WWE Money in the Bank 2020 Live Results & Updates – McIntyre vs Rollins

Money in the Bank Live Results

Welcome to ITN’s Live Results & Updates Blog for WWE Money in the Bank 2020 PPV.

Date- 10 May 2020
Location- WWE Performance Center, Orlando, FL, US
Start Time- 7 PM EST(11 PM GMT/11 May 2020 4:30 AM IST)
Pre-Show Start Time- 6 PM EST(10 PM GMT/11 May 2020 3:30 AM IST)

Quick Results

  • Jeff Hardy defeated Cesaro at the Kickoff pre-show
  • The New Day (c) defeated Lucha House Party, The Forgotten Sons and The Miz & John Morrison to retain the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship
  • Bobby Lashley defeated R-Truth
  • Bayley(c) defeated Tamina to retain the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion
  • Braun Strowman defeated Bray Wyatt to retain WWE Universal Championship
  • Drew McIntyre defeated Seth Rollins to retain WWE Championship
  • Asuka wins Women’s Money in the Bank 2020 Ladder Match
  • Otis wins Men’s Money in the Bank 2020 Ladder Match

Money in the Bank 2020 Pre-Show Results & Updates

Scott Stanford and Peter Rosenberg welcome us to the Kickoff pre-show. The panel says much like the Boneyard Match and the Firefly Fun House Match, they have no idea what to expect for MITB Ladder Matches which will take place at WWE Headquarter building. They run down tonight’s match card before starting to discuss Braun Strowman vs Bray Wyatt match.

We cut to Alicia Ashton who is in WWE HQ’ lobby. She tells us about the rules of the match where wrestlers can use whatever is at their disposal as they make their way to the roof to get the contract. Number 8-10 of the top 10 moments of MITB PPV/matches/cash-ins are shown from previous years. Next, we see Dana Brooke’s appearance on WWE’s The Bump.

Renee Young, Booker T, and JBL talk about the ladder matches. They all give their picks for women’s ladder match. Booker picks Shayna Baszler, JBL goes with Asuka and Renee picks Lacey Evans. Backstage, SmackDown Tag Team Champions New Day talk about their title fatal 4-way match. Kofi says they don’t run from a challenge, it doesn’t matter what kind of match it is, they will always come out on top. We get a recap of Tamina vs Bayley feud and Tamina’s Nobody’s meaner promo.

Jeff Hardy vs Cesaro

We cut to Michael Cole and Corey Graves at WWE Performance Center as we go towards the kickoff show matches. Jeff Hardy enters first, followed by Cesaro. They lock up and Cesaro takes down Hardy with a shoulder tackle. He takes Hardy to a headlock. Hardy tries to come out and it takes some effort from him to reverse the lock. Cesaro whips him to the ropes to get hit by a shoulder tackle now. Hardy with another tackle to bring down Cesaro. He follows it with an atomic drop.

Cesaro moves out of the ring and Hardy jumps at him. Cesaro catches him and drops him on the barricade. The referee counts to 8 until Hardy enter the ring. Cesaro works on Hardy now with some upper cuts. He legdrops from the top before putting Hardy in a headlock/armtwist. Hardy fights out of it and hits a dropkick. They move out of the ring and Cesaro reverses a whip to send Hardy into the LED board of the ring. A legdrop from the middle rope now from Cesaro to get a two-count. Cesaro with some more upper cuts.

Hardy slams Cesaro with an armdrag when Cesaro puts him into shoulder stretch. He could not take advantage though as Cesaro jumps on him and unloads. Hardy hits a headbutt and a clothesline. Hardy fights back with a punch and atomic drop. A dropkick gets him a two-count. Hardy goes to the top but Cesaro trips him and tries for the gutwrench suplex from the top. Hardy with the Swanton bomb and gets a near fall. Cesaro reverses the backslide but Hardy hits the Twist of Fate to get another near fall.

Hardy is frustrated now and power slams him in the middle of the ring. He goes to the top, Cesaro catches him and hits the gut-wrench suplex get a near fall of his own. Cesaro with an uppercut near the barricade before Hardy reverses the Irish whip, sending Cesaro into the steel steps. Hardy takes him down again with the flying elbow and hits the Swanton Bomb in the ring to get the pin.

Winner- Jeff Hardy

We see the number 5-7 of the top MITB moments now. The panel wants to see some to tonight’s moment in the top 10 going forward. We get the video for the Real Super Hero project. Alyse Ashton is once again in the lobby of WWE HQ. She shows us the conference room while saying the usual things. We go back to Renee, JBL and Booker-T. JBL says the HQ is one of the most secured places. Booker recalls JBL doing the weather report.

We see 1-4 of top MITB moments, ending with Seth Rollins’ cash-in at WrestleMania 31. Stanford and Rosenberg now discuss Drew McIntyre vs Rollins match. Finally, they briefly discuss the Men’s Ladder match to wrap up the show.

Money in the Bank 2020 Main Show Results & Updates

We get a video package to start the PPV. Michael Cole welcomes us as the New Day makes their way to the ring. Lucha House Party enters next, followed by Miz and John Morrison and finally the three members of the Forgotten Sons.

The New Day (c) vs The Forgotten Sons vs Lucha House Party vs The Miz & John Morrison – SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Metalik and Kofi start the match with some arm twists and reversals. Kofi takes Metalik down with an armdrag. They lock up again and this time Metalik hits the armdrag. Kofi dodges him as Metalik runs the ropes and hits a dropkick. Blake gets the tag and decks Big E and Lince Dorado off the apron. Cutler comes in for double team before Morrison comes in with a blind tag.

Metalik fights him off and goes to the top. Morrison meets him there and hits him with the Spanish Fly, dropping on all the other superstars at the ringside. Metalik looks to fight back but Morrison is tagged out by Blake. Blake hits a dropkick on Metalik as he was in the tree of woe. Cutler comes in for a double team. Cutler continues to work on Metalik for some time. Metalik fights off the double team. He hits the headscissors on Cutler and then takes down Blake with a tornado DDT.

Morrison and Lince Dorado tags in. Morrison gets the upper hand until Kofi tags in from Dorado. Big E tags in for some double team offense now. Blake tags in from Morrison and unloads on Big E. Kofi takes the blind tag. Big E hoists Culter up and Kofi hits Meteora on him. Miz tags in from Culter. Morrison throws off Kofi while Miz hits his finisher on Big E. Morrison with a split-legged moonsault but the pin is broken by LHP.

Miz looks for figure-four, Miz boots him away, Cutler tags in. Big E gets into the match for a moment, Kofi with a boot to Cutler, tags in, then hits a big double stomp on Cutler off Big E’s shoulder, cover, two. Morrison takes a top rope hurricanrana by Metalik. Dorado with a kick to Big E, then a big splash on Big E. Metalik walks the ropes, elbow drop, cover, and it’s broken up.

The referee boots Jakson Ryker from the ringside. LHP takes down Miz and Morrison at the ringside with crossbody dives. Big E and Metalik tussle for a bit in the ring. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Lince Dorado while Big E hits the Big Ending on Metalik to get the win.

Winner- The New Day, retains WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Lacey Evans gets a promo from somewhere in the WWE HQ. She says she has been preparing for the match, studying all her opponents from the last two weeks. She mentions being in the military and has learned the way to win is through a good plan. Evans says she’s learned the entire layout of WWE HQ, will make her way to the roof, and get the briefcase.

Drew McIntyre is with Charly Caruso at WWE Performance Center for an interview.  She asks Drew about possibly being an underdog, Drew gives it to Rollins that he has achieved a lot, but McIntyre has heart, and he’ll be damned if he loses the title tonight. Drew says Seth hasn’t learned how to close his mouth, so he plans on doing the world a favor and shutting Rollins up.

R-Truth vs MVP

R-Truth makes his entrance while rapping his theme song. R-Truth does some promo work, hyping the non-existent WWE Universe. MVP enters and exchanges some words with Truth. Truth mocks him with his ‘balling’ gimmick for some time which makes MVP angry. But before he could do anything, Bobby Lashley’s music hits. Lashley comes in the ring and tells MVP that he will take it from here. R-Truth accidentally slaps Lashley to infuriate him.

The bell rings and Lashley takes him to the corner and hits a few shoulder tackle. He runs the ropes and to hit a running tackle in the corner now. R-Truth is thrown across the ring before a spinebuster to get a two-count. Truth tries to hit the scissor finisher but Lashley dodges it and hits the spear to get the win.

Winner- Bobby Lashley

King Baron Corbin cuts a promo from somewhere. He says he has been the best at Friday Night SmackDown and will win his second WWE Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Bayley (c) vs Tamina – SmackDown Women’s Champion

Bayley is making her entrance for the match with Sasha Banks when Kayla Braxton catches her at the Gorrila Position. Braxton asks her whether she blams Sasha for their tag team loss at SmackDown as they lost after Sasha tried to neutralize Lacey Evans. Bayley snaps at her and tells her that she gets that she is trying to turn Sasha against her.

Bayley makes her entrance accompainied by Sasha. Tamina enters next. The announcements are done and the bell rings. They circle each other. Bayley thrash talks a bit and pushes Tamina. She gets some slaps going but Tamina slams her. Bayley jumps on Tamina’s back and Tamina rams her into the barricade. Tamina with a suplex now to get a quick one-count. Tamina puts him on the top turnbuckle and Bayley asks the referee for some time.

They restart and Tamina slams her into the mat. Bayley moves out for a breather now. As Tamina goes to grab her at the apron, Bayley trips her and drags her to the ringpost before slamming her knee into the ringpost. Bayley starts working on Tamina now. She hits a few knees on Tamina’s back and covers to get a two-count.

Tamina fights back with few punches into the gut and then a headbutt. Tamina with a tackle in the corner followed by a hip attack. She goes for the superkick but Bayley catches her leg and locks in the kneebar. Tamina struggles but reaches the ropes. Bayley tries to get her on the shoulders but Tamina is too heavy for her. Bayley moves out for another breather, asking for timeout.

Bayley catches Tamina near the ropes to unload with some punches. She slams her face on the apron and throws some water at her face. Tamina slams her into the apron now and then hits kick. She whips Bayley over the barricade and then brings her to the ring. Tamina goes for the Samoan drop but Bayley counters, only to eat a superkick and go out of the ring. Tamina goes out and throws Bayley over the announce table.

Back in the ring, another superkick from Tamina. Tamina covers Bayley but Sasha Banks comes into the ring to distracts her. Tamina runs after her and this gives Bayley an opportunity to catch up. Tamina goes for the Samoan Drop but Bayley counters with the backslide pin to get the pin.

Winner- Bayley, retains WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

After the match, Tamina tries to attack Bayley, but Banks runs in for a chop block. Sasha hits a running kicks and then a slap to Tamina. Sasha takes the title and hands it to Bayley as they celebrate the win.

Seth Rollins gets a promo where he says Drew McIntyre knows who he is and what he’s capable of. He continues that Drew understands it’s his destiny to win the title and lead the way. Rollins says he wants to unburden McIntyre, and Rollins winning the title will be for the greater good. “You need me to be WWE Champion.”

Braun Strowman (c) vs The Fiend (Bray Wyatt) – Universal Championship

We get the package for this match, highlighting their history from Wyatt Family. Bray Wyatt makes his entrance in his red seater/goofy Firefly Fun House version. He talks a bit with the commentators as he enters the ring. Strowman enters next.

The bell rings and Wyatt comes to meet Strowman in the middle. Strowman slaps him and rams him in the corner. They start again and Strowman hits a shoulder tackle in the corner. Wyatt hits a big uppercut but Strowman slams him down immediately. The action moves out of the ring now and Strowman sends Wyatt into the barricade. Back in the ring, Strowman hits a running tackle in the corner.

Wyatt moves out again and sends Strowman into the announce table as he charges in. Wyatt goes into the ring and laughs a bit, waiting for Strowman to get up. Wyatt meets him outside. Huskus The Pig from Fun House makes his appearance in the crowd. Wyatt hits the DDT on the floor. They come back to the ring and Wyatt continues to punish Strowman for a bit. Next, he sends him into the steel steps.

Wyatt gets ready for the Sister Abigail in the ring. Strowman is struggling to get up. Wyatt goes to pick him up but Strowman slaps him on the chest. Wyatt hits the tornado DDT from the top of turnbuckle, followed by Sister Abigail. But Strowman kicks out after two. Wyatt picks him again and Strowman turns the table with a chokeslam. Wyatt is struggling to get up and now talking to himself. A splash in the corner forces Wyatt to move out. Strowman runs him over with a running tackle.

Wyatt sent into the ring, kicks Braun back out of the ring. Braun gets back up, but he has his black sheep mask on! Wyatt laughs and says “It’s you!” Braun gets back into the ring, rips his shirt off as Wyatt says this time around things will be perfect. Braun drops to his knees and does Wyatt’s taunt. Bray laughs away, but Braun stands up and accepts his hug. The puppets at ringside all cheer what’s going on as they hug. Braun then takes the mask off, then stomps on it. He then hits a running powerslam to get the pin.

Winner- Braun Strowman, retains the WWE Universal Championship

After the match, Strowman celebrates with the title and makes his way back. Wyatt is recovering in the ring, looking tense. We see the Fiend flashing across the screen a few times.

Mystery Hacker hijacks the feed now. He says that he is everywhere, he sees everything and knows everything. We see a lot of different footage from the recent SmackDown episodes on many screens on his wall. “Truth will be heard,” flashes on the screen as the segment ends.

Drew McIntyre (c) vs Seth Rollins – WWE Championship

After the package, Seth Rollins makes his entrance to a new theme song. Drew McIntyre enters next and stares at Rollins as he comes to the ring. McIntyre poses in the corner, announcement gets done, and the bell rings.

They circle a bit before locking up. McIntyre takes Seth to the corner and they break immediately. Seth gets a waist lock and then a head lock. McIntyre whips him and a shoulder tackle sends Rollins out of the ring. McIntyre allows him to return. Seth prevents a headlock and buts eats a couple of shoulder tackles before a clothesline sends him out of the ring again.

Rollins works his way back into the match with a dropkick to the knee, sends Drew out of the ring. Rollins hit a suicide dive and brings back McIntyre. He grabs his leg but McIntyre pushes him. Rollins comes back immediately with the sling blade. He puts McIntyre in the single leg Boston Crab. He transitions it into STF now. And then into crossface. McIntyre is struggling but uses his power to reach the ropes.

Seth hits another suicide dive. He gets to the apron and waits for McIntyre to get up. He hits the diving knee from the apron and then from the barricade. And another knee from the top of the announce table. Rollins moves into the ring and the referee starts to count down. McIntyre gets up and Rollins goes for another dive. McIntyre catches him and launches him with a belly-to-belly suplex over the announce table.

Back in the ring, McIntyre hits more belly-to-belly suplex. He hits a clothesline from the top turnbuckle now. Rollins moves to the apron and rakes his head on the ropes. McIntyre hits a spinebuster to get a two-count. Rollins stops the future shock DDT and kicks at McIntyre’s knee. He hits a superkick to get a near fall. Seth hits the frog splash next to get another two-count. Seth looks frustrated and goes to bring a steel chair.

The referee is shouting at Rollins as he contemplates using it. McIntyre knocks it out and Seth kicks him to set up for the stomp. McIntyre avoids it and hits the Glasgow kiss. McIntyre goes to the top. Rollins recovers and hits the superplex and falcon arrow combo to get another near fall. Rollins gets ready for the stomp once more. McIntyre counters to hit the future shock DDT for a two-count.

McIntyre puts him on the top and hits a big chop on the chest. He unloads on Rollins with some punches but Rollins trips him and sets him up in the tree of woe. McIntyre incredibly recovers to launch him across the ring from the top. McIntyre gets ready for the Claymore but Rollins hits the superkick and then the stomp in quick succession. But he could not get the pin. McIntyre recovers and avoids the second stomp. He hits Glasgow kiss and then the Claymore kick to get the pin.

Winner- Drew McIntyre, retains WWE Championship

After the match, McIntyre celebrates his win for a while. He comes back to the ring and offers his hand to Rollins. Rollins looks at him for a while but shakes his hand.

Men & Women Money in the Bank Ladder Matches

The men’s brawl starts in the gym. The women are gathered in the lobby. Asuka shows up at the railings a floor above. She jumps at all the other women as the match starts. She enters the elevator and the doors close before anyone can get to it. Corbin grabs a weight and it smashes one of the mirrors. He stares at the crushed mirror for a while. Men are throwing each other into the workout equipment. Otis puts a weight bar down on AJ, and he can’t lift it up.

Everyone else runoff. Rey stops in the bathroom when he hears a flush. Brother Love comes out, “I love you!” Rey says, “I love you too, but I got to go.” The guys make their way into the offices. The elevator opens and four guys make their way in. The women run up the stairs, battling each other along the way. They get to the elevators where the men get out and now everyone is battling.

Asuka dodges the action, but Baszler catches her running away. Black notices an opening and runs off. Bryan hits some “Yes” kicks and Otis does the “Yes!” chant, Bryan notices him and kicks the hell out of him. Bryan runs off leaving them behind. Doink the Clown randomly pops up from behind a chair.

Carmella gets thrown into an office by Nia Jax while Baszler tosses Dana in. Nia and Baszler face-off for a moment and Baszler throws some forearms but gets runs over. Dana with a chair shot to Jax’s back. Dana sees a briefcase and takes it, but that’s not the right one. Stephanie McMahon then shows up and says the real one is on the roof. Carmella then grabs one of her photos off the wall and smacks Dana over the head with it. Carmella moonwalks out and eats a women’s right from Lacey.

AJ finally has gotten out of the gym. He’s looking for Rey, yelling up and down the hallways. Styles then bumps into a photo of The Undertaker, stopping him in his place. AJ moves on, opening a door that has blue lights and a casket in it. We see clips from the Boneyard Match. Styles is freaked out, then eats a kick from Black. He shuts the door on AJ, “Nooo!” Styles yells. Paul Heyman randomly sitting at a buffet with tons of food around him. He goes to eat some and everyone goes running into the room.

They yell at each other and Heyman tries to get them to stop. Otis then yells “food fight” and launches a plate into Heyman’s face! Dana ran into the room, still wearing the photo that Carmella smashed over her head. Food fight begins, Baszler chokes out Rey. Nia and Otis double squash him. More brawling continues as Heyman looks on. Jax powerbombs Carmella through a table. Otis is eating away and stares at Jax, they go their separate ways.

Otis finds another room with food and goes to town on some pie. John Laurinaitis shows up in his electric cart and says “People power!” Otis smashes a pie in his face. Janitor mopping the floor, Asuka yells for where the roof is. She gets chased off by three women, Dana runs in and slips on the wet floor. Asuka runs off as Nia drops both Baszler and Evans.

Bryan and Styles end up in Vince’s office, swinging away at each other. They finally realize he’s there and stop. Vince’s music plays and he yells, “Out!” Bryan and Styles go to leave, come back, fix his chairs, and leave, closing the door behind them. Vince puts some hand sanitizer on and goes back to work. AJ says Bryan acted like a real coward in there, Bryan says AJ waned to put the chairs back…then they start fighting again.

Corbin then joins the fight with Styles and Bryan. Corbin then says he’s going to the roof! Asuka and Nia make their way to the roof where the ring and briefcases are. Evans joins the fight, dropping Asuka. Jax fights her way to getting a ladder set up in the middle of the ring, Asuka stops her though and swings away. Jax sends her into the ladder and Evans pops Jax with a women’s right.

Evans heads up but is yanked off by Asuka. Asuka throws the ladder down on Jax. Evans tosses Asuka’s head into the ladder, she climbs up, but Asuka yanks her down. Asuka climbs up, Evans chases up after her, eats some elbows, Evans falls down on Jax. Asuka slides down the ladder a bit out of exhaustion. She heads back up, Corbin climbs up and argues with her, she slaps and kicks him off the ladder. Asuka then is able to get the briefcase to win the women’s match.

Women’s Winner – Asuka

The men’s match continues on as Otis heads into the ring to battle Corbin. Corbin hits him with a ladder, goes for a splash in the corner, nobody home, Otis hits the caterpillar. The other men enter the fray, Rey and Black climb up the ladder, but AJ shoves the ladder over. Corbin then apparently throws Rey over the edge of the building. He does the same to Black.

Otis and AJ battle in the ring, Styles hit a phenomenal forearm on Otis. AJ climbs up, as does Corbin, they battle over the case. They both unhook it at the same time, but Elias shows up and whacks Corbin over the back, AJ goes to rip it away and it falls down to Otis.

Men’s Winner – Otis

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