WrestleMania 35: The Usos Retain SmackDown Tag Team Championship

The Usos were able to successfully defend SmackDown Tag Team Championship in Fatal 4-Way Match at WrestleMania 35 in an incredibly high paced and technical Fatal 4-Way Tag Team match on 7 April 2019.

The Usos Retain SmackDown tag team championship Wrestlemania 35
The Usos retain SmackDown tag team championship Wrestlemania 35

The Usos were asked to defend their title at WrestleMania after they forfeited in the Gauntlet match against the New Day on 26 March episode of SmackDown in a Fatal 4-Way match against the likes of the Bar(Sheamus and Cesaro) vs Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura, Aleister Black and Ricochet.

Match Description 

Black takes Jimmy down to start the match. Sheamus low bridges Jimmy and tags in. He goes after Black with a few hard shots. Rusev tags himself in off of Sheamus and takes out Black with a boot to the face. Jimmy and Nakamura tag themselves in. Rusev and Nakamura keep control until Ricochet hits an enziguri.

Cesaro comes in and connects an uppercut, punches Rusev at the apron and starts the swing on Ricochet while Sheamus hits the continuous punches on the all the other opponents at the apron. Cesaro stops the swing and locks in the sharpshooter on Ricochet. Uso comes in to hit the superkick on Cesaro to break the hold. Aleister Black comes in and hits a few kicks before being taken down by Rusev.

Black was getting pinned when Ricochet breaks it with a shooting star press. Nakamura and Rusev keep control over Black and Ricochet for some time. Cesaro tags himself in and he and Sheamus take hits the superkick on Rusev and Naka. All the wrestlers join in the tower of doom from which Ricochet comes out unscathed. He then hits the ‘630 splash‘ on Sheamus.

Upper Cut by Cesaro catches Ricochet, Super Kick by Uso catches Cesaro, Spin Kick by Rusev catches Uso, Black Mass catches Rusev, Kinshasa catches Aleister, A CodeBreaker catches Ricochet, Sheamus hits Ricochet with a Brogue Kick. The Usos takes him down with superkicks and hits the double splash for the pin and the win.

Winner- The Usos with a pinfall over Sheamus

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