AEW/WWE Rumor Roundup- Tapings, Roman Reings & More

AEW Double Taping

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said AEW will tape two weeks of Dynamite next week (9 September) with fans. And this arrangement is going to continue for one month or so atleast.

They’ve got paid attendance Saturday night with the pay-per-view and they come back Wednesday with another show. I think they’re doing two weeks that Wednesday and that’s when they’ll start every other week again.

Dave Meltzer on AEW Tapings after AEW All Out

AEW has already started hosting limited number of fans at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL for Dynamite tapings. Fans are also allowed for AEW All Out 2020 PPV.

Roman Reigns Title Reigns is reporting that WWE is planning a long Universal title reign for Reigns. We could see Roman continue being the Champion up until at least WrestleMania 37, and possibly beyond that too.

This makes sense as Roman has just turned heel, something the fanbase wanted for a long time. And barring some other star rises up (like Kofi Kingston near WrestleMania 35), there will no reason for WWE to take away the title from a guy that both the company and fans like.

The Roman-Heyman Arrangement

Dave Meltzer also had something to say about Roman Reigns. He reports that Roman and Heyman partnership is not something that was thrown in the last minute.

Roman Reigns wanted to turn heel for some time and with Heyman not working at all, WWE decided to put them together. The planning for this is believed to be going on for a few weeks before SummerSlam.

Charlotte Shots Down Rumor

Charlotte Flair was quick to shot down a rumor that she will miss WrestleMania. Ringside News picked up a quote from Ric Flair’s interview with Wrestling Inc where he said that Seth Rollins had to take an year off due to his knee injury and same night happen with Charlotte.

This is not the first time that some WWE performer has called out Ringside News. Last summer, Nia Jax also lashed out at the outlet to report that she will be out for a year. And it did turn out to be true as Nia did return far earlier.

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