WWE WrestleMania 38 Generates Revenue of $206.5M for Dallas Region

WrestleMania 38

It has been revealed that WWE WrestleMania 38 has generated a revenue of $206.5 Million for the Dallas/Arlington region. 

This humongous amount creates a new record for this premium live event as it was the first time the revenue generated from WrestleMania surpassed the $200 Million mark. 

WWE did a press release to confirm this news. It stated that the two-night event generated more than $206 Million for the region. 

According to this release, 67% of the total fans who attended WrestleMania 38 were not from the Dallas/Arlington region. They spent an average of 3.5 nights in that region. 

$24.5 Million was generated only from hotels and accommodations. WWE WrestleMania 38 week generated an economic impact equal to the creation of 1,777 full-time jobs for the region. 

John P Saboor, WWE Executive Vice President of Special Events, expressed his gratitude to Mayor Ross, Mayor Johnson, Charlotte Jones, and the Jones family. He also stated that his focus is now shifted to next year’s WrestleMania Hollywood. 

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