Edge Slays The Demon Inside Hell in a Cell at WWE WrestleMania 39

Edge WWE WrestleMania 39

Brood Edge finally slays the Demon as he defeated Finn Balor inside Hell in a Cell at WWE WrestleMania 39 Night 2.


Edge formed Judgment Day last year at WrestleMania when Damian Priest assisted him against AJ Styles. Rhea Ripley was recruited to the group followed by Finn Balor. The group turned on Edge the moment Balor joined the group. Since then, Edge has been working to destroy the group. 

Edge & Rey Mysterio defeated Balor and Priest at Clash at the Castle. Balor forced Edge to say “I Quit” at Extreme Rules after threatening to hit con-chair-to on Beth Phoenix. The Grit Couple defeated Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley in a mixed tag team match at Elimination Chamber 2023. Balor cost Edge an United States Championship match and followed it by challenging him for a match at WrestleMania. Edge accepted the challenge if Balor agreed to bring The Demon in a Hell in a Cell match.

Live Update

Brood Edge is the first one to make his entrance. He comes out wearing a shiny skull mask. He drops the mask as soon as the Metalingus hits. “The Demon” Finn Balor is the second one to enter the Cell. He makes his entrance using his original theme music. 

Edge and Demon Balor trade punches to start things. Both of them go outside the ring to pick up the weapons. Edge gets the steel chair whereas Balor gets the kendo stick. Balor first eats two chair shots and then hits Edge with multiple shots of kendo sticks. He takes Edge outside and rubs his face on the cage before driving him to the cage. 

Finn takes Edge inside and Edge pushes him to the cage when Finn was on the apron. Edge takes out multiple kendo sticks. He hits Balor with the stick before sending him to the cage. Edge traps the demon using kendo sticks on the corner of the cage and then hits him with the missile dropkick from the apron. However, it seems like the move didn’t have any effect on him. 

Edge takes out the table and sets it up in another corner of the cage. He kicks Balor and then frees him. However, the Demon fights back and then sends Edge to the steel steps. Balor hits Edge with several chops before he takes him inside the ring. 

Edge fights back and hits him with the face first followed by the impaler DDT. Edge goes for the spear, but Balor counters with a sling blade. The Demon sends Edge outside the ring. Balor hits Edge with a running dropkick to send Edge through the very table he set up. The Demon throws several chairs at Edge before the latter catches him with a boot. 

They get back inside the ring and Edge hits Balor with a kill switch. He measures Balor for a spear but Finn counters it again. The frustrated Edge gets outside and brings a ladder inside the ring. He throws the ladder at Balor and knocks him out. The ladder busted open the Demon, and the referee asks for medical personnel. Meanwhile, the doctors check Balor, Edge brings kendo sticks, and chairs inside the ring.

The Demon raises, and Edge attacks him instantly. However, Balor counters him with a stomp and goes for the Coup de Grace but Edge moves aside. Edge goes for the spear but Balor jumps and Edge hits the ladder. He rolls up Edge for a two-count. 

Balor hits Edge with a sling blade as soon as he gets on his feet. Balor connects the Coup de Grace for a near fall. The Demon climbs to the top of the ladder, Edge hits him with a kendo stick before he climbs the ladder hits Edgecution from the top of it. Edge covers him but the Demon kicks out. 

Edge goes out again to bring more weapons. This time he brings a table inside the ring. He sets up the table, but the Demon hits him with kendo sticks before he sets Edge on the table and hits him with the chair. The Demon climbs to the wall of the cell and goes for the Coup de Grace, but Edge moves away in the nick of time and the Demon goes through the table. 

Edge finally connects the spear, but the Demon kicks out again. Edge unleashes the shots of kendo sticks and chairs at Balor. Edge finally hits the Demon with the con-chair-to to get the pinfall. 

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