. Bianca blocks her hands getting locked. Asuka quickly gets some pin attempts before nailing Bianca with a kick to get a two-count. Asuka gets her braids and pulls Bianca out to the floor. Bianca blocks her and throws her into the steel steps.

The referee starts a countdown and both women block each other from getting in. They get back in around 7. Asuka goes the mist when the referee tries to separate them. Bianca is able to successfully avoid it. Bianca goes for KOD but Asuka puts her in armbar. Bianca overpowers her and hits a spinebuster. Asuka gets the mist on her hands. Bianca goes KOD but Asuka rakes her eyes with the mist. Asuka hits a couple of running kicks behind her head to get the pinfall.

Winner – Asuka

Bianca is selling the mist after the match as she screams for help. Asuka celebrates her win for while.

Rhea Ripley(c) vs Natalya – WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship

Dominik accompanies Rhea Ripley for the match. Dominik talks trash with Natalya which allows Rhea to attack her from behind. Rhea sends Natalya to the floor and kicks her before slamming her into the announce table. She throws Natalya into the steel steps a few times. A back elbow to drop Natalya as they get back into the ring. Rhea hits Riptide to get the pinfall.

Winner – Rhea Ripley

Dominik jumps on Rhea to celebrate the win. Rhea and Dominik celebrate to the top of the ramp. Natalya is helped to the back.

World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage. Rollins asks Bryon Saxton to put some oomph into his introduction and Saxton follows. Rollins says it was long overdue and he feels good after winning the title. Rollins says the more things change, the more they stay the same, and he will be there on RAW this week and every week on RAW.

Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar

Brock comes out first. Cody follows him out shortly. Cody has an exos cast on his left arm which has a fracture in the forearm area. Cody is keeping his left arm behind as the bell rings. Brock corners him but Cody slips away. Cody has to slip out of the ring and draws Lesnar out of the ring by asking him if he wants to fight. Cody runs around the ring and catches Lesnar with kicks when they get back in. Lesnar tackles him to the corner. He hits a belly-to-belly suplex and Cody lands on his arm.

Brock hits another belly-to-belly suplex and follows with another one. Cody hits back with punches with his left arm laden with titanium exos cast. The punches staggers Lesnar and forces him to move to the floor. Cody hits suicide dive before bringing Lesnar back into the ring. Cody hits a double ax handle with the cast to get a two-count. Cody hits a disaster kick. He follows up with a Cody cutter. Cody hits Crossrhodes but lands on his left arm which hurts him also. Cody hits another Crossrhodes despite all the pain.

Brock puts on Kimura lock as he counters another Crossrhodes. Brock puts so much pressure on the injured arm with Kimura. Cody is screaming but refusing to let go. He tries to sneak in the pin once again as he did at Backlash but Lesnar kicks out and holds onto Kimura. Cody rolls over but Lesnar keeps the lock on and puts more and more pressure. Cody starts to fade but holds his hands up but the referee checks on it. Cody somehow reaches the ropes to force the break. Lesnar also looks spent after putting so much pressure on that lock.

Lesnar goes for F5 but Cody slips out and hits Crossrhodes, only for Lesnar to kick out of the pin. Cody starts to hit punches using the cast once again. Lesnar gets him up and hits F5, but he is late to cover. Cody kicks out of the pin when Lesnar covers him. Lesnar puts on the Kimura once again in the middle of the ring now. Cody tries to roll over but Lesnar keeps the lock on. The referee calls check on Cody who has faded and has to call the match. Lesnar wins via the referee’s stoppage.

Winner – Brock Lesnar

Lesnar stares down at Cody for a while before posing for the crowd. Cody rolls to the floor as he recovers.

We get a video package for Money in the Bank PLE once again.

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn(c) vs The Bloodline(Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa) – Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship

Roman Reigns walks out first and just has Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman with him. Sami Zayn is in white robes as he comes out with Kevin Owens. Paul Heyman takes over the announcements for Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa. Sami Zayn then takes over the announcements for himself and Kevin Owens which he does in Arabic to the crowd’s delight. Roman is confused about it.

Roman and Owens start the match. The crowd opposite the hard camera is now hot. Chants for Sami now and he tags in. Sami and Roman circle around and we hear more chants for Sami. Roman says they will not know who you are without me. Roman gets frustrated and tags in Solo. Roman gets to the floor and says he should have never let Sami in the Bloodline. Roman is very angry. Solo starts the match and pushes Solo back.

They lock up again and Solo pushes Sami into the corner. Sami slips out of the corner and hits a chop. Solo takes Sami to the opposite corner and hits some chops and punches to get him down. Sami hits back elbow and an elbow from the second rope. Solo comes back with a back elbow himself. Sami tags in Owens who unloads with quick punches. Solo nails him with an uppercut. A headbutt from Solo before Owens hits back. Another headbutts gets Owens to his corner. Roman avoids a back elbow.

Sami gets a blind tag and hits a drop toe hold on Solo before Owens hits a senton. Roman attacks Owens and throws him to the floor. Sami stares Roman down which allows Sami to run him over from behind. Roman is goading on the floor on his manipulation. Solo hits knee drops on Sami. He keeps Sami under control but Roman is getting frustrated by the crowd chants. He asks to tag in and Solo obliges. Roman boots Sami on the ropes after some punches. The referee warns him but Roman threatens the referee also.

Roman hits a suplex to get a two-count. He hits a forearm across the face for another two-count. Sami hits some chops but Roman drops with a punch. Sami is thrown to the floor and Roman distracts the referee to allow Solo to slam Sami on the announce table. Owens comes in and argues with the referee when he stops him from getting involved. Sami hits punches when he gets back into the ring, only to eat an uppercut from Roman. Solo stops Sami from slipping away for a tag. Solo hits a Samoan drop to get a two-count.

Solo puts on a vice grip on Sami’s shoulders. The crowd gets behind Sami as he gets back to his feet. Solo throws him to the floor and distracts the referee. Sami fights Roman with punches and slams his face into the announce table. He also sends Solo into the announce table. Sami gets back into the ring to attempt a tag but Solo gets back in time to stop it. Solo knocks Owens off the apron. Solo puts Sami on the top rope. Sami hits Solo with a tornado DDT. Owens gets back up on the apron and gets the tag.

Owens hits quick fire punches on Roman. Owens hits more punches and a couple of sentons on the floor. He brings Roman back to the ring and sets up a cannonball. Solo distracts Owens and allows Roman to hits a clothesline. Owens ducks a superman punch and hits a pop-up powerbomb for a close two-count. Owens hits a frog splash to get a near fall. Roman blocks a stunner and a distraction from Solo allows Roman to hit a Superman punch on Owens to get a near fall.

The crowd starts to boo him as Roman starts to talk trash to Owens. Owens blocks a spear with a knee and hits a stunner. Roman bounces off the ropes and hits a spear. Both men are down in the ring. Tags to Solo and Sami. Sami unloads with punches. He springboards over Solo and clotheslines him to the floor. Sami hits tope suicida on the outside on Solo. Back to the ring, Sami hits Blue Thunderbomb to get a two-count. Sami gets ready for Helluva Kick but Solo nails him with a superkick. Sami blocks Samoan spike and hits an exploder suplex. Sami hits Helluva kick but Roman breaks the pin.

Roman starts to punch Sami. The referee tells him that he is not the legal man. Roman argues with the referee. Sami slips out of fireman carry and Roman ends up knocking the referee with a spear. Sami hits Roman with a Superman punch. He goes for a spear but Roman recovers to hit him back with a Superman punch. Owens hits Roman with a spear before taking him to the floor to slam him on the announce table. Owens sends Roman into the steel steps before clearing the announce table.

The Usos come out and attack Owens. They bury Owens under the announce table. The Usos then hit a series of superkicks on Sami. Solo gets into the ring now. Sami drops down on a double superkick from the Usos who catch Solo with it. Roman sees this double superkick to Solo. He gets into the ring and starts to argue with Jey. He pushes Jey away and tells him to get out of his ring. Jimmy hits Roman with a superkick.

Jey is shocked. Jimmy tells him that he is doing what he should have done a long time ago. Jimmy hits Roman with another superkick. Jimmy talks to Jey and The Usos start to walk to the back. Solo gets up in the ring. Owens hits Solo with a stunner before Sami hits Helluva kick. A new referee runs in and counts the pinfall.

Winner – Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens

Roman is shocked as he recovers. Jey is more shocked actually as he is with Jimmy on the stage. Sami and Owens celebrate.

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